Gorilla Zoe - Do Something Lyrics

[Gorilla Zoe]
Sip and skirt, trunk full of that work
Blowin cigarillos stuffed full of that purp'
Drunk, burp, shorty hit that muh'fucker
Bet that bitch convert (bet that bitch convert)
You don't like me... like what I say...
Fuck you I'ma say it anyway
I think your favorite rapper is a sissy
I thought he was a gangster, why they got him lookin pretty?
Tell them rainbow niggaz to come and see me
I'll heavily cut ya, have your torso leaky
The only color I kill over is green
And over them white boys I'll rupture your spleen
See what I mean? Niggaz is hoe believe me
Come and get these hollow tips, my bullets got coppertini

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
A whole lot of niggaz talk a whole lotta shit
But when it goes down they ain't fin' to do shit
Do somethin, do somethin (DO ANYTHANG~!)
Do somethin, do somethin (I MEAN ANYTHANG~!)

[Gorilla Zoe]
Even if you're sellin samples make a profit
Hoe you ain't makin nuttin? Huh, fuck nigga stop it
If you got it why not go on and cop it
Talkin 'bout what you gon' do, nigga I think you poppin
Niggaz talk a lot, but they ain't real doe
You bitch made nigga grab a dildo
Hundred round draw and lean back, do the limbo
You're playin games with Donkey Kong on Nintendo
I'm King Kong, silverback Congo
Call me Gorilla but my real name 'Lonzo
Runnin last set, 8 months and a fumble
Zoked you might be but big bro he head honcho


[Gorilla Zoe]
Puff some ad-libs, and fuck a rap
I do it for my hood niggaz in the fuckin trap
Who's the king now? You the king of who?
I'm a feral motherfucker, "Welcome to the Zoo"
This the third verse let's get to a conclusion
Image is a smokescreen, these rappers are illusions
(YEAH!) There you go... I said it damn it
If you don't like, fuck ya nigga, go on do somethin to me
I ain't fazed so they so causin repercussions
Dropped on your ass, try to do some reconstruction
Killer for real gon' handle these niggaz
The block is the Zoo and the world gon' feel us
These niggaz can hate but these bitches gon' feel us
I'm king of the jungle they call me Gorilla


Do somethin!

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Gorilla Zoe Do Something Comments
  1. Muhammed Gudul

    Türkish car sound system 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷✨

  2. Donald Long

    Song Go Hard🐊☀👹

  3. Noemyskillz

    Use blow my speakers out wit di1s 1

  4. PutOutMyFireWithGasoline


  5. Shinigami

    ooooo lord i forgot about this album

  6. Edwin Alexander

    Welcome to the ZOO BITCH!!!!! LOL

  7. imyanigmw

    This shit wuz way too fuckin hard

  8. Reece Robinson

    i fuckz wit gorllia zoe

  9. L8 APEX

    "I think your favorite rapper is a sissy. I thought he was a gangsta, why they got him lookin pretty??" This applies to 99% of mainstream "rappers" today lulz

    Reece Robinson

    some rappers not all

  10. young grands guwap

    💯this shit bangin

  11. Carter Wilt

    Over dem white boy I'll ruckture ur splein

  12. nathan tanner

    Makes me crash a muther fucker...shit bangs

  13. Shadricka Sewell

    This my shit

  14. Arthur Andrews

    a whole lotta nigga talking a whole lot shit but a lot of em nigga don't feel u shit yea do something do anything I mean anything love that song that's my jam

  15. Brandon Alsterda

    Song is the shit

  16. mistermistahh

    rip deejay dana, we love and miss u man, thanks for all ur creative genius!!!



  18. Tyler Bieneman

    I feel like this song should be more popular.

  19. MuzzaFuzzinJrad

    i used to have an 89 lincoln town car, all white. this shit was like that fuckers anthem. this cd was always in the flip screen.

  20. alex collins

    ohh first and second to comment bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. alex collins

    this needs to be an instrumental