Goot, Alex - She's So High Lyrics

She's blood, flesh and bone
No tucks or silicone
She's touch, smell, sight, taste and sound

But somehow I can't believe
That anything should happen
I know where I belong
And nothings gonna happen
Yeah, yeah

'Cause she's so high...
High above me, she's so lovely
She's so high...
Like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, or Aphrodite
She's so high...
High above me

First class and fancy free
She's high society
She's got the best of everything

What could a guy like me
Ever really offer?
She's perfect as she can be
Why do I even bother?

'Cause she's so high...
High above me, she's so lovely
She's so high...
Like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, or Aphrodite
She's so high...
High above me

'Cause she's so high...
High above me, she's so lovely
She's so high...
Like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, or Aphrodite
She's so high...
High above me

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Goot, Alex She's So High Comments
  1. Dante Trainmaster

    You forgot about the 3rd verse.

  2. Miqo'te Lover

    I love your voice! It's so good!

  3. Lauren Macneill

    Almost better than the original!

  4. Dante Trainmaster

    Now do Train Drive By.

  5. Dante Trainmaster

    Now do "You Give Love A Bad Name".

  6. John Doe

    Fantastic cover! You are really talented.

  7. Shelby Biggs

    Damn dude 🔥 ♥

  8. Lutalica

    Dude you could do a dope ass syndrome cosplay from the incredibles, just look at your feckin face and teeth. and i don't mean this as an insult but as a recommendation.

  9. Dona Malbarosa


  10. Dona Malbarosa

    he is my favorite singer... I wish I could meet him...

  11. lovaly _gt

    İ wanna say that you'll be always my idol. You're the best. İ hope you can live your dream ❤

  12. Jeffthemaintenanceman

    Is that a b1
    mic nice job

  13. King Alpha

    I don't know this song untill you singed it. 🎤🎶

  14. sophia müller


  15. Tomken3


  16. Lauren MacNeill

    That "what could a guy like me, ever really offer" is so Cool

  17. Lissi music

    you sang this absolutely unique and perfect....I can really feel it!

  18. Ashlee Glover

    I love his lower register. It sounds so smooth. I think the song would sound so much better if he sung the whole thing in his lower register. His higher notes don't cut it for me but I can't deny that he is an amazing talent that the music industry should feel privileged to welcome.


    +Ashlee Glover I like how your criticism didn't feel like one. Too many people are tactless. Thanks for being honest and sensitive!

  19. Bluestone524

    Excellent young man! Disregard any negative comments. You are a beautiful talent!

  20. Buchanan Winchester

    He's looks so young here! 5 years ago!

    Dante Trainmaster

    Make that 9.

  21. Ferr Lissette


  22. leighatkins22

    Alex is no doubt, EXCEEDINGLY talented, but I still prefer Tal's version of this for some reason - it might be that Tal gave it more body...

  23. limor asayas

    Amazinnng!!! You do the song so much justice!!! Great talent :)

  24. Rose Mata

    OMG 😍😍😍😍😲😲😲 i died and went to heaven. Amazing !

  25. Permabulk

    'What could a guy like me, every really offerrrrrrr' part is SO sick

  26. I'm Juan

    You're the king, definitely, the king of autotune

    Rian Gabriel Macalalad

    I'm Juan U sucks .

  27. Brenda Garcia

    Loved it!


    definetily too much autotune or and effects put on vocals

  29. Chris Phillips

    Awesome cover. I think this song sounds better done on piano then guitar after hearing this.  

  30. Yel Eyas

    FOR ELLE <3

  31. Yel Eyas

    I feel like I'm floating in clouds while listening to this. <3

  32. Marine Doubledeck

    magnifique, beau travail :)

  33. thebugman2007

    Awesome job!

  34. Mandiie Seepaul

    Epitome of f*cking perfection you are Alex Goot. Perfection. <3

  35. Natalia MRivas

    Love this cover, your voice sounds so sweet. Congratulations ^^

  36. Timmy Asikin


  37. Julia Marie Eller

    nice :)

  38. Marit van Vliet

    you are so lovely!! 

  39. Braxton Everheart

    Yeah he is using auto tune, but i dont really care cause its not too heavy with it. Plus i like hearing it in someone else's voice somtimes ya know?


    Yeah and nearly everyone is using autotune and pitchcorrect etc. Idk either about it. Alex is amazing☺☺☺

  40. rdken


  41. Mohammad Hattab


  42. Emily H

    I really love this cover :)

  43. Netta Zinger

    WOW ♥♡♥♡♥

  44. Fabio de Hita - El Niño de las Artes

    stupid, even the artists that you like the most use autotune, voice will never be pitch perfect without it, and he sounds like himself as he doesn't use that much autotune...

