Gord Downie - You Are The Bird Lyrics

It was him, he named you the bird
It's how you were generally referred
We never really understood
Never really thought about much
But with time, it only made more sense
As time went by, it just made more sense
You are the bird
You are the bird

It was him, yes, he was the bird
Passed it down to you like they're just words
Like him, you listen and you care
Like him, you want to help people out
'Cause you know you have always known
It's the true way, the only way through

It's the only reason that we're here
Like him, you are the bird
You are the bird...

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Gord Downie You Are The Bird Comments
  1. Roy Glenn

    Who’s he talking to ,do you think?

  2. Indiana550Spyder

    Wow!!! So chilling and haunting....