Gorilla Zoe - Helluvalife Lyrics

I'm livin' one helluvalife
Crazy colored karots baby cover your eyes
Front headlights and I'm smokin alaf
One of those nights in my helluvalife

I brought a lot of ice so I shine like a star
You see me from afar girl you know who I'm are
A ghetto superstar in a helluvacar
A ghetto superstar, it's a helluvalife

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Rosay naw beer, toast
Baby say cheers, major ice make ya say burr
Cake so big it's like yea
Swag so stupid Ima real time heir
A buncha street niggas gettin off no legal
See me on front street but now I'm on cable, able
But it's human nature to hata
Playa gettin papa
Money like skyscrapa
It's Gucci!


[Verse 2: Gorilla Zoe]
Went to sleep in Michigan, woke up in Miami (Where?)
South Beach sleep with a bitch in my pajamees
On the most expensive liquor
Front the most expensive fos
Smoke the most expensive dro
Rock the most expensive clothes
Cars that we ride ain't out this year
I got diamonds on my pinky, on my wrist, and on my ear
Baby I'm a chandeleer,
Just standin at the bar
Like an ice cold beer
We outta here
It's been a helluvanight


[Verse 3: Oj Da Juiceman]
Michael Jackson diamonds
VVS Colors
Pull up to the club in a '08 Mustard
Bustin 50 bricks, dog use a little muscle
Young Juice man goddamn I'm a hustla
Ghetto superstar and ma money's super double
Prada shoe walkin, the rap game in trouble
Six go cookin
Solda juice bunky
Young Juice man smokin pounds of that funky


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Gorilla Zoe Helluvalife Comments
  1. Cheyenne Golden

    Its 2020 and still banging it

  2. Dolo Solo

    2020 n I still be on my gucci gucci stoopit ice cold burr burr yeeeaaah💯💪🧨smoking pounds of dat fonky

  3. Tawny hall

    Anyone here 2020?

  4. Cheez it

    Who still listing to this?*

  5. Rudolph Getrouw

    2020 still going hard

  6. Tam D.

    Here N 2020...♥️

  7. Jacob Schreurs

    Been bangin this jam since 09

  8. Devin Fox

    Im here in 2020

  9. I AM Love

    Ayee!! Take me BACK!!! Still here 2019!!

  10. Corbin Noble

    Pull up in a old school looking like MUSTARD!!!

  11. Jarryd Bassett

    Almost 2020 still thuggin happy birthday to me.

  12. George E Jeter

    White boy banging still 2019

  13. Jamey Cannon

    Who drunk listing to this nostalgia?

  14. Davyone Barr

    Used to feel like the shit riding with my big cousins while they blasted this

  15. Denzel Nolan

    2019 here at8:33 AM

  16. Connor Gerhardt

    Here from a James Harrison workout vid 😂

  17. Travis Boykin

    #Found it shawty....

  18. Jack smith

    November 22nd 2019 still bumpin

  19. PC User

    Hell of a Life 2019

  20. Michael Ortiz

    Damn I remember trapping all day long in 09 then to hit the club an hour before it closed make my rounds and then burn out and bang this jam in the slab 💯💯💯

  21. Gio P

    This shit bring back so many memories

  22. Faith Davis

    This don’t die 🤞💯❗️ 2019🤞

  23. George Muniz

    New Gucci need to meet the old Gucci ..healthy yeah ..music..not soo good.

  24. JaySnaxx


  25. Emanuel Gonzalez

    Thats was my homeboy song miss him hes not dead...hes married 😭😂

  26. Juan Carlos

    Shit this the song that we would play that would get these youngings pumped up for these missions

  27. Colt Byrne

    Straight ballin ass shit

  28. Carlos James

    2019 living in hell of a life

  29. Tyler Kirksey

    Bro, that first verse is so trash 😂 the whole beat and chorus deserves some real heartfelt shit.

  30. Chris Mikesell

    Ridin thru 865 bumpin this shit with 2 blunts in rotation... ah high school.


    im the one that had good dad and good mom that couldnt do anything about what was gonna happen and porno people ha:e died everyone of them and your jacking to people that died cursed so as well as you.ash

  32. jerry wright

    This the song imma go out to...


    were not speaking anything bad about the church ee hope were accepted being 38 this year and no hex even with your sister no joke and on drugs no hex this year even for who you are


    thes3 are doors you go out off and free you are they have you stil in the house other houses you can go to see a person in the house you just came from an instatution

  35. eboni davis

    Who still out here living one hell of a life in 2019‼️

    Dana McCullough

    Yes!!!!!!! 🖐 2019-2020

    brandon harkes

    Damn rights 29-12-19

    Jonathan Hunter

    4sho boo

    sasha and david bad built

    Yeah in liliian a t the line

  36. Jazmine Hall

    Who still bumpin' in 1842?

  37. Luke

    I'm living one hell of a life working at the supermarket!

