Good, Matthew - How It Goes Lyrics

You know how it goes
Maybe these feet were made for walking away
So I don't really use them
Living in ditches is all well and good
When you get to choose them
I guess I could say it's strange
But most of me knows who I ain't fooling
So the excuses change
But not the game and not the tune
Because we know how it goes

Down on the corner they still talk about you
But say they don't care
Baby you know I bruise but being polite never got me nowhere
So it's to you I move like steel in light and breathing fresh air ?
Some of my face as changed
But not my name and not my tune
Because you know how it goes
Yeah you know
How it goes (alright)

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Good, Matthew How It Goes Comments
  1. Tyrel Gross

    I cant get enough of this song is so incredible the tune the drum beat the singing the lyrics every thing about this song is amazing well done Matthew good and band

  2. Peter DeMos

    8 people don't understand song writing

  3. Liam D Turner

    Soo the fam gets 4000. ...if / when i disappear...🤘

    Allison Chains

    Lol $4000 isn't a lot

  4. Riffy Peat

    Three people obviously have no idea how it goes.

    Powerful tune.

  5. Mike Wisniewski

    my new fav

  6. Dead Star

    Of all the fake they say it takes to make it well, I don't know, man... No matter how high you roll you'll always know you're just the store brand.
    Pushing against the waves keelhaul years of the same program, some of the faces change but not the game, and not the tune...

  7. Gail Whitter

    you know how it goes Matthew ... never stop telling it as it is

  8. S.C Allywag

    matthew has a special way of hearing the world, thanks Matt


    Very true. Well said.

  9. Chad Cassidy

    Probably his best solo album!! Such powerful, emotional songs.

  10. diana emma

    Seen him play xo to Matt! <3

  11. Coco Portal

    Just saw him live working on a new song a hour ago man he is pure gold <3

  12. Oscarbrash

    Sounds like Born Losers but nosthalgic woo I love <3

  13. FlyingThruCanyons

    Gotta love advertising on a stolen song.

  14. Ghetto Fisherman

    GREAT TUNE!!! I too Love all this album! A couple tracks have grown on me, but all in all a FANTASTIC ONE! As for Matt Good, that's how it goes!!!

  15. Slick Willy

    You're so lucky. I have nearly every album, those are two of my favorite songs, but have yet to see him live. Rejoice in your memory and its ability to hold onto those moments.

  16. Birch Wind

    So beautiful. Somehow his songs always manage to break my heart. Emotion in motion.

  17. valiant1968

    Seeing him in concert tomorrow night. LOVE this new album start to finish!

  18. EmergentProperties

    love this song. going to see him tonight!

  19. TheProudIslamist


    You can find it easily if you buy the CD.

  20. J Newbound

    goin to see the show in peterborough tonight soo excited!!!!

  21. silversheath2

    of course there are 0 dislikes


    Thumbs up for the song but thumbs down for the overall album.

  22. Slick Willy

    We are in the presence of a wise man who has certainly been around the block of hard times....makes this album that much more amazing and helpful.

  23. formanfoisy420

    how come i cant find lesser man any where!!!!!!!!!!

  24. hutchisonst

    out of the park, MG!!! out of the park!!!

  25. Automatic7

    ...No matter how high you roll, you'll always know you're just the store brand...

  26. Robert Opsahl

    This song almost reminds me of like a sequal to Born Losers. I think it's an absolutley amazing song, just like everything on his new album.