  45. CheezyPr0ductionz

    I cant believe anything should happen , because nothing is going to happen...

  46. Braxton Everheart

    Been listening to this for 3 hours. . .

  47. Wojciech Smol

    I can't listen do this. A lot of autotune. You sound like a robot

  48. nikeolabass


  49. alinicolewhite


  50. Misaki Nanami

    Like if you're watching this in 2013 ->

  51. AizaZa lk

    so good i like you

  52. Harles Santos

    animal esse menino parabens cara tu é muito bom

  53. thatgirlyouknow

    LOL reminds me of kurt nilsen... XD

  54. MyKenzie Cisneros

    Marry me.

  55. Finansuri Bazrebi

    love u <33 :D

  56. vladimir cortez

    this cover is very RELAXING =) good job alex

  57. Shredding666

    omfg people, hes not using autotune, its pitch correct if anything, and that I even doubt he uses. learn ur shit before you run your mouth

  58. Wojciech Smol

    Oh my god. How could you damaged that beautiful song?

  59. Club Adventure

    Til this day, my favorite of your covers. And yes, I do much prefer your voice of Mr. Bachman's.

  60. Christian Lucero

    Since you did this song, you should cover Nine Days' Absolutely (Story of a Girl)

  61. Christian Lucero

    This takes me back to High School.... damn. I remember the tight rope video on replay on MTV and on radio. I can't be that old already.

  62. Carter Slade

    I'm proud of you

  63. Kayla DeSoto

    Better than the original!!!!

  64. Jim Warren

    Great job brother!

  65. sinthia

    as I had not heard this song? I love it <3

  66. Patrick Pinchot

    sweet cover!! what would make it better, is a slight distorted guitar at the chorus.

  67. Brenda Ramos

    all i can say is wowwwww ur good!!!

  68. RyandBurtson

    A lot of Beliebers come to me (for reasons I will not disclose) and say that Justin Bieber is talented because he knows how to play several instruments and can sing (their opinion, not mine), and I will just show them your videos whenever they do because you do this all by yourself, and plus you sing way better than him, too. It will shut them right the fuck up. :-D

  69. Kevin Zimnol

    man the girls musst love you :D just sing :D

  70. Hailey Nichols

    Dear Alex, please marry me.

  71. Ash Kuss

    Nice use of falsetto here Alex ^.^

  72. Tiffany Huynh

    you're perfect

  73. DIIV

    his voice is so edited its not even funny

  74. Emily Grace

    :O I'm so impressed.

  75. sweet candy

    feeling sad?
    Alex Goot
    feeling horny?"
    Not feelig sexually aroused?
    Alex Goot's voice will will do the job ladies and gentleman.

  76. 11WhenPigsFly

    to* and no you are so not alone.

  77. Zane Smith


  78. Joan

    Hahaha at first I didn't even realize that this was a cover, I was just thinking "Hm, he sure looks a bit different here than in the official video."

  79. Kaitlyn

    Shh. I secretly know that... But most stupid people on here don't.
    I just said that to get people to shut up! LOL.

  80. emojo1990

    well hes not using autotune but hes enhancing the track which is what every musician does if they want to sell music

  81. Austin Parker

    sorry sweet good job

  82. Austin Parker

    seet nice vocal

  83. Kaitlyn

    Not saying he is, not saying he's not using Auto Tune or whatever... Either way, WHO CARES?! Just shut up and listen to the song.

  84. GoldenOne

    Really nice.

  85. Joe Smith

    Dude, you're the idiot if you think he's not using either one or both.

  86. Anne Alipin


  87. Anne Alipin

    you're an idiot.

  88. kuisuli

    My Favorite <3

  89. Ashley Marie

    Just shut up and stop criticizing his videos. He obviously doesn't need any judgement from any low-class hypocrites, he's doing just fine without it. He doesn't post videos on YouTube to be criticized, he posts them for people to enjoy, like most of us do.

  90. Rosa Gummibärchen

    Please do the world a favor and never cease to sing!!! ♥

  91. joejonaskg

    this song make me passed the exam!!!!!!!! @@!~

  92. isabella darby

    the voice of an angel

  93. Joe Smith

    He's either using Auto-Tune or Melodyne

  94. Brennan Rosenlof

    K ya he's auto-tuned but its only during the chorus on those high notes, and thats way better than most artists today. I'll bet you that Tal Bachman isn't even able to nail those notes in real life. And to all you guys that are hating on him for using it, I'd like to see you hit that note.