Gorga, Melissa - How Many Times Lyrics

How many times
Did I feel I was lonely
How many times
Did I feel I couldn't make it
How many times [x3]
Did I turn to you

Whenever I needed
Someone to love me
Whenever I needed
Someone to touch me
How many times [x3]
It was always you

You're my rock
He's my heart
You place me upon a
Pedestal like I was the one

Now I know
Dreams come true
Every night I pray for you

When part of me died
He sent you to me
He knew that you be the right one for me
How many times [x3]
Did I turn to you

How many times
Did I feel I was falling
When I was lost
You heard me calling
How many times [x3]
It was always you

You're my rock
He's my heart
You place me upon a
Pedestal like I was the one

Now I know
Dreams come true
Every night I pray for you

I love you [x3]
I really do
I love you [x3]
I really do

Now I know
Dreams come true
Every night I pray for you

Now I know
Dreams come true
Every night I pray for you

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Gorga, Melissa How Many Times Comments
  1. Robert Islas

    Still love ❤️ this song 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  2. Francheska Vega

    Beautiful Song💖💖💖

  3. Michele A Lloyd

    Very pretty song. You can tell how much in love Joe and Melissa are. Everyone should have a love like that.

  4. Ladi Di

    This is a beautiful song!

  5. Dizzy Devi

    Love ya Melissa .... Your dad would be proud ....

  6. Roxanne Flores

    Gold digger Gorga $$$$

  7. Roxanne Flores

    She's not singing, she's screaming, and her panties must be too tight 😄

  8. Anna Kozlowska


  9. amel alnaim

    that really good song she has a voice on her omg I wish she an album out and she has that song in that album it so meaningful nd heartfelt nd l really like this song it really good job on this song I wish it was long thought not shorter nice song

  10. Caught Looking

    how many times..did she have rhinoplasty?

    Ms.Cherrie B

    Caught Looking 😅

    Eric Ryan

    You wish you had money to fix your face (and brain). Keyboard badass bitch.

  11. 04LILDREA

    She made this song about her husband how much she loved him and how much he changed her life!!!

  12. samantha scott

    i love this song its how feel about my husband

  13. Reginald Bostic

    Melissa Gorga you can sing!!!!!!😎

  14. Rebeca Sena

    Sou do Amazonas Manaus amo vc Melissa Gorga 😙😙😙😙😙

  15. tina noyce

    love song should re release it x

  16. alana butter

    This song is shit

  17. Paula attaway

    I love this song its so heartfelt and meaningful

    Ali Salsburg

    Paula, you and me both!

  18. DiMoHiPHoP

    well put together n sounds good

  19. DiMoHiPHoP

    The best song out of hers n the whole housewives franchises catalog


    You don't like Tardy to the Party?!

  20. kim reiche

    best song so far! love it <3

  21. Camila Ramos

    Amo muito essa música vc e linda Melissa

  22. Stella Gioussos

    Great song

  23. rafaela charles

    lindaaaaaaaaaaaa amo essa musica

  24. TheDylansWorld

    I love this

  25. MrRenata0203

    Love this song.

  26. Perla Vamos

    Love this song!!!

  27. Cristina Rivera

    Great song Melissa you can total sing.

  28. Rosa De Martinis

    Amazing song! Amazing voice! If you say she's can't sing..... You need to have your ears checked JS...

    Dee Nichels

    sounds like a dieing bird lmfao 😂

  29. Naomi Verdugo

    Way to go Melissa! :)

  30. Gisele Sousa

    Melissa sou brasileira e acho vc maravilhosa...uma coisa q vejo em vc q acho bem legal e sua simplicidade acompanho o programa THE REAL HOUSEWIVE SÓ PRA VER VC...SUCESSO BJOSS

    Damiana Abdias

    no perco nenhum episodio so pra vela e ela e um exemplo par mim realizar meu sonho de ser cantora eu comecei a cantar com dois anos de idade e meu avo era cantor e as pessoas me falaram que eu não podia cantar porque eu tinha nascido com um problema na língua e eu operei a língua e mostre pra pessoas que eu posso cantar e brilhar e que o problema não foi o suficiente pra destruir meu sonho e hoje eu falo pra todo mundo lute pelo seus sonhos e não deixe ninguém dizer que você não pode e mostre que você pode sim realizar e ser quem você e

  31. rebecca duncan

    I really know the love this two have for each other. This song describes the amazing love I have for my love. I love you Eddie !

