Gord Downie - Snowflake Lyrics

I remember one day
We walked up to the highway
And you held my hand
We walked along the highway
And it ran beside the lake
So big, so flat, so great
You held my hand
On along the highway

We got to an old stone home
It stood out so all alone
Against a great field
All covered with snow
And I don't remember who
The woman you introduced me to
Or why we were there
Or what we were there to do

She told me to go explore
The quiet rooms, the cold floors
I froze upstairs, I heard a voice
A-from a room closed with a locked door
And then from downstairs I heard my name
You said "it's time we got going"
The woman leaned in to say goodbye
From I don't remember his name

I remember that day
The gray lake, the highway
How you held my hand
We walked home through snowflakes

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Gord Downie Snowflake Comments
  1. Gord Ritchie

    My foremost favorite from Gord's final twenty-three. Most likely because I personally relate to this precise place in Gord's story here. I was there too & will be again forever thanks to "Snowflake". Thank you so much for leaving us these everlasting moments of yours, God Bless you Gord Downie.

  2. D Mc

    Beautiful childhood memory. We all have them, but only Gord can express them so wonderfully. Make me remember my own. Thank you.

    Giovanni Gee

    Gord always had a magic way with words.. and he always brought them to life with his candor and expression.. my only regret is that we will not be able to witness this live.. but I can still imagine what it would be like.. and it would be wonderful.. ✨

    Tyson Haller

    D Mc You can express your own memories/stories. All stories are important. Yes yours also☺

    D Mc

    I hope to. Just not sure if I am there yet.