Gorga, Melissa - On Display Lyrics

I can feel the weight of the world pushing down on me.
I can feel everyones eyes watching me.
I can feel the heat of the spotlight, shine on me.
I can feel the pressure on body.
Got me feeling all of these feelings and it's driving me insane.
Paparazzi watching me do my thing

Cause I'm on display, on display, on display
Each and everyday, everyday, everyday
Everybody's waiting on me to fall
Everybody's waiting on me to crawl but they can keep on
(waiting on me, waiting on me, waiting on me to fall) [4x]

I know you're gonna try to bring me, bring me down
But I'm a fighter, I'm a tiger, I can figure it out
Slander my name in all the papers that's what you wanna do
But you keep watching I'll keep glowing thats what I'll do for you
Got me feeling all these feelings and it's driving me insane
Paparazzi watching me do my thing

Cause I'm on display, on display, on display
Each and everyday, everyday, everyday
Everybody's waiting on me to fall
Everybody's waiting on me to crawl but they can keep on
(waiting on me, waiting on me, waiting on me to fall) [4x]

Everybody wanna see me fall
Everybody wanna bring me down
Everybody wanna steal my crown
But it's not going down
Some people don't like my style
But I don't give a what
Everybody got something to say
Go head and post it up
On the blog sites, put it up, on the headlines
It dont matter what you say I'm still gonna shine

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Gorga, Melissa On Display Comments
  1. jendotlove

    I love this SONG! Fuck every single hater, if they beg differ.

  2. Dizzy Devi

    Go Melissa ..... God bless you and family .... I hope you get all the success that you deserve .....

  3. Alisa Milligan

    She can’t sing!! Oms

  4. Joanna Pizzo

    On dispaly on display

  5. Somebody Muva

    Dis shit trash!!!!!!

  6. J. RuizAlvarado

    Teashhh ommgg

  7. Tri Hardcx

    The 2011 gabby hanna

  8. Lisa Carlucci leite

    I like it

  9. BigCheech 4509

    I love all the Negative comments from the critics... The girl is on TV Everyone in the country/some of the world knows her,,, And all you negative people commenting Are, And Always Will Be unknown Zeros. “Good job Melissa Best of luck”

  10. Kelly Le

    wait its kinda catchy lol WE STAN!

  11. Moto Moto


  12. Elyse Renauer

    If she just uses her normal singing voice (no auto tune) this song would be amazing. On the RHONJ you hear her real voice she has talent. 😊😂😜

  13. Michelle Adjei

    She can't sing

  14. Bianca Gambino

    She is getting on my last nerve, boohoo .. miss you daddy is getting so old, fake act and fake tears.. Daddy, Daddy.. enough already
    This is baaaad song

    Fla Gal

    Omg now I don't feel so bad when I want to hurl when I hear grown women whining "I miss you daddy".

  15. Drinkwater 7

    Just seen the show from three years ago about this, it ain’t that bad, but it doesn’t really stand out. The lyrics are shite tho. Hang on, it’s all kicking off about the dancing. Fuck, those Italians types like to fucking row.......the singers husband is a tiny dude, most of their husbands are midgets....no offence to midgets

  16. random diamond

    I liked the version on the show

  17. Barry Mitchell

    Should have released it in the UK 🇬🇧 I love it

  18. Bridgettedove Cassese

    It's actuallt quite good.

  19. Devon A

    Money can't buy you class. Or talent. *newmoneycough

    BigCheech 4509

    Devon A your flat broke arent you bro.?

  20. angela noneyah

    i like it

  21. Msflamingo2008

    Could this have been a hit if someone more famous sang it?🤔 I got the hook stuck in my head & wont go away! AAAAAA!!😲 "On display, on display on display"!!😂😂😂

  22. Chiqueez gomez

    This is not bad at all, it's horrible!! 😂😂😂😂 I feel bad for her if someone loved her they would've stop her from killing music.

  23. Casie Pierce

    Thumbs down, she sounds horrible!

  24. berightwithyou

    She can't sing.

    Montythe Totoro

    i really like it!

