Goot, Alex - Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) Lyrics

Anthony works in the grocery store
Savin' his pennies for some day
Mama Leone left a note on the door,
She said, "Sonny, move out to the country."

Oh but workin' too hard can give you a heart attack
You oughta know by now
Who needs a house out in Hackensack?
Is that all you get for your money?

And it seems such a waste of time
If that's what it's all about
Mama, if that's movin' up then I'm movin' out
I'm movin' out, yeah

Sergeant O'Leary is walkin' the beat
At night he becomes a bartender
He works at Mister Cacciatore's down on Sullivan Street
Across from the medical center

And he's tradin' in his Chevy for a Cadillac
You oughta know by now
And if he can't drive with a broken back
At least he can polish the fenders

And it seems such a waste of time
If that's what it's all about
Mama, if that's movin' up then I'm movin' out
I'm movin' out, yeah

You should never argue with a crazy mind
You oughta know by now
You can pay Uncle Sam with the overtime
Is that all you get for your money?

And if that's what you have in mind
Yeah, if that's what you're all about,
Good luck, moving up, 'cause I'm movin' out
I'm movin' out, yeah

Yeah, I'm movin' out

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Goot, Alex Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) Comments
  1. JRD DEA

    Auto tu tu tu tu tu tune....

    Otherwise, good performance.

    Aj H

    JRD DEA the whole performance was good, you’re just a loser that has to talk shit on anything you watch.

    James Kim

    This is. The best

  2. nilsu inal


  3. Jenna Aguilar

    Dude ignore all the rude comments, I've been searching for GOOD covers of this song and this is the only one I've found so far, you sound great!

  4. James Jackson

    If Shane Dawson were musically talented

  5. Jenna Jen

    Holy crap! Who knew these crusty old guys could be so mean! They're just jealous they can't sing and have no musical talent. I thought this was an amazing cover!

  6. Mark Hawkins

    Picked the wrong's meant to be sung by a man

    Muhammad Nur Faiq Noor Azian

    Mark Hawkins at least he sung it. You?

  7. westghost

    i am goot

  8. Iara Zini

    Great cover! loved it! You're awesome

  9. I Hate PT Cruisers

    The cringe is strong with this one

  10. Decker Jackson

    I actually loved this. Great job bro

  11. TheJoel136


  12. Rolan Imai

    He’s too much of an emo boy band voice plies that xylophone does not fit in at all

    David Leonard

    All right just don't have a heart attack ack ack ack ack ack

  13. spaceman1980

    oh my actual god please kill right now

    Jake Radio

    Maybe you’ll have an Heart at ac ac ac ac ac

  14. Croutonimore

    Stop singing like you’re being fucked in the ass and enjoying it

  15. Volks Black Wagen Blues Band

    gay voice

  16. RestWater

    xylophone is a nice touch

  17. AMARS11663

    i preffer Michael Cavanaugh cover...

  18. veronique chiche

    amazing song and great interpretation! great Alex!

  19. DrK4ZE

    I enjoyed it but the vocals wee're weak (in comparison to the rest). Try drinking, smoking, or living hard. Add some years to your voice and this could be golden.


    Do not smoke. Smoking kills your voice and yourself. Even if this was a joke. SMOKING IS NOT GOOD . IN NO CASE

  20. Aahil Somani

    he has such an annoying voice and you missed an ac on heart attack

  21. Kylie Chesner

    So good !!

  22. James Martin

    People can't appreciate the fact you're playing drums, bass, piano and guitar, and you've mixed the track tight af. You can't help the texture of your voice, despite it being a brilliant voice anyway

  23. Diego UrGa

    This is so Freaking Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Gregory Uselman

    Great version. Love the chord inversions. A hard song to get right but this is really freakin cool.

  25. Louis Peyrieux

    why so much hate tho...

  26. Stewart Powell

    Great to hear a modern cover of a Billy classic! Love it!
    Please check out my Billy Joel covers.:)

  27. Wagner Music

    This is the most hate if any that I've seen on one of his videos! Not sure why either

    Christian Coltro Torres Pereira

    Dead wrong guy

  28. vitoko7

    This is great, the details on the change u did on the piano notes at the beginning and verse is just beautiful gives a different feeling to the song, a nice melancholic touch right there my friend. About the vocals i dont agree at all with many of the comments in here, awesome voice and great vibe at the entire cover, cheers from chile!

  29. Ryan 432hz


  30. Tyler State

    Didn't like this cover at all

  31. Dub Yahhh


    Dub Yahhh

    The supervillains did a way better cover

  32. Anonymous

    Unconvincing, unfeeling, overly poppy, "breathy," and just generally bad.

    Spoiled Millennials and hipsters have no soul. Their voice lacks character and the wisdom that comes with real experience--and not the kind of experience that they purchase with their credit cards.

    There. I'm finished.


    I prefer the original song over this obviously, but that being said..........this is quite possibly the most pretentious comment I've read on YouTube.


