Gorilla Zoe - Tryna Make A Jug Lyrics

[Intro: Gorilla Zoe]
Phone ringing off the hook;
Gotta get my ass up, scale and some bags;
Couple pounds, gotta weigh it up,
Work, work, we can work it out,
If you don't like the mid, then come and kush it out,
Meet me at the trap, yeah it's going down and for a couple grand;
You can get a couple pounds,
I'm talkin' mint green, I ain't talkin' Bobby Brown,
3 for 10 shawty how that sound?

We get em in (in) then we get em out (out)
If you do ya thang you know what I'm talkin' bout
Shawty I'm just (tryna make a jug) [x2]
Shawty I'm just (tryna make a jug) [x2]
First you get the money
Then you get the clout
We the few niggas still eatin' in the trap
Nigga! I'm just (tryna make a jug) [x2]
Shawty I'm just (tryna make a jug) [x2]

[Verse 1: Zoe]
You need some work? hit me on my chirp,
I be on my way, 4 way 2 way it don't matter any way,
Man I gotta make a jug I'm just tryna make a play (how?)
(Ha ha ha ha)
Sell a nigga hard white clay, on some sheek rock,
Rabbit food, one stop shop, gettin' money, all around the clock,
I be on the block yeah (yeah)
And I ain't talkin' 'bout the studio,
White bitch, yeah I be whippin' up a groupie ho,
All on the stove dog, all in the kitchen,
Hit the block with the bags
And that bitch get missin',
Arm and hammer, b12,
Yeah dog I'm trippin',
When that bitch lock up
Then the money start flippin'


[Verse 2: Big Gee]
(What's up dawg? I'm here, I'm here... ugh!)
I'm tryna turn a quarter ounce to a quarter cake,
I'm in a duece in a quarter at a quater 8,
Set 45 drankin on a 45, doin 45
As I circle round the proper place (stop), Chrome 45 on me, 9* on my waist,
45 grams show lil' somethin for the 8, 800 dollars half for it water weight,
Hell I'm just tryna make jug what you tryna say?
Big gee! hell yeah! how ya'll niggas really live?
Tryna get a hundred mill searvin' out the window seal,
Big gee! hell yeah! catching jugs for my meal,
Eye ball fuck nah put my shit up on the scale and chop it up!


[Verse 3: Zoe]
Man I'm just tryna make a jug
Tryna get up off that goods,
Man I really am connected if my connect ain't in the hood,
I get the keys to the coca, then I mix it with soda,
I get pounds of the mocha, then tell my patnas' to roll up
(yeah I'm connected nigga) Yeah I speak a little spanish,
Hit the boy from over seas,
Yeah I look a little tanish,
Booty club with a money bag, I be actin' manish,
My money; Big money
Shawty come up out them panties!
Anytime that you me dog I be on the low,
Yeah it's still 4 4 if you wanna brick a blow,
Or a pound of that kush man it's 7 7 0 6 7 8 4 (for) show call gorilla zoe...


(I'm just tryna make a jug)
Gotta get my ass up, scale and some bags;
Couple pounds gotta weigh it up,
(So what you got? can we work it out man?)
We can work it out (but I don't want that mid shit)
Then come and kush it out,
Meet me at the trap,
Yeah it's going down and for a couple grand
You can get a couple pounds,
I'm talkin' mint green, I ain't talkin', Bobby Brown,
3 for 10? shawty how that sound? (3 for 10?) shawty how that sound?
(I ain't talkin' bout Bobby Brown?) shawty how that sound?
(Man you don't see a frown shawty how that sound?)

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Gorilla Zoe Tryna Make A Jug Comments
  1. drew Jr

    2020 anyone

  2. Yusuf Can Durmuş

    bok gibi man

  3. Jason Cardwell

    How we forget bout ZOE he had 07-09 on lock 🔐 him guwop and juiceman!!

  4. Roger Ramos

    Gorilla Zoe one of the realest and baddest in the rap game industry, my hand shake to you Zoe. ..

  5. Zach B

    Hello 2020

    Jason Cardwell

    Happy New Year

  6. EnRico vs World

    And I still can’t find a chopped and screwed version 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. Ra’kea

    This Beat Knock

  8. Ki Rich

    Still banging

  9. Jason James

    Big Gee's verse though

  10. Pappy Van Winkle

    $3300/lb for black people hydro? No thank you sir!


    bruh this was in 2007

    Jason Cardwell

    @JPD sometimes you just let ppl live. Him dont know no better poor baby!!

  11. 09smartin1

    2019 Anybody? I remember buying quarters of bud bagging them up to this album

    Zachary Cheatham

    Hell yaeh

  12. D Smiggity

    This the first time EVER hearing the word “Jugg” in a song 💯

    Jared Lawrence

    Tbh im trying to figure out what he means. A jugg from round here like a baser. He tryna make a jug not serve a jugg.

    Reply when you figure it out. Because im just tryna make a jug

    San Yates

    Jared Lawrence basically when you make a financial move and earn net profit. Buy for a dollar, sell for $3....a jugg would be $2 in this instance, I.e. net profit

  13. The Universal Golden Flower

    My ish in High School. Still listening 2018!!!

    LaughNow CryLater64

    I swear bro💯

  14. kolby winn

    College days omg, still a fucking banger. Getting my subs back in my beater soon omfg.

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    Tee Grizzly on the remix...

  16. Antonio Thomas

    FUCK wit Dis 2018

  17. aaron kahley

    Ik wut you takin bout

  18. Galvatron 1000

    Brings me back. Jug Jug Jug Jug Jug ! 💪☝️🐉💨🚀🛩️🔥🔥🔥

  19. Rogelio Ramos

    Shawty I'm just tryina make a jug


    grow up

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    Still Banging this in 2017 and Beyond!!!!!! Forever 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Terrance Murray

    Jake Lewis still beat the block to this

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    Dis Is Too Dam Cold !
    Gas Was Like $4.25 A Gallon Shit Was Crazy

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    The 90's was the best

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    couldnt find explict version for years!!!..way to go for uploader thumbs up everyone

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