Gorgon City - Coming Home Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I want these streets an answer
So I keep calling heaven
Meant to be back home with you
My shining star, you got me
Miss like limbo inside me
Will you wait, I won't be long

I won't let, I won't keep anything
Hold me back from you
I'm telling the
Truth I'm promise you
I'll be there soon

I'm coming home to you
I'm coming home to you
I'm coming home to you
I'm coming home to you

[Verse 2:]
These days grow long and weary
And it takes it's toll, I'm dreary
Smell your fragnance in the air
So close I'm weak and tired
Was lost but now I found it
Hear your voice get loud and keep


[Hook x2]

Coming home
And I'll be back before you wake
See I'll be back before you wake, darling
And I'll be back before you wake
When I'm near you I'm alive
When I feel your love I fly
What I need is you and I
I'll be there soon

[Hook x2]

Coming home

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Gorgon City Coming Home Comments
  1. Kyle Robinson

    Sunday Chills. Put that work in wanna see more like this

  2. Jane Barton

    Maverick Sabre is so talented .I saw him in concert & he was absolutely amazing voice & sounded exactly the same as any song he's made.A real gem! .A highly underrated Artist in his own right..I thought he'd be as famous as Robbie Williams by a merry mile! He has made 2 C.D's but there are a few songs from something called The Travelling Mans Tapes which I've heard,searched for & yet nothing but I know it exists but could not get a hold on but I did manage to tape 3 songs that are not on utube any longer.Thank God I've got them,however don't know how to upload music dammit! ✌

  3. angela135899

    Found this by looking at Leeds Fest 2014 which was my daughters first fest! ... Fab !

  4. angela135899

    Dam sooooo goood! x

  5. jose alfredo pulido andrade

    I ❤️ this song 👏🏼👏🏼🎧