Gorilla Zoe - All Out Lyrics

I park the Bentley
Got you bitch she hoppin after me
I don't popped many pills
I can't even think
I'm on the drink that easter pink
And she don't suck and I can't cum cause I'm supa leand

Hey ladies, don't you hatin when niggas walking to club
Buy shit load em all set em all mother fuckers on the table don't spend shit
Rapers refund nigga
We don't do that shit, we go all out
From the time we get there till the time we leave

The world going crazy they all out
Till the club bring the warm till they all out
Talkin work we all out got this beat going bezerk
I brought em all out

All out, all out
Thank you ballin we ball out
I'll in go out, got a hundred niggas with me but we all out
All out, all out, all out
Talking wills I'm ballin all out
See the ice drick I'm ballin all out
Right now I'm going me, I don't go all right

I park the Bentley got you bitch she hopping after me
I don't popped so many pills I can't even think
I'm on the drink that easter pink and
She gone suck and I can't cum cause I'm supa leand
I got them chickens in the kitchen sink
Bring that money counter
Count it for you fucking blink,
My money long, I've been done,
Get it back to em
Boy I feel like george young,
Fucking bad hoes in highschool
I ain't go to prom,
I ain't graduate nigga
Bitch but I ain't dumb
I ain't bright neither
Heard a nigga made a movie
Bitch well this the sequal


[2 chainz:]
My partner got bricks like construction
Can nab your girl pussy like abduction
This is activist not robitusson
If you ain't talking money end of discussion
My louis belt cost me 500 all this gator shit
Like the crocidile hunter, austa la vista
Lost her orfmy pesa
Last night I had me a 3some
Around 3 something
And I'm going all out
No more condoms I'm all out
Yea I'm on fire you should stop,
Drop and crawl out
Yea I got a doll house,
Sell it till it's all gone
Realz match my pistol both them bitches all chrome


Ok now ball out till I fall out
Got a hunded thousand but the mall out
Fuck a bitch till the walls out,
She suck my dick till her jaws out
You pay for pussy I don't pay the dues
Boss niggas making major moves
Whole lotta money like I hang with jews
Bitches like twins coulda came in twos
I'm going in for fun nigga
You all OUT like a bum nigga

I'm all in 21 nigga
Finesse make my funds bigger
Got shit, on point never been off my shit dawg
And your bitch yea she on my dick dawg
But everything that I do I go all out
Every whip I get I fuck it all out
All the checks that I cash
That's what I'm all bout
Nigga you either in (or what?)
Nigga you all out


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