  32. Carolina Braga

    lindaa adoro essa musicaa.. <3

  33. simone melo

    MELISSA LINDA!!!!!!!!!

  34. simone melo

    Amo essa musica!!!!

  35. Roxanne Flores

    yuck...she cant sing

    Reginald Bostic

    at least she's got more stuff n money than you haha

    YoThatsZyyy !!!

    you probably can't sing because she can sing

    Dee Nichels

    hahah...who thee F*** cares what the FORMER BUM bitch has.

    Mini Me

    Roxanne Flores u hatein cause u can't sing cuz stop trying to put people down only cause u can't do something just stop hatein on people

  36. Chloë

    so goood

  37. Beatrice Robison

    Melissa I will love to meet youuuuuu and my daughter!!!!!!!

  38. Artie Shawl

    her producers did a good job

  39. YouAreNotFree

    This is actually very good.

  40. stuckin79

    Just let someone else sing the song. Her voice is not the worst I've heard but it is definitely not the best. As someone who enjoys music, I am disappointed in her producers and song writers for allowing her to do this. It would be better if her vocal range was larger and she had different emphasis on her words.

  41. dmlongmire70

    Well, if you enjoyed the book, "See Spot Run," then you'll really LOVE her page turner! Besides, I'm always dying to seek martial advice from someone who's been married for 9 yrs. I've just been waiting around my whole life hoping someone like her would tell me how to live, and finally she has!

  42. Savannah Quintana

    I love this song so much!!

  43. Kristina Miller

    How many times have you lied?

  44. Yolanda Clay

    You stole the song

  45. Kaya

    Should give up on singing all together! PLEASE

  46. maegen morrison

    I think she has a nice voice, lol she sounds better then me when I am in my car by myself. the song is cheesy, but her voice is good.

  47. BetterThanEmril

    But I can't lie, Melissa did a very great job on this song, It sorta mde me cry (:

  48. BetterThanEmril

    How many times? How many times Do you blame Teresa for all your skeletons in the closet? You guys will know what Im talking about when Season 5 airs (:

  49. BetterThanEmril

    I hear she has some sort of african decent though, she said it at the season 3 reunion, I just don't know how lol

  50. chinniesjunnkie

    Ugh I love my girlfriend marsha'

  51. leiah ray

    i hate singing infront of ppl but at school my friends told me too and i didnt want to and they wouldnt stop askin me so i sung this song and when i was done they clapped and im like i didnt know i could sing that good....

  52. Elizabeth Pena

    Love it!!!

  53. 26crustacean

    Melissa tans and that is why her complexion seems dark. Neither her mother nor her father is black.

  54. 4smileysmiles

    I wish ill find a Guy someday and feel the sameway about him as Melissa feels about Joe. It amazes me how long they've been together and their love just seems like a couple who have only been together for 2 years. Its seems so rare to find love like that... I hope I find it one day

  55. Christie King

    To everyone talking crap- I pray for you that your jealousy won't eat you alive and make you more miserable than you already are. I love this song, I feel the same way about my hubby- he is my rock and I don't know what I would do without him. This is my fav song of Melissa's I wish she would do another ballad.

  56. Mar5iahlopez

    You're dreams are coming true Melissa, You're a singer and mother and a wife. You are living the dream you always wanted Melissa. :)

  57. catherine joseph

    Youre so right lexi !

  58. brandon f

    the cats are dyyyyingggg.

  59. Lexi Rascon

    Out of all the songs shes recorded, this is the best one. Not saying shes the best singer cuz she definitely is NOT, but this song is very sweet and kudos to her for making a song about her hubby. Without him her dream wouldn't be coming true.

  60. malibu64

    "When part of me died, He sent me to you." How sweet is that? Can't wait to meet Melissa this Sunday!

  61. Bklyn Summer

    Trust me she did WAY better than ANY of the wives trying to sing. Congrats M...

  62. madison house

    Do people just sit at the computer and hate on her don't hate just say nice things or nothing at all

  63. janie

    Love this song! Must be for ur sweet husband.