    @Charlie Shields New to YT, Charlie?


    Oh shit! I was trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to say about this! You totally nailed it!

    Andrew Parke

    'Character' is the key word here. Billy Joel was a character in the story of this song, so it didn't really matter if his pitch and articulation weren't 100%. It's the small imperfections, prosody, and accents that make charismatic and characteristic vocal performances.

    Sinus Lebastian

    Jesus Christ you sound pretentious lol. He did a good job.

  33. bassplayer2011ify

    instrumentation is good but I'm not a fan of the vocals.


    same. :(

  34. Laurent Pottiers

    Gay cover !

    Evlas Productions

    I agree. Such good feels.

  35. Indigo5433

    All haters can KICK ROCKS!! Alex I love your rendition of this song & I bet Billy Joel is proud of the 2000 feel you added to it. You & your friends keep up the good work!


    Dumb robot.


    +Anonymous utube troll


    billy joel would be disgusted by this

  36. KyungShik Park

    i fucking hate covers, gives me ear cancer.... ruins the original song

    Sinus Lebastian

    KyungShik Park then stop looking them up jackass lol

  37. Will Towell

    solid cover, not crazy about the jonas brothers vocals though

  38. Gabriel Schleifer

    Solid performance, but this arrangement does not suit the song at all. Its a little too polished and cute. It really needs that New Yorkese snarl to to make it work.

    Gabriel Schleifer

    @***** That's what Im saying. This version isn't cynical. It's too cute to be cynical.

  39. James Zee

    OK so it's cool you play all the instruments yourself here but ...
    1- lose the xylophone for this song (it doesn't fit in), and...
    2-no offense, but your voice is a little too 'boy band' for this song.
    Otherwise, good job.

    Wind_Of_Change 25

    James Zee somehow I love the Xylophone sound in this song.. Best part for me.

    Rolan Imai

    James Zee yeah he’s to much of an emo boy band

  40. mebrandenberger

    Holy shit. I think i just fell in love. Im a huge Billy Joel fan and not typically a fan of covers, but this is amazing!!

  41. Don Norris

    Gay voice cover, Billy is better..


    +Don Norris Don needs to take after his brother and stop jocking the D so hard.

  42. Hudi Nurwendi

    i like this song, more powerful than original

  43. tk2012A

    I had to listen to this more than once to try and see why the haters are trashing this effort. I must say that this is a solid cover performance of a classic song. People should understand that a good cover will not always try to blind copy what Billy did with this song. It's hard to best Billy on his songs. But give this guy a break. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist with a very good voice. Keep on rocking.


    this is horrible though. this dude sounds like disney channel plus one direction crap

  44. Shadowshamer

    Such horribly overproduced and pitch-corrected vocals.

    Backing was solid though.

    Will Ritter

    This video is proof that you can produce absolute crap and still get three million subscribers.

  45. Joshua Persaud


  46. Phrose

    great instrument covers. buy vocals aren't full. Ur cutting them from being loud n powerful

  47. Philipp Schuster

    one of the *best* covers. no kidding, *I'm obsessed with this*.

  48. Hayden Ose

    I gotta say, I like this better than the original...


    What the fuck.

    tim Roberts

    Youre worthless

  49. Sir Fatdick

    You missed a "ack"

  50. Redwin

    I can't believe he didn't say nigga


    What are you talking about

    Tom Lanzilotta

    +Dylan Torres (Vinylguy64) the lyrics, and if he can't drive with a broken back, kinda sound like a nigga can't drive with a broken back in the original


    +Tom Lanzilotta oh haha I never heard that

  51. The Wanderer

    Voice is gay as aids!

    The Wanderer

    Yeh it's good to have a laugh.

    Evlas Productions

    Not gonna jump on you for what you say.... but I do feel I have to say that it's not cool.

  52. Michael Hilliard

    This actually competes with the original
    AMAZING voice

  53. The Piano Man

    You actually missed an ack XD

    The Piano Man

    Evlas Productions i was joking chill out omg lol

    Evlas Productions

    I think you may overestimate my passion in that statement

    The Piano Man

    Evlas Productions i think you're gay <3

    Evlas Productions

    I'll make note of your observation.

    The Piano Man

    Evlas Productions ok

  54. Veeya Shanon

    Nice cover.I love your voice.

  55. Timmy Asikin


  56. jojothebug

    Is there a recording of this minus the vocals? I gotta say, I loved you guys' cover but when I heard the voice.... No offense, you have a good voice just really not my style.

    Chris Riggs

    @jojothebug Yeah I agree. Sounds like some boy band vocals.


    For sure

    The Piano Man

    No this is amazing. Don't hate on him. I would love to see u do this...

    I Hate PT Cruisers

    +The Piano Man yeah he can't really help how his voice sounds

  57. The Piano Man

    This is amazing dude

  58. Lo más viral Tik tok

    Hola quisiera saber sia echo un video de gorillas cantando de ese tema si lo a acho me mandan el link porfa x3

  59. Lollipop Lollipop

    Better than the original


    More Billy Joel covers plz!  Loved this!

