Good Old War - My Own Sinking Ship Lyrics

What will be your story now
Today it's something far inside
Hurts your body close your eyes
And I'll bring you back to here

You are my own sinking ship
'Cause everyday the current shifts
And I picked apart your wasted lies
to get you back to here

Oh it's the last time we'll fall in love
Oh it's the last try to break apart
You are not to blame

Why can't I just be all right?
Why cant I invade your mind?
Somedays we're just so far off
But I want you back right here

Oh it's the last time we'll fall in love
Yeah, it's the last try to break apart
Sayin you are not to blame

Can't remember your last smile
I think I made it happen though
Then I took you off to work once more
But I just want you, I just want you,
I just want you here

Oh it's the last time we'll fall in love
Yeah, it's the last try to break apart
Sayin you are not to blame

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Good Old War My Own Sinking Ship Comments
  1. Lily Fernandez

    Memories of my marriage before everything got bad. Thanks for the memories good old war.

  2. Nate Russell

    One of my favorite songs of all time

  3. ImaginaryHouse

    nice khakis.

  4. Blake Newell

    i thought good old war was a 90s band or something. definitely good tho

  5. Dipankar Sil

    NICE GUYS .......

  6. cpt

    i like this song. their first album was incredz though.

  7. Marty Ramirez

    these guys are so damn good!

  8. Sonia Z. Comedy

    No that's Kenny from The Starting Line in Vacationer

    Brent Hnatiuk

    Kenny is doing stuff with his band vacationer. Check them out they're pretty dope. Feel good music

  9. CarolsVideos

    This isn't the same singer as Vacationer is it? They sound identical!!

  10. Ryan Walsh

    Keith has such strange arm movements/dance moves while he sings. It's funny but great at the same time cause it shows he puts emotion into his songs.

  11. Drew Clemens

    Main singer looks like Charlie Day. ;3 I love it! Good Old War is perfect and will forever remain one of my favorite groups.

  12. wafflehouseco

    heh dan's hair

  13. MrSmokecracknigga

    love it

  14. Nelson Tao

    chills, everytime.

  15. 0000000000000000000k000000

    i had to pause the video right away cause i saw this at the top comments and died. loll.

  16. chris sanchez

    if charlie day was a goon

  17. neoman1994

    My friend was bugging me about listening to these guys because they`re ``hipster music`` To which I said that I listen to them because they're awesome. Not because they're indie. But for 5$ extra in spite, I ordered the vinyl edition of their album :3

  18. Jack McGarry

    That Guild.

  19. earlyearl _

    Gänsehaut. Wunderschön.

  20. Tim Doran

    The guy on accordion came out onstage very drunk during Maps & Atlases show in Chicago the other night and played a snare but couldn't seem to figure out how it worked. Entertaining as hell. And now I'm here.

    Brian Dubya

    Tim Doran that's funny considering he is a drummer lol

  21. woo tang


  22. Yesh

    judging by that awkward moment, and no i dont hang out with hipsters i hang them

  23. Kvallning

    Judging by what? Met him before?

  24. doppelt3

    the dude in the middle looks like charlie day

  25. Jamie Peacock

    this song is about cigarettes for me.

  26. pyt9690

    @goodbeerfinder100 hahahaha

  27. Yesh

    that awkward moment when you realize your lead singer is a douch bag

  28. ATothFTW18

    @Thynkfree1985 Haha that is totally random but It's always sunny is the greatest show ever

  29. Yvonne Laviolette

    @goodbeerfinder100 he has to pee

  30. John Riley

    2 people have absolutely no idea of what music is.

  31. anoceanbetween

    This shit is seriously excellent, quality music. But I miss Days Away :(

    Brent Hnatiuk

    Days away was ahead of it's time:(

  32. Ed Walmsley

    Sounds like the new generation of CSN. Very easy to listen to. Great Sound.

  33. Jonny Conger

    @MrWalshmannn their van broke down! he is a CHP officer and picked them up and gave them ride and he said they were really nice people!

  34. Ryan Walsh

    @theTorpidKings Out of curiosity, what were they doing on the side of the road haha. Im sure somebody already asked that....I just don't feel like scrolling down and finding out haha.

  35. emmeenan

    If you like Good Old War...check out good old war. Jeesh guys, I'm here to appreciate the music not get other band names thrown at me.

  36. Benjamin Ilapit

    lead singers dancing always makes me lol. its like he doesn't know what to do with his hands.

  37. Enders

    Anyone else think the lead singer looks like Charlie Day?

  38. The Underground Plug

    If you like Good Old War, you'll like Val Emmich who was touring with them this fall! Check out his exclusive interview and performance on The Underground Plug! Thanks

  39. Emma DeLeon


  40. GuitarsofMontana

    I want one of those mics.

