Gorilla Zoe - Dope Boys Lyrics

You Know What You Need Baby (I think she wants a dopeboy) [x2]

20's on th floor, vickies in the chair
Hundreds in tha safe, cushions everywhere
Wake up in the mornin like what I'm gunna wear
I could hit da mall but dat ain't really fair
Pull up to tha floor in a black marcelago, rollers in da hood, in da trunks a cemiato
Clip full of hollow, they park da car
They don't want no problem, they kno who I are
Fresh from head to toe, pull a bitch and I'm gone
Take her to tha room then I drop her back at home
He ain't sellin records how he ballin everyday
Bitch I got work all I do is move the yay

We be in tha hood
All the bitches in tha hood love da dopeboy (da dopeboy)
It's all good all da bitches wanna do is fuck a dopeboy (a dopeboy) [x2]

Bricks of the trax, call me Osama
Presidential kush call me Obama
Pull up to da trap trunk beatin like thunda
And I'm gettin money betta watch yo babymama
Hey Ms. Hilary can't be kin to me
But I keep dat white bitch on another level g
Hey Billy Clinton what u tryna sell me
That's the same shit that my mexicans mail me
1500 bills godamn that's a felony
Carots in my ears all tha bitches wanna share me
John Deere take of da grass, my dear let me take care of dat ass
G zoe, g 4 that's a lear, lambourgini threw it into 6 gear
Next season clothes, they don't drop till next year
Young nigga old money dopeboys over here

We be in tha hood
All the bitches in tha hood love da dopeboy (da dopeboy)
It's all good all da bitches wanna do is fuck a dopeboy (a dopeboy) [x2]

Rap shine, I want one like snoop eh?
So you can catch me up in onyx every tuesday
Styrofoam cup ya think I'm drinking pink kool aid karats round my neck
Looking like a bunch of lemonade
Dopeboy I been running from the media, stacks in my pocket thick like encyclopedias
Old money I get it I beat a block, then throw it at them girls that like to lick the lollipop

We be in tha hood
All the bitches in tha hood love da dopeboy (da dopeboy)
It's all good all da bitches wanna do is fuck a dopeboy (a dopeboy) [x2]

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Gorilla Zoe Dope Boys Comments
  1. Hooga Lac

    Still bumping dis in 2020 💯💯

  2. Troy Coney

    Dont feed the animals!

  3. Joseph Camilletti

    One of the top 10 trap songs of all time

  4. Benjamin Armenta

    1500 pill godam dats a felony 😂

  5. Tiarra Fain

    My shit 2019

  6. The Crave House

    Still bumpin this #2019

  7. nichole ledesma

    Zoe!!! Where you been at nigga

  8. 909mrverdugo

    Still bumping this in 2018, its all good , all the bitches know

  9. Anari Raegan

    I trap to trap songs

  10. SouthSide_ E

    This song was always good from him

  11. Martavis Eaton

    Still my shit in 2018

  12. Michael Oyekunle

    2k18 ✔

  13. terps Only

    much Washington state growers love . dope boy

  14. StezeEnt Entertainment

    Ol money!! Over Here

  15. your mom

    Your mom used bang this in her pinto

  16. Greg Johnson

    2017 still 🔥🔥🔥💧

  17. LaChant Tyson

    this joint pops off

  18. 3rdidomzImmortal

    FUCKIN CLASSIC!! #3rdidomz get hip

  19. Montago Tennessee


  20. Le'Will Brown

    Gorilla Zoe, a G4 is not a Lear! A G4 is a Golf-stream 4. A Learjet is an air company from Canada. Lol just don't want you looking bad on a track.

    anyius ringer

    Le'Will Brown lol! True....also incorrect '50k pills god damn thats a felony' nah....ONE PILL is a felony, 50k is a life sentence in some states for some offenders. But this track is still a classic to me, and very slept on btw.

    James McCoy

    @anyius ringer wth is a "golf-stream"? lol you mean "Gulf-Stream"

    Hooga Lac

    Nigga STFU and listen 2 da song


    fire song but u gay 👦 lol

  22. Isaac Ronan

    he aint sellin records how he ballin everyday? bih i got work all i do is move the yay!

  23. Troy Coney

    This shit fire! Whole album fire!

  24. James grant

    This beat knock

    monte montemurro

    James grant

    P. Hatcher

    James grant...Yes siiirrr! I almost blew my 12’s. I forgot this bass line go hard. 🔥

  25. John Coogan

    Still my favorite song

  26. Jesse Jones

    u think ur the shit girl and u ain't player

  27. shaquila taylor

    badass bookie from e town

  28. Zay Leno

    instagram Zay_Leno

  29. Zay Leno

    this was my Shit back in highschool

    Sweet Jonez

    damn real!!


    for real making my lil rounds thought i was the shit playing this on my ipod touch

    Zachary Escobar

    Bruhh for real

    Sonic Bird

    Same here homie I when I used to sell regs 😂😂

  30. Taylor Whitfield

    love this song

  31. Tara Collier

    This was lil E song!!! #RipBaby #loveu

    Tara Collier

    Whoever you are dude stay the fuck off my comment with that dumb shit. Go find you somebody to play with. Lil Bish!!!

    kody angell

    +Tara Collier bitch shut yo trap n act right before you get smacked right

    Dj John

    how in the bloody hell do i delete the comets 

  32. Turnt Down

    Thiz song is for My #1 Dope Boy.. Joseph Merced Perez.. Ilovu nd imissu... Ur locked up rite now but ur still the Dopezt by far....

  33. mange dlamarde

    fkin dopppppppppe songgggggg ... letsss getttt highhhhhh mothaaaaa fukassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  34. ameer abbasi


  35. Yei Thomas


  36. Ariel Caldwell

    i love this song!!

  37. Chase Benfield

    thank you soooo much

  38. Corrina Benally

    i want to the casino and win money

  39. marisa salinas


  40. Travis Smokeyface

    @prisoner437 you mean a unsuccsessful dopeboy .. prisoner???

  41. ladybluu


    larondo thomas

    ladybluu come get him

    Jake Mitch

    Good luck with that haha, especially when you become a baby momma and he in jail

    Michael Rodriguez

    ladybluu come to Miami baby we out hea

  42. YungN2112

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!