  25. Chelsea Horsfall

    thanks to my sister for telling me about this i love it

  26. Kitty Otaku

    She should stick to singing in the shower.

  27. Temilola Adeyemi

    not bad

  28. Jay Sitlani

    Surprisingly, it's not completely rotten. Certainly better than any of the other HW songs.

  29. Eleanor McInnes

    Not trying to be like 'bossy' or anything but it's not fair being mean about somebody putting themselves out there... Melissa enjoys music and wants to show it 😊


    Treeasa sings it better

    BigCheech 4509

    ROB KARETU who the fuck is Treeasa!?

    Vanilla Snow

    ROB KARETU was thinking the same thing 😂😂

  31. Savage Niah

    she cant sing
    so much autotune

    Kitty Otaku

    my exact words


    when somebody uses autotune that doesn't mean they can't sing. I agree that there is too much autotune on this one yes

    BigCheech 4509

    Savage Niah who the fuck are you. Ive heard of Melissa Gorga. Never fuckin heard of you

  32. Alina Morales

    Me gusta como canta melisa

  33. Tricia Christian

    It's growing on me love it....


    q mala la cancion Aaa 

  35. Micheala Ohara

    I love her but she sounds like a robot :/

  36. Love Bauer

    this has got to be the worst song ive ever heard

  37. xtine ღ

    its really not that bad.. lol. love her

  38. tinylittlelifeform2

    She sounded, and the song sounded, so much better when she was sitting at the piano playing. I think making this a dance song went away from what she originally composed it as. It's still a good song!! Just different

  39. BlindUnknown


    norah os

    BlindUnknown ebderam

  40. Wisky Si

    Cantas muy bien melissa

  41. Stephanie Rivers

    Catchy song, Why hasn't this gotten airplay?

    Stephanie Rivers

    Wow! Who pissed in your Wheaties?

    Stephanie Rivers

    I hear ya. It's all good.

  42. mara romero

    cantas hermoso ! siguee asi♥♥

  43. anna harvey

    love this :)

  44. pily vazquez

    esta increible 

  45. Mylena Cristina Viana


    Victor Hugo

    Brasil ♡

  46. Mylena Cristina Viana

    Im brazilian i love your song

    Eduarda Lopes

    Vc é troca ou oq em? Não é ela a dona deste canal

    Victor Hugo

    +Eduarda Lopes

  47. ARTemis

    Her voice is fine!!! Oh what? Rihanna and fucking niki minaj can use auto tune but Melissa can't?? Wtf?

  48. serah jones

    Love it!:)

  49. sarah wilson

    She's on real housewives of New Jersey!🐼

    BigCheech 4509

    sarah wilson wow you should be on jeopardy

  50. Mykel Washington

    danm it....i hate that i kinda like the song...

    Emma Manuel

    I know 

  51. Mommy Mon

    I like Melissa but this song and her voice sucks!

  52. hawaomar100

    ehh,song has no meaning. For your first song you chose to write about paparazzi, and being on display?

  53. Jessica Wanderluster

    Teresa disliked this song 71 times!!

  54. Jessica Wanderluster

    Okay Teresa lol

  55. Amanda Nelson


  56. MsAroem

    This is actually better then I thought it would be

  57. German Orellana

    My farts after I eat a shit load of Mexican food sounds better lol

    BigCheech 4509

    German Orellana you have an IQ of a Gerbil with Downs Syndrome

  58. kuroshinigami

    .....the autotune council called.Said they're suing for autotune abuse.

  59. Joanna Duque

    even Kim Kardashian can sing better than this , honestly... no joke .__.'

  60. Gisellev

    This is pretty autotuned but Ive heard her sing and she doesnt sing bad.

  61. sabs6697

    this is probably all auto tuned

  62. toxic prince

    i find it amusing that melissa wrote this song before anybody even knew who the fuck she was. no paparazzi were watching her "do her thing." was she intending that she would have a bunch of haters waiting for her to fall? this song was made before season 3 even premiered. so, she might have not wrote it about teresa, but she sure as hell didn't write it about herself.

