Gorilla Zoe - Money Up Lyrics

[ad libs for the first 12 seconds]

I gotta run my money up, shorty stack your money up
I gotta stack that paper up, so we can have...
plenty hoes, plenty dough, plenty drank, plenty smoke
Ballin all day and I ain't mad I just gotta get mo'
Bring your money up (HEY!) Bring your paper up (HOE!)
What we stackin (DOUGH!) What we stackin (DOUGH!) So we can have
plenty hoes, plenty dough, plenty drank, plenty smoke
Ballin all day and I ain't mad I just gotta get dough

[Gorilla Zoe]
I'm talkin dedication, talkin motivation
Talkin inspiration, talkin money chasin
Talkin paper chasin, taught we got to get it
Sittin back waitin on somethin man I ain't with it
You niggaz bumpin your gums, that talkin better kill it
I'm sendin a real message yes homey I hope you get it
You little head bouncers with them two big fitteds
Fuck him pop! Man we runnin up our digits
Ha ha ha! We got the keys to the city
The West coast, down South and New York City
You pussy niggaz silly! I know you feelin shitty
You think that we gon' stop now and show some pity?


[Gorilla Zoe]
Yeah I'm smellin myself! I'm smellin like money
Jefferson, Jackson, Ben Frank money!
Old school, new school, big bank money
I keep a big pistol, who the fuck want it?
Niggaz still talkin? WHO THE FUCK DONE IT!
Niggaz sendin threats man who the fuck comin?
Ain't no pussies over here nigga ain't nobody runnin!
Now - back to the message at hand
I'm talkin get money, Africa and Japan
Germany, Australia, France and Berlin
Hood niggaz everywhere, we get to the money man


[Gorilla Zoe]
Fuck metaphors, gettin all philosophical
Rap shit is easy, y'all make this shit an obstacle
This is basic training, show you the ropes
Man this music is a product, it's just like dope
First of all get your own hustle, don't watch mine
We all spit game, mine just happen to rhyme
Second of all stay prayed up and stay on your grind
And when your opportunity come be ready to shine

[Chorus - to fade]

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  1. Cordero Rich

    Cord cordero karmise /rich!#:/=dom 20-02-04 2-20-1994

  2. Chase W.

    Motivation at best

  3. J Pierre

    Yea boy

  4. Jon Blake

    favorite song