Goot, Alex - Pretty Eyes Lyrics

Pretty eyes
Staring back at me so blue and wide
The colors of the summer sky
The colors of the world

If love is blind,
Why do I see you so clearly now?
Perfect vision of our love somehow
You take over my mind

Look up into the galaxy tonight
The stars illuminate the love we make

Cause you and your pretty eyes
You keep me alive, keep me alive
(keep me alive)
Cause you and your pretty eyes
You keep me alive, keep me alive

Pretty eyes
You’re the one that keeps up all night
I know
No one else could make me feel this way
I want to look up into the milky way tonight

The sky illuminates the love we make
The love we make so bright

Cause you and your pretty eyes
You keep me a live, keep me a live
(keep me a live)
Cause you and your pretty eyes
You keep me a live, keep me a live

As the moon shines its light on you
Your pretty eyes they glow
Tell me that you’ll stay the night
Just stay a while


Cause you and your pretty eyes
You keep me a live, keep me a live
(keep me a live)
Cause you and your pretty eyes
You keep me alive, keep me alive

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Goot, Alex Pretty Eyes Comments
  1. Sanush

    Old but gold

  2. Ignacio Bernal

    8 years ago I dedicated this song to my girlfriend... Man, life has passed so fast...

  3. El Oso -xXx-

    Who else?

  4. i lish

    wish i had her eyes. i hate my eyes

  5. PewDie Pie

    Still my favorite song

    Shayam Lal Verma

    Real? 😃

  6. deputyseal409

    Alex Goot and KHS are equally amazing!

  7. Sabrina Pribadi

    Clearly, after 8 years has been passed, I’m still in love with this song.

  8. baselyous amv

    It's been 8 years wow
    I love this song I don't know why

  9. debik11

    One of my all time favorites!! The music video makes everything magical 😍 Gotta love Alex 😍

  10. Ree Ree

    This is perfect.

  11. Xavier B

    7 years !
    I have just rediscovered this song among all those of Alex ; how amazing this one is !

  12. Dhan Scarlet

    Wow..realy nice song😊

  13. Raman kumar

    2018 who else ?

  14. amani ul

    You always make me feel better than anything else... hope you’re here forever.

  15. Real Baba

    One of my Favorite songs when I were younger 😟🤩
    Just found it random and i‘m happy about it, good old times❤️😌

  16. Sara Koala

    Subbed! Alex this is amazing!!! U need way more subs and u r so talented... this video is underrated :)

  17. jenyeol

    found this song only today ahhh I adore it

  18. yannick deroo

    I wish I had the ability to sing, some dreams have to remain dreams....

  19. Ella Sandoval

    Is me or Alex G looks identically know

  20. Ella Sandoval

    I cant believe this video was made 7 years ago

  21. Stephen Gullette

    Repost this song too lol

  22. sauda hasan

    1:23 really pretty eyes

  23. Dorothy Gale

    This is one of the top contenders for the first dance song with my fiancé at our wedding!

  24. Fredrick Mayo

    Just found this list of originals. having a good time listening.

  25. Tvisha Jain

    2017 FTW

  26. Brix Moreno

    why y'all talkin' like this some ancient song? 😂

    it's only been a few years.. still lit

  27. Gilles Meyer

    Found the "In Your Athmosphere" Album today again and needed to watch and hear this one again :)

  28. CZX Studios

    I could totally make an AMV out of this as well.


    2017 who else?

    Laura De

    hereee 👋

  30. Art in a Teacup

    sooooo..... familiar?

  31. Mehmet Sadık Koç

    omg you were so young

  32. 이예현

    I had a crush back then when I first heard this song. We didn't work out well, but I still love this song!!

  33. Wieke Kiers

    2017 anyone?

  34. Smiling Newton

    heard this song after 2011 today! reminded me of those good days!

  35. nellynka

    Alex, Im listening your music from your very beginning on youtube, unbelievable how far you got! I love every single song from you. Great work, greatings from Czech Republic :)4
    p.s. Im really happy for you and Elle, Im getting marry this summer too;) <3

  36. Harshit Singh

    Awfully Awesome voice. Ur voice is divine. Beautiful lyrics. Keep it up! Your songs keep me alive

  37. Rivka

    thank you for you talent! make music brighter and more beautiful to hear!

  38. fida hussain

    Just find it perfect, honestly. Google it for the fist of time....!!!

  39. HimanshuRanjan

    2016 Oct

  40. Yel Eyas

    2 0 1 6

  41. Sassy Person

    2016 anybody?

  42. Vincent Yang

    Want this song's piano score so bad


    There's an "In Your Atmosphere" score book on his website.

  43. Moroha The Holy SwordsMan

    I still love this guys music! dude I demand more albums like this! your amazing!

  44. Yulia Lipnitskaya

    2016 anyone 😃😃😃

  45. Nour زر و بينيتHchdh

    Alex Goot you are very beautiful😘

  46. M&M Williams

    Nice song!