  38. Jack smith

    Oct 3rd 2019 nigga nigga nigga big lips

  39. Skubby doe

    Rip .: Duoke$

  40. king hen dawg

    The closed captioning is waaaayyyy off on these YouTube videos. Basically... they're making up words

  41. Bubba Julian

    I'm livin one helluva life

  42. Joseph Berryhill

    .yuh 778674


    Jhon jhon Davis that went as Davis just like John Clinton roop went by clint


    then we're f****** jealous we see her with all these other dudes that are us a slave on okay then we're not slave owner so we don't have her to be with


    then I'm in love with her she's with slave owner on drugs f****** him all the time and I think she fell in love with the dude that killed her 💔


    I've had her in my life as all the males cuz she's always got to be with slave owner that's who we are that's not the one we are cuz we didn't do it and you can't talk about being a different person


    just know I'm not your slave owner that's why you're not with me out here every girl that's on the planet Earth with a guy that's on the planet Earth Mary was a person that you are I did not do it so I'm not your slave on her I'm your dad and your with your slave owner the the man your with

  48. swisha sweets98

    All my high school memories in this song man. Going to block right after school smoking a blunt w the older guys 💯

  49. Justin Taylor

    Went to sleep in Michigan and woke up in Miami

  50. Amazing Amy

    No rap chip ass nigga can't tell me shit


    2020 anyone?

  52. Will Steger

    People on here dumping on people who don’t have much money go fuck yourselves this song was made for people who came up from nothing

  53. Charles LLewis Nichols

    What a hell of an lie Paris texas

  54. My ZigZag101

    I hate it when 1 artist just ain't that great in a song I love..Gucci mane coulda done better :/


    Throw up u to 13 people and sale 93 sale the L at 200


    Music 13 that is U and u sale 93 everyone likes music U 93 is a hard move on my behalf


    Now little babies the dark horse man

  58. cliff woodbury

    Reese wit his Ryan Simpson's chain


    Baby was who he was with all of his white moms. F******cocaine


    the same Amanda forman's car that little white car that she used to drive is in coweta and a barbed wire fence and then there signs with Amanda Foreman out there in a dead world 380 and 87th I wonder if anything happened to my mom


    Amanda that was Craig was with Craig Amanda Foreman mom


    Has anybody ever seen the movie Greg build a line I'm the one that made it


    We want to make a movie with with black back to the Futureand as nutty professor all trained out jumping on the train to go to the Future and s*** and flooring each other to get back to the past I f****** would have it as a great f****** skit

  64. Bradley Caughorn

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its gucci!

  65. jake williams

    2019 and still my jam!!




    It's not Gucci whoes saying these thangs it's who guci is as John Clinton Roop so it's John Clinton Roop posting to his songs I didn't write or do but am a person he is.

  68. Ashton Harvey

    Hope there isnt a shandeleer cuz that be comin down i play this all the way up till the speakers BLOW and receiver catches fire

  69. biqq boii

    The memories ☹️

    biqq boii


  70. Yung Faness

    You See Me From Ah Far GirL You Know Who im Are

  71. Yung Faness

    in Miami

  72. Yung Faness

    Go Burr Yeah Damn Go Gucci

  73. Yung Faness

    1 HeLL Of Ah Life

  74. Craig Ashley

    Then I explained floor and time and weight of dope and time on the weight of it after death your past is the future not yet to come seems like it already happened and it's for your other self that will go through what happened to you if only you knew how to stop it.

  75. Craig Ashley

    John Clinton Roop fired out the police station

  76. Craig Ashley

    Fire John Clinton Roop same goes for him

  77. Craig Ashley

    Slave owner fires Ashley from tcbh and filled mc your not you when you ain't with uscilledmc

  78. Craig Ashley

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  79. Craig Ashley

    Train and floor meds all they have and you die in a different place we know footage and what your scrips are this slave owner.

  80. Craig Ashley

    Everyone deserves a little wreck time.

  81. Craig Ashley

    Wreck time everyone

  82. Craig Ashley

    There smoking Matt were smoking grade a

  83. Craig Ashley

    Nickki Miley Selena CILLEDMC

  84. Craig Ashley

    Ryan ac

  85. Craig Ashley

    Alvin Anthony Chris Calvin Blue trouble malissa,Heather ,mark Donnie CILLEDMC

  86. The Muffin Man

    2019 Anyone ?

  87. Craig Ashley


  88. Craig Ashley

    No o e ever lives from meth they die and continue on as they turn into a tree from the gargan
    Melch hex on the weed.

  89. Craig Ashley

    We want to get rid of all the fucked up drugs and bring accepted drugs man were in train vill and floor vill in the street it's 80% fucked up out here you can do better than this 10 15 per ent even too much wtf

    Craig Ashley

    10 things no one could ever word to it was like the olimpics

    Craig Ashley

    Remember winn

  90. Craig Ashley

    Slave meds and it's paid by Medicare the meds arnt the same SSI is sorded a fucked up image for who ever used the money has a fucked up image and nothing but train and floor perscriptions even if they act like they help you you would just get slaves meds even if they were accepted Adderall claudipin there not the same there's fake pressed up pills

  91. Craig Ashley

    Hoping someone didn't round it figure e8ght it or change hands or put it through footage or cross it out in bucket or sorded it to a flash light or flushed it off.

  92. Craig Ashley

    Took two 20 milgram Adderall at dinner slept tell 5.30 got up took 3 more see if that works probably 90 Clint what you were on last time bought Adderall becase the meth is fucked up.

  93. Craig Ashley

    Along with the footage it's also fifty years in your sleep after meth if you were slave owner nun of these fottages apply or the years of lost time it makes slave owner who he is and we're he is in time.