  61. Wang Martin

    sounds a little bit gay to me

  62. rachieraindrop

    I love Billy Joel ❤️

  63. AppleJacksApple1

    I keep misreading his last name as "Groot"

    then i hear the voice in my head "IM GROOT" whenever i read his name.

  64. Charles Hansen

    That xylophone though... lol

  65. Seb Pseudonym

    I get they need to do more up to date covers... but I really want to see the major cover channels to do more songs like this

  66. Shapiro’s My Hero

    That's certainly a unique spin on a wonderful song. I love it! Wish I could do something like that myself.

  67. Michael Beckstein

    Too much auto tune. Sounds too fake for my ears. 

  68. Borneo

    From now on.. I will remember you Mr.Goot.. you are talented and have great sense in music. This song lack of emotion brother, but the music is awesome! Greeting from the land of Borneo.

  69. Annie Ouellette

    Gotta love Billy Joel

    The Piano Man

    So true

  70. Gonzalez

    this is definitely my favourite cover you have done!

  71. Michael Wong

    you made this song sounds sooo much like Maroon 5


    I thought the same. It's still pretty darn good though.

  72. Ryan Kuo

    I like this song~ga ga ga ga ga : )

  73. germanname1990

    Alex, my friend, that is just incredible! Please keep it up!

  74. Errol Ansalone

    Fucking Phenomenal

  75. Izaiah Rodriguez

    Great job another outstanding video. I love what you do keep it up bra.

  76. Dana Wendel

    Not sure if this is the sound you're going for, but it sounds very Jonas Brothers-y to me. Not necessarily a bad thing, just something that caught my ear.

    Evlas Productions

    If anything, I compare him more to Owl City... either way, a much more talented musician that I

  77. Üres Üres

    Gratulálok nagyon tetszett bár nem ertedz csak tudatni akartam i love goot music very much!

  78. EvilBitterHippo

    Great cover. I really like how true it stays to Billy Joel's cover. I know most people like unique versions when they listen to covers but I personally enjoy the ones that, when it comes to the singing (ie the speed and that), it stays close to the original because it's the original I fell in love with and most covers I've listened to that try to be unique are way to unique and far away from the original that I have trouble enjoying it. Overall, what I've been trying to say is, great cover and I really liked it.

  79. Rachel Chezick

    Having been raised on Billy Joel, have always been weary of this one.  First time I've listened to it.  Amazing!  I don't know why I doubted a modern-day Piano Man to do one of The Piano Man's songs!

  80. Phil Keane

    Nice cover sounds amazing just lose the boy band voice and feel the song a bit more then happy days

  81. BlockHead

    I love goot's music, but this cover sounds too much like the original. I want an original style of a cover. It makes it unique. I like covers that are unique

  82. Yigal Kamel

    This is pretty awesome

  83. Dave Amsbaugh

    Too "pretty boy".  It's missing that NYC hard edge.  The kiddie xylophone kinda kills it, too.

  84. monsterbob890


  85. Solar

    He's got a triforce tattoo :O

  86. Diegoland

    The beard looks great.

  87. foot ballholic

    The guy has talent, but it sounds too boy band pop-ish for my taste, singing it with no soul  takes the feel out of the song.


    Agreed, good observation, without taking away from the guy, I like it!


    I actually like that


    Michael Cavanaugh cover is much better

  88. Vanessa Oliveira

    You're so adorable <3

  89. hedgehog10215

    jazz drum !!

  90. Hannah Horan

    I heard one of your songs for the first time on pandora radio about 3 days ago and ever since then I've been listening to all of your songs non stop!! Your just an amazing singer!!! I'm defiantly telling all of my friends to listen to your music!! And hopefully I'll be able to go to your next concert!! does anyone know when his next tour is?!? I'd really like to go since my mom is taking my sister to see Katy Perry but I'd rather rock out to goot music!!! :D

  91. Jaffa Trolley

    If only today's "youths" had grown up with music and artists as great as Billy Joel, then this would have the millions if views it deserves. Definitely my favourite cover of yours Alex, well done!

  92. victor.hugoc7

    like. buena canción saludos desde ecuador.

  93. Reese McDonald

    Could possibly be the most amazing thing I have ever heard!

  94. Benjamin Edwards

    Billy Joel should "Like" this. Fantastic!

  95. Marit van Vliet

    a very good cover, as always! <3

  96. Mason Vitali

    I love this cover! I would absolutely LOVE IT if you sang Piano Man by Billy Joel!

  97. anthony cortez

    this cover is pretty good no joke camera,instrumental and overall song 

  98. Mason Mishael

    Please do a cover of piano man

  99. Zara Onmymind

    Out of all your songs this one is by far my favorite! Btw, Happy 2014!

    A.J. Barron


    Wind_Of_Change 25

    Zara Onmymind yeah.. Me too