  47. jocelyn rabara

    i love this song in my life 4ever & after

  48. Emil Aganan

    amazing alex.

  49. Eliana Olivo

    its official i love your music! i would love to use one in a video!!!!
    new sub!!

  50. Abir Terguy

    still luve it 2016 <3

  51. jryuu jesuitas

    2016 anyone? :)

    jryuu jesuitas

    Nice one guys :)

    Mezer Ník

    2017 Already. ;D


    jryuu jesuitas 2017!!

  52. Jhoanna grace pundinlan Orenza

    aahhh i really love your songs!!!!!

  53. Ruben R.

    Love this song! :)

  54. Gerben

    Alex you a god man
    i love it that you make vidios

  55. SenseiKeo

    It's been 5 years, wow!

    Paolo Maldini

    7 years

  56. Matthias Herber

    those eyes man

  57. AguilaCoco

    Fuck, this is too goooooooddddd<3

  58. Ferr Lissette

    Aaw song

  59. DarkCuteness ForLife

    I came here from Watching some pewdiecry yaoi and since then I always cry listening to that song 😖❤

  60. Rochi Nantay

    like <3

  61. Vannie Lim

    love thisss!

  62. Fachri The Enginer

    i like it

  63. whisperwhisp

    julie shain doesnt actually have blue eyes XD

  64. Kiều Mây Nguyễn

    so pretty

  65. Mae

    Favorite song for ages and just heard it on 90210 and then realized it was uploaded on my birthday.

  66. katie d

    Love the original songs. There so amazing. Please do a video on how you write them or your inspiration.

  67. sinthia

    LOVE love this song!!!

  68. Amy George

    Nice song. :)

  69. Waleedouz

    Fuck you & fuck the illuminate bitch ..

  70. Hdhsh

    what's her name?

    Susana Raposo

    @yurii222 Julie Shain.

  71. yahya Fuad

    Umm...hey bra,tsup with u?hope all is okay,bra im a really big fan of u man,and everyone in my life knows u now,please im requesting if its okay for u to make a cover song CRUSH- BY DAVID ARCHULETA hope ull agree bra..thanks

  72. Kartik Murthy


  73. Joel Chua

    Watching this in 2015 like this commont

    dylan bradley

    +Joel Chua you misspell comment and still get over 70 likes for watching it in 2015 like this comment on this comment if you are reading this in 2016

    Rasa Andri

    201777777777777777777777777777777777777 :P

  74. Hunter Kubicz

    We need him to do more of his own songs

  75. John Smith

    So good, that I don't know what to comment!

  76. Anya Lanson

    Alex goot you are my definition of perfection a guy who have everything I want in a guy love you dude :) and love your music


    3:15 she looks like an beautiful

  78. Sebastien Bourlard

    Trop bien

  79. Just Another Human

    So cheesy. So much cheese in this *^*

  80. Prabu Erlangga

    I like it

  81. tanesha gupta

    SUCH AN amazing song....

  82. rpaeng Paeng

    Idol foot solo

  83. Matt Marshall

    I'm new to YouTube, I post original music and I'd really appreciate anybody checking out my channel :)

  84. Lenon Pl4ys

    Alex, I really aprecciate your talent and your music, hope someday you have the acknowledgment that you deserves, you're my inspiration thank you for every music you have write or covered you have an incredible talent.

  85. Laura Langheinrich

    this song makes me happy every time i hear it <3
    thank you so much for your talent and giving me that beautiful music :*
    i love you :)
    xoxo Laura

  86. HaoHao125's Channel

    WAH geng leh I cannot sing so boy one i scream also worst than my grandma

  87. Kyrsten Leasor

    About a week ago I told my bestfriend that I was going to my schools winter formal but I didn't have a date so I probably wouldn't dance at all.
    We were hanging out on Christmas eve and out of nowhere he put this song on and started dancing with me. I am pretty uncoordinated so he had me stand on his feet just so I wouldn't trip. I was my first dance and it was amazing (:
    Bad news is he has a girlfriend and he really loves her so as a supportive friend I act like it doesn't bother me..

    Fritz Gaming

    about a week ago
    *does dance*

  88. Lizz M.

    My favorite song  since 2011

  89. Onyxian Hope

    I love the color of her eyes, its amazing, is it natural?

  90. mustangmat351

    Awesome !

  91. Sarah Sarah

    Dear Alex!

    I admire you! You have such an incredibly great Voice!!! Sucha Great Song :)

    I hear every day this wonderful Song! I love your Voice !! 😍😍😍😘

  92. Daniel Olivarez jr.

    galin tlga kumanta ni alex goot! idol ko yan!!! :D

    Benlyn Quijano

    Yay merong along an Filipino na kaibigan!

    Fritz Gaming

    agree ako dyan

  93. TristXD

    lol Will Ferri from ATC is in the vid

  94. Cristiane Dias

    I am a Brazilian and I am loving your songs. Congratulations and very sucess :)

  95. Eera Jjang

    is she the girls from college musical ? 


    Haha she sure looks like it:D