  64. Laura

    Ok so she is not a singer, but the song itself is good. The composition is really good...

  65. MsAmandaLea

    LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Say-Hai-Atlas

    Agreed. She is very autotuned. When she was singing that one song whatever it was acapella...She sounded awful. The song is good cos it's for her man true...But really come on now. No, she doesn't have to sound like Beyonce. But still, she can't sing.

  67. iceheart540

    Too bad not only do stars fall but usually things on a pedestal are in danger of falling.

  68. Sonny Joy

    i think rocks it! Team melissa!

  69. Brian Palmer

    good voice sucky song

  70. willbeme1

    i can take computer programs to make my cat sound good people.....she can't sing.....find a day job because she can't act either.....

  71. Jessica Bottari

    i am inlove with their relationship he LOVES his wife & she loves him so much !!! God is good they are real! God bless them

  72. alawiis


  73. FaithHillFANatic

    Just because her voice is not in the same league as that of Faith Hill, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Martina McBride....etc, does NOT mean she has a bad singing voice. Personally, I adore Melissa and thinks she sings good. Her music gets ya singing along and dancing to the beat. I hope all of her dreams come true. I don't knock anyone who is out there doing anything and everything it takes to acheive their goals and dreams. I wish her future success in all of her life's journey's. God Bless!!!

  74. Alice Nine

    at first i was like "Oh god they gave another untalented person some auto tune and a record.but then i heard this was was like "This is one kick ass song! She's really talented :D when will the new song "I wanna" be up

  75. fatima pantoja

    very nice song she really loves her husband teresa needs to back the f*** off shes there to stay nice voice love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Jasmyne Joyce

    She does look half black shes really pretty tho

  77. danielle morones

    omg this is song soo me now 2 my great boyfriend and it remains me of my grandma because i feel like she sent my boyfriend 2 me 2 make me the happiest i have ever been ......

  78. candy land

    who ever said that she i half black your really retarted

  79. ThePhillies19

    Actually she says she prays for Joe. She's talking about God.

  80. Claire Regel

    She chose the spotlight on her. IF you believe the mags and some websites, she even begged. Teresa didnt choose to do this w/ her fam. but when she found out they signed up, she'd already signed the contract and couldn't get out. I give Teresa credit.

  81. Claire Regel

    Wow, so she doesn't like Melissa's singing... dont need to freak out & tell her she won't accomplish as much & have a small life... Yikes & I'm guessing you don't even know the girl! Calm down.

  82. Claire Regel

    Good voice (when autotuned). Actually sounds good (a lot better than On Display). I may not believe any of the lyrics you sang, but it sounded nice!

  83. peachrocker1

    she is definitely half black

  84. Elizabeth Moya

    I love this song!!!

  85. Marissa Pugliese

    Why is she a singer she already has enough money P.S she sucks at singing all computers sorry;)

  86. cynthcynth

    this is horrible....wtf is this?

  87. Anna likes mintykisses

    These Lyrics are off...there are some lyrics missing...but, I figured it out =D...Love this song though =D

  88. juanitae9

    im not gonna lie i hate her voice but i like the song cuz of the lyrics if it was jennifer hudson this would be banging-er

  89. maya nicole

    All the housewives get on my nerves but I do think this song is beautiful.


    shes my favorite house wive


    melissa and joe belong together

  92. Sabrina Alicia Id-Deen

    Love her and the song!! Favorite housewive!

  93. JerseyBoy

    she should quit RHONJ to focus more on a music career cause she can get more despised by fans for being involved in bad situations and i dont want that, so she should quit RHONJ. she should also dump joe and take the kids cause joes obnoxious and teresa trashes her alot and melissa doesnt need that so she should dump joe, take the kids and quit RHONJ for a music career. itd be a better environment for the kids. shed also look better with pauly d cause there both music people, he DJs, she sings

  94. Jasmyne Joyce

    Love it!!

  95. lavonia ludgood

    i love this video me and my mommy listen to this every once in a while if you like this video like my comment :)

  96. Leo Elias

    Nice Melissa

  97. Salice Boyd

    You're love for Joe is so sweet! I'm inspired!

  98. Ashley Marie

    Love,Love,Love! ahhmazing:)