Gorilla Zoe - Real Motherfucka Lyrics

Yeah you real motherfucker gangster out on these streets nigga
Gimme your money
Hustle up your money
Aint takin no short no loss
Don't give give a fuck whatever these niggas say

If yous a real motherfucker (I fuck I fucks with ya)
If you is a hustler (Yeah I fucks with ya)
If you is a ganster my boys'll keep it real yeah (I fucks with ya)

If yous a real motherfucker (I fuck I fucks with ya)
If you is a hustler (Yeah I fucks with ya)
If you is a ganster my boys'll keep it real yeah (I fucks with ya)

OK aye well I'm a take the time for a minute (Time for a minute)
To let ya know whats goin on on the mind of a menace (Mind of a menace)
See I been to known to grind for a minute (Grind for a minute)
Had to hustle for a year to survive in the city (Survive in the city)
That's why I only fuck with a percentage
I'm committed to the street but not made like me (Made like me)
Hey and I dont fuck with y'all rappers cuz a lotta y'all lame and a lotta y'all hear me
I'm just another nigga here from the ghetto homie
Tryin to make a livin (Yeah) wit my ghetto homies (Yeah)
These pussies aint real they just a actin like ya they don't have to like ya (Ha ha)


I fuck with the real no matter what ya living like
Keep your mind tight get your mama down for cheerin right
Y'all don't struggle through stay on your hustle
Gotta lose everythng before you bubble
The truth is most nigga don't know
If ya cant open your mind then your soul wont grow (Wont grow)
Ya stay lost same spot ten toes
Ya gotta watch ya friends keep your enemies close
Put my chin to the sky so hard to cry
I'm young and black off statistic white lie
One night grab a mirror we must face our face
So as long as I'm here I'm gonna say what I gotta say


Everyday we getting digits lovin figuers
Bustin niggas trustin niggas
Battle it live you touchin triggers
Never flex about your issues
Keep it pimpin fuck with haters
From a distance
Hit nine times out ten I'm probably fuckin with ya
If you a sucka or a busta
Or if you flexin bout your money
Cheat lyin theif motherfucker I'm probably bustin at ya
My folk G all the time
My folk stay on the grind
I'm used to scratchin niggas back if niggas scratchin mine
See I don't fuck with clowns
Cuz if you got it down
But if you fake apprecite that you don't come around
Cuz I'm a real nigga I fuck with niggas
? I tell it how it is niggas


Now everybody hollar bout how real recognize real
But the real is that you dick ride faker than three dollar bills
I'm with that white girl watch these faggot suckas squeel
Thought he was a G but aint slangin like that nigga sell
I'm gonna say this one time then I'm gon be through with this
I aint never give a damn bout being the best lyricist
Rhyme it just to put words together
You can kill that shit
As long as when I spit it
These real niggas feelin it
This a purple river but I'm still hard as concrete
Just to heat turning lanes brains in the potted meat
I'm a theif still your man (Damn)
If she jockin me (That's right)
Won't like it buy some time
That's just how its gotta be


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  2. Velislav Ivanov

    2019 still listening still the best !

    henrique toretto


  3. Powerful Phil

    Doesn't anyone feel like this is not the actual song with the lyrics and all? I'm drunk and high but to me doesn't sound like the actual lyrics

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    Great grandma gets it like jeezy

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    I have this song in my Intro :) :D

    Raúl Esteban

    Ćao Amchy klovane,kako je :D Jel jedeš burek redovno ha ?


    ne seri marmune

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    Omg majne papi zna engleski..
    Ponosan sam HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA 😂😂

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    @Zoran Gavrić Xaxxax.

    Zoran Gavrić

    @Raúl Esteban 😂😉

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    madafakaaaaaaaaa bütün kızlar hastaaaa ama biri varyaaaaa beni bitiriyoo yea yea yeaaa .d

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    motherfucker truuuuummppppp :D .D

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    This for the real ones

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    Serious shit :(

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    Germany LOve iT !

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    This bitch the song

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    bass is too much high than voice , means it's bogus

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    miodioooo 😍😍😍

  27. Ayberk ama ön yargılı.

    Turkey ;:D

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    Fuck Turkey !

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    I dont like this bass boosted music cause my sound system setting has enough bass, but it's a awesome song tho 8-)

    młody benot

    DieBockwurst me too man. My whole Room is looking its going to explode when i play this. Everything is Shakin'

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    Man I miss Breeze

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    Dallas Shaw 😭😭


    Aí é música em são Paulo vai que vai

  36. just me

    every since I seen u in your boxers around kynng and how you was looking I was smh damn smh not u

  37. G Bro

    I fucks with you

  38. MVNX

    keep it real, I fux witchu

  39. Die hast

    This shit like 10 years old. But was one of my favorite tracks in the gym 💪🏻

  40. Jesus is the only way & healthy fitness king

    Stop promoting violence and telling people to sell drugs and Be a Gangsta end up getting killed or be killed what a life to live and waste and y'all get paid from Illuminati to promote violence and murder.
    turn to Jesus before its to late. U dont haif to sell drugs and carry a gun. That dont make u a man. Any lil kid can kill if they had a. Gun. So it dont make u much of a man.
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    unknown bastard

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    Zack B

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    Joeseph Fucks so when you guys say your judgement day is coming that basically means you want him to have a terrible death sounds Christian like

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    Clorox Bleach

    Stop bitchin

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    just gotta be smarter than the guy that wants to buy your weed and dont get busted ;)

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