  63. Shaquana Jefferson

    TEAM WAKILE!!!!!!!

  64. bkid831

    Team Teresa all the way. RHONJ would be nothing without her. Truth.

  65. Jonny MIA

    "You Wrote On Display About Me!!!"

  66. Splinterjn

    This song sucks just as bad as that Tardy for the Party!

  67. Brittany Bennis

    Her voice is not that great

    BigCheech 4509

    Brittany Bennis lets hear you sing brittney

  68. lelzinton

    She shoulda sang that when she was strippin "on display, on display cuz her ass was on display" lol

  69. sm hardial

    Melissa is seeing her way through let her be she is living her dream with her family and doing great you hardly hear this from a new yorker but you go Jersey wish I could tell you that in person

  70. lee anna

    im surprised how many likes this song got, good for her...i guess

  71. RedBelle Mage

    sounds like she has a halfway decent voice but this song is severely lacking

  72. Destiny Mccrimon

    this song omg <3

  73. kimmyfreak200

    she can sing, wow

  74. Graziana Scarlet

    C'mon, she's at least better then Kim Zolciak and Luann de Lesseps

  75. danitydon22

    haha i love this girl i dont really watch the show too much but when i have i can tell teresa is evil and melissa is a beautiful person in and out no matter how much money is in her bank account... teresa needs to go to hell where she belongs she isnt a good person,, she is missing out on a good friend in mellissa and jackie!!! Jackie if r reading be friends with caroline and mel forget teresa she only cares about herself

  76. joline flores

    Dislikers like theresa


    The only thing on display is her sheer lack of talent.

    BigCheech 4509

    DISCO-INFERNO-70 The girl is on TV now has a song. And you lol nobody knows or ever will know you. You fuckin zero

  78. Christopher Jacobs

    BYE then!

  79. chrissy black

    this song sucks big time !!! she cant even sing!!!!

  80. lindesey shannon

    i love the real housewives of new jersey!!! she did so well and her performance was great love her voice its beautiful!!!

  81. Madison Trager

    I love the lyrics but listen to the Arkatone Radio Remix. It has a better beat

  82. Lourdes Button

    Well then that was interesting

  83. Rob Gould

    This song lacks a story, bad rhymes and never builds, it is too long and could cut it back, the bridge is too similar to the verses and chorus, and who wants to sing about others waiting for a woman to fall, its too fatalistic, it is not optimistic, it ends up highlighting the woman is just paranoid and NOT proud.

  84. steve37774

    Lol half of the people dislike it just because shes a house wife.. smh..

  85. sydni shooster

    Why do these Real Housewives insist on making songs? YOU CAN'T SING.

  86. luisdiegors

    This is really bad:/

  87. musicluvr3696

    Nope she doesn't. :D lol

  88. LivingEachSecond

    I hated this... add this to other real housewives trash

  89. Jennifer Jordan

    U go girl! U sound good...aint no different from whats out there in the mainstream right now! Ur a true beauty inside and out

  90. Alelia Vuli

    she needs a lyricist ... beat would have worked out better to better words and the bridge is really corny (paparazzi .....) but give her props for putting herself out there. but on scale of
    1(really bad) - 10 (really great) i would score it a 3 and thats being quite generous. :D

  91. NovieLove

    Kept waiting for her to kick it up an octave... i think that the key of the song should be a little higher so that she's not singing so low the ENTIRE time. It's not a bad song, but it's like a first attempt by a 14 year old.

  92. furcantino

    this is a horrible song, the lyrics make no since and she says the same shit over and over.

  93. D.L.G

    Come on after a 5th of vodka and some coke this is still really bad....lol

  94. Jeremy Scruggs

    You know i respect her going for her dreams, and by all means do it. But this is less than good. the beat is hard, but the songwriting and singing is not good. Hopefully she improves greatly.

  95. Lex L

    I'm not even lying...I got a headache after I listened to this -__-

  96. ginican

    Its not that bad. Maybe better lyrics or catchy ones. If lmfao or kesha can sing this is not that terrible you hater fucksss