Good, Matthew - Empty's Theme Park Lyrics

Used to steal real estate signs
Cookie keep them in her basement
Used to stay up all night
Chemistry set a replacement
Ya, I've seen that door
And I've walked through it both ways before

I live just around here
I sleep just around here
And I wake up every day
Where my feet hit the floor in exactly the same place

Tell me will I love?
And tell me will it be enough?
Or tell me will I stay
With my feet in exactly the same place?

Hold me like you'd never let me go
Bear it like you'd never let it show
Shine a light and so never let me go

Well I grew up just around here
And I took a few just around here
And I'd wake up every day
With poison in my head behind exactly the same face

Tell me will I dream?
And tell me will it be serene?
Or tell me will I stay
With my feet in exactly the same place?

Hold me like you'd never let me go
Bear it like you'd never let it show
Shine a light and so never let me go
Never let me go

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Good, Matthew Empty's Theme Park Comments
  1. greggieROcks776


  2. jonny15584

    This is my heart and soul put into Art! I'm immediately returned to the innocence of my youth, and thrust ahead to the time of my death! I ponder of times spent when I was young, happy, pretty and naive about the world!
    Then I return to life now, and I am so amazed by what has happened... The bad and the good!
    Thanks Matt!

  3. Lee Merta

    This song is nothing short of a masterpiece.

  4. Slick Willy

    @cathyt2009 Let's keep praising the song and at least push them into the next page.

  5. Ghetto Fisherman

    Another GREAT one!!! I LOVE his music!!!

  6. sliver321123


    I have absolutely no clue who you are or what we were talking about (If we ever had talked), and I don't see our comments being sent to each other in reference to this video.

    If I offended you, I'm going to assume that its your fault, just because I don't really give a shit.

    Just to clear it up, this suckitfucker guy doesn't understand that reacting to a troll automatically gives the troll the win. The reaction is the point. It's as if he's never used the internet before.

  7. Yoshiki03

    @sliver321123 lol, YES CONTEXT DOES MATTER... wow. You might want to read the actual comments being discussed, probably won't make such a fool of yourself. You're still as worthless an individual as ever, hope all is well and you haven't forgotten about me ; )

  8. halifaxredemption

    the most amazing thing about youtube is that no matter what kind of video you are watching, there will nearly always be some ongoing argument in the comments section. People flexing their internet muscles and name calling. It would all just stop if people wouldn't bother leaving negative comments... if you don't like something.. don't even finish watching it.. don't even bother taking the time to comment. Just go find something more to your preference and stop stirring up shit.

  9. Slick Willy

    I love Matt's nostalgic drive. My favorite songs by him are usually themed around love and youth...two things that he portrays amazingly!

  10. sliver321123



    You've still missed the point, and you're silly as shit. :D

  11. sliver321123


    You wrote three huge posts in response to blackoil911.

    Are you fucking stupid? He wins. Good game.

  12. Yoshiki03

    @blackoil911 yeah, I think it's pretty obvious who is smoking the crack man. Enjoy the Youtube account while it lasts.

  13. jonsburyhill

    incredible track. moves me to tears. also it reminds me a LOT of god is an astronaut, if they had a vocalist. anyone agree?

  14. Autymn

    You ever notice how EVERY song he produces is just so amazing?
    This is real music. Everyone else is in it for the money and fame.
    Matt brings so much raw and true emotion into every song he writes and sings.
    I'm very proud to say he's from my city! c:

  15. MrJoePappi

    I am so thankful for Matthew Good's music. WoW!

  16. V for Vegan

    @trailbikerharo did you come hear to listen to the music or judge comments now? don't be a fucking smartass, if he wants to use big words LET THE MAN USE BIG WORDS! maybe he likes being the center of attention who knows..but you have no fucking right to say that shit! i hate people like you, just leave people the fuck alone!

  17. William Henry Harrison

    For some reason as I'm enjoying this song on Youtube my mind keeps flashing back to driving around town in my shit Camaro with the windows down listening to Alabama Motel Room and just not giving a fuck about anything. Man I'm getting old and times fucking suck but Matthew Good is still the best artist EVER!

  18. Slick Willy

    Definitely one of those longer songs that when it ends you're like, damn, already? And what the fuck's the 1 dislike's problem?

  19. SachuBachu

    I pity those that never hear this man's music. He takes you from the emotional to the spiritual and beyond....your heart breaks, you anger arises, your mind awakens...and sometimes even your love blossoms...a music poet...that's all I can say about Matthew Good....

  20. Kyle O'Howe

    @ricccjames Matt Kearney is also amazing

  21. bothan101

    In answer to a lot of your questions, Matthew Good really