  41. thatguywiththegun1

    The 2 dislikes can go to Coney Island to have them self a dog and reminisce on why they disliked here

  42. Scubalashes

    Best band to see live. Incredible.

  43. joseph garcia

    i first had heard of them because of anthony green. and i liked them when he does his solo stuff because they are good at harmonies. and then i started listening to their own stuff and they blue me away. amazingly talented band

  44. Chrissy1605



    can't remember your last smile, I think I made it happen though....

  46. potty poopypants

    love this song

  47. Chrissy1605

    i have listend to this non stop the last days.

  48. jMackeyMusic

    Great stuff!

  49. Evan MacDonald

    wow amazing

  50. Sarah Roberson

    at :56 the guy in the middle looks like Charlie Day from "It's Always Sunny".....

  51. pollutir

    love from monterrey, mexico <3

  52. njhuss

    I'm so in love.

  53. RondelayAOK

    I like that funky acoustic guitar.

  54. arning echano PH

    I really love this band! respect from the philippines!

  55. WhoIsBobbyGold

    saw them at the santa barbara bowl. damn what a great surprise. great band and really cool guys.

  56. Heavenly Saints

    finally, a good band that isn't auto-tuned.

  57. Christopher Reynolds

    brilliant :)

  58. i_do_not_agree_with_this

    1 person doesn't know what good music is

  59. Eli Miller

    the middle man dances funny ^^

  60. IHaveToSaySomething

    saw en=m in concert! absolutly amazing:) they opened for Guster at the orange peal. the pirate (on the left) is awesome! :)

  61. chickenz56

    @nhpankit326 YO IS THAT YOU ANKIT?

    FROM NHP??

  62. Kerbieridesagain

    @thewickedrobot homo

  63. Dan Mehta


  64. nupur182

    Awkward dancing

  65. D F

    someone sank already and hit dislike

  66. hillmaste

    Their voices are pure music...

  67. Jonny Conger

    had never heard of this band till just recently.
    my girlfriends dad gave this guys a ride because they were
    on the side of the road and they gave him their cd's! awesome musicians.

  68. Adellia Baker

    i loveee Kieth's dancemoves :)

  69. theedwardcunningham

    oh the harmonies

  70. hollyequine

    The person who disliked this must be deaf.

  71. lro57

    i concor wickerdrobot there awesone live

  72. Annie Graham

    Do they remind anyone else of Page France?

  73. Jairek M

    @thewickedrobot i love these men...homo

  74. Alex S

    40 thousand views and no dislikes.. now thats a good band

  75. Carolyn M.

    love it... wish I could fall in love for the last time

  76. Diana Faust

    you guys are awsome i'm in love wit your songs dan :)

  77. Rileysmit25

    seeing these guys in decmber 17th cant wait..

  78. Nando Pacheco

    i love these men... HOMO ;)

  79. Jack Giblin

    I want to live in that house

  80. nihan87

    They are indeed amazing. Love the harmonies.

  81. hewaldandrileyteam

    Can you write a song for my company/brand??

  82. Holt Machinery Company

    keith looks like a mix between messi and jason lee

  83. Robyn Cadavona

    Sooo goddamn good!

  84. Brian Dickey

    It blows my mind these guys aren't famous...their best song to date.

  85. wafflehouseco

    does anybody know know model guitar that is?

  86. Randy Gage

    @Booler75 ...your left or his?

  87. Flynn Jacob

    the guy on the left is a pirate

  88. BiteMyLowerLip

    Seen these guys live twice; can't wait for another show. Such phenomenal performers. Also, not to be too forward, but I would definitely not toss Dan outta bed.

    Love you guys!

  89. Christopher Huff

    i like how the lead singer does his arm movements while he's singing

  90. juliana vieira

    @sendxaxlittlexrain agreed! ;)

  91. folkentx

    hows the acoustic of that place?

  92. thewickedrobot

    I love these men. No homo.

  93. Karissa Rutledge

    if you ever get a chance to see them live, do it. i drove 10 hours to see them and id do it again in a heartbeat =)

  94. grossestboy

    I love Good Old War

    Dan Schwartz is the nicest dude, I met him at SXSW before a show I was too young to get into and he was cool enough to talk to me for a bit before they went on

  95. Alex Baldassare

    @AwesomeSaurus13 Nope, just different hair lol.
    Cannot wait to see these 3 on tour and live. Amazing live shows

  96. Marc Jetton

    This is Amazing, cant wait to hear the album!

  97. Alex Baldassare

    Simply fantastic. So soothing.