Gorgon City - Ready For Your Love Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I'm ready for the start of something new
I'm ready to depart from what made me blue
I'm ready for my heart to let you through
But most of all, most of all
I'm ready for the rain to pour down on me
I'm ready for a change to come and set me free
I'm ready for my loss to become victory
But most of all, most of all

I'm ready for your love, I'm ready for your love
I'm ready for your love
I'm ready for your love, I'm ready for your love
I'm ready for your love

[Verse 2:]
I'm ready for my hands to touch the sky
I wanna understand how it feels to fly
I'm ready for my eyes to see the light
But most of all, most of all
I'm ready to be strong, conquer my fears
I'm ready to be wrong, so I can be right there
I'm ready to belong and shake my cares
But most of all, yeah, most of all

[Hook x2]

[Bridge x2:]
The stars burn bright
Everything has changed between you and I
I was so apprehensive but I don't know why
Baby, I'm ready for you to be by my side

[Hook x2]

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Gorgon City Ready For Your Love Comments
  1. Robert Trail

    For those you of who don't, this is full on house music.

  2. della one

    One love

  3. Aaron Skinner

    Pulgares arriba si estabas escuchando esto en 2020.

  4. Leonardo Clyne

    Will forever love this song 👌👌

  5. Bounty The Cat

    The black girl is very very gorgeous 🤯!👌🏽

  6. Barbara Petrovic

    Noro...ready for december....go!

    Barbara Petrovic

    Ready for you

  7. Numpeung Kongdee

    Tbh I just found this song 4 hour ago and I can’t stop listening.

    alicia mae

    Numpeung Kongdee were you even alive when it came out?? it was played non stop how have you only just found it

    jonnyjone pcwalker

    U been living in a cave :D

    Marchell Llehcram

    you're kinda late 6 years but doesn't matter, make sure to listen duke dumont's older songs as well

  8. Andy b


  9. Theresa Schafhauser

    6 years and still a great song .
    it never gets old 😍😍

  10. Gail Fagan

    Whos listening 4th december 2019

  11. Explosivo55

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    proverbs 14
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    May the Lord god bless those of us (house of israel) and not all

  12. KeV B

    I wish I could auto tune as good as this guy

  13. Lorentzkraft

    Still a banger in 2019!

  14. Bob Marley


  15. Donna Heard

    Ooh I love this tune ♥️

  16. d Nrg

    Let's get ready ✌🏻😍😍😍

  17. EagerBeaver2218

    Who remembers this MOOD from 2011? I do!!! Sugar Mill Nightclub, East Yorkshire, UK!!!! House musik for lyfe.


    The beat and his voice are just incredible!!!❤

  19. Inmovecos Real Estate

    Why cant I find this version on spotify?

  20. Camys Lopez


  21. Artem Vyzhletsov

    2020 🙌 🙌

  22. Doverboy21 1

    Still ravin it out 2019 novemeber

  23. airaM

    I discovered this song on a One Direction concert in 2014 and since then this song has been MY ANTHEM!!!!!

  24. Wilfride Wilfride

    WTFock brought me here!

  25. Theresa Schafhauser

    november 2019 ? 🔥♥️🙋

  26. Elle belle

    Added to my house party play list ☺️

  27. Benjamin Wever

    This is my favorite song from 2010s, because it has some Gothic atmosphere

  28. Diego Lopez

    2020 still amazing

  29. Aleksandra Michalska

    I am ready for Your LOVE. ♥️🌹♥️

  30. echos 51

    would love to find out a way to skateboard in a music video!!!

  31. Leandro Melo

    Palmeiras não tem mundial.

    Romário Huebra


  32. Caspar Contzen

    Wladislaw likes this, because his baby doesn´t hurt him anymore

  33. Mark Lester

    I love this kind of music like decades ago vibe. Any music like this?

  34. Hannah Symcox

    Still love this song in 2019 and always..👍🏻

  35. John George

    I thought I heard this song in one of the Forza Horizon games but it's not in the games.

  36. Edwin Charoensinkha

    This song introduced me into house music. Thank god i listened to this!

    Felix Orryn

    Edwin Charoensinkha same here dude! It got big just as I got into college, was a complete game changer

  37. DarkenPalms

    Real Gorgon CIty fans will still listen to this in many years🙏🔥

  38. Antony Cool

    Best song ever

  39. TacoHorse

    Greetings. My name is Jebuiz y'har. If my calculations are correct, you should be receiving this transmission in the year 2019 AD. It amuses me that you used to calculate your dates in relation to the life of an ancient man. You see, we have a slightly different timescale. But to make things simple, I am writing from the year 49,170 AD.

  40. Brandon Now 48

    Friday 27 December 2013

  41. echos 51

    I wonna skateboard in a music video so bad but how?? im ready to sk8! 360flip

  42. niewiem jak sie nazwać

    Who is still listening in 2019?😜🇵🇱

  43. Teo A Lopez


  44. Mirabella Mcgarry

    Omg childhood memories omg loved this song

  45. Hedvika HORACKOVA


  46. Hedvika HORACKOVA

    Fajn black Mann bravo


    Great song

  48. GlobalLiftsAndTransport15

    At least this was when music was actually GOOD and before 2016 killed music

  49. Tony D The Original inda mix

    BooM!! BangiNg iT oUT onda SysTeM ThaT KicK§ Ru ReaDY 4 ThE LuV!! Of LiVinG iNDa GordoN CiTY WiT MneK MiX 'n' BLeND CreW!! AU TrU CoLoURS BLuE HuB & 1,2,3,4,5,6-10 waiT 4 iT WIT U GeT iNN TheRE My BrO'§ SoN§ S¡§ sWV's if yoU PL$ soN in LaW NepTH$ NeiCE'$ 'an' Daughter'$ & Grandaughters toO!! ReaDY CuZ?

  50. uBazz

    2019, still a banger!

  51. MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Gorgon City feat. MNEK - Ready For Your Love [2013]
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  52. Sarah Jones

    I’m Ready for love to find me 💗🙏🏼

  53. Kimberley Wilson

    I'm LISTENING @ always ~bass ... old skool in there 👌🎧🎼

  54. Lightsaber Lord P373

    He sounded like he said "Mustafa."

  55. MaksX53X


  56. Isobelle Lamb

    2019 and it’s still a banger

  57. Fire beat

    Still so lit theme ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌

  58. Aaronn Cruz

    Anyone else think the guy at 2:31 looks like Tupac ???

  59. Солнышко

    Да я их фанатка 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤔😍🤔😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  60. Солнышко


  61. Nastasja Vuković

    This is still in my faves in my music

  62. umeni jesenje

    I love this song and I'm #ReadyForYourLove

    so ladies, you know what to do (:

    Josh de Silva

    looks like that paid off

    umeni jesenje

    @Josh de Silva lol only you found me hahaha

  63. I am Baked

    What a slapper

  64. AxeL Wave

    I'm Ready For This Song! <3 Stucked in my mind..

  65. Thomas Bebingtont

    what banger june

  66. Higher Realms

    this song is shit - beat is not that great, repeat of something from da past

  67. Deniese Mogorovich

    Summer 2019 💙

  68. Suvi Haat.

    snekku!! 🐍💕

  69. Shano Doyle

    such a bopp

  70. Daniel Ewenkhare

    Who’s listening in 2019 🔥🤘🏾🔥🤘🏾?

  71. Daniel Ewenkhare


  72. Corrinne Drummond

    Great tune.

  73. Jay Paredes

    I just discovered this song. I can’t stop listening. ❤️

  74. 13 1618 alalá


  75. Arlo Souza

    Tem brasileiro que também gosta?❤️😍

  76. Lauren Derbyshire

    I love the anthems its great music and I like all the other music aswell

  77. Cora Isherwood

    Bop Bop Bop

  78. Luk Luk

    One of the best song ever *

  79. Hasan gaming Hyper

    I like the stars ⭐️ went by bit

  80. Boss Man

    2019 anybody?❤️

  81. 7homas 0wen

    2013-2015 House was great.

  82. Aaron Burke

    Gwan mup'ouve it 6 years

  83. Ad the lad

    Still a tune

  84. Μαρία Παλλάνη


  85. Manuel Hg

    Fuck iam crying ~memories

  86. ágata silva saydin

    Eu amo éas música

  87. Morgan Attwell

    I'll tell you what Gorgon City you might be ready for love but i'm ready for a good turd

  88. MusicIsLife

    This song is my top 10 of all time.

  89. 3000 Deep


  90. lawrencestoke

    London. No city beats London. Argue with your chief.

  91. Carlos García

    2019 liked music

  92. Bec X

    That bassline 👌

  93. Hull Buds

    Get me me

  94. Marco Mattio

    Still listening 2k19
    Best song ever
    My everyday alarm since 2014

  95. Dillan Mistry

    When music was Music

  96. Enoc Noc

    Yeaaaah.!¡ ✨👑💶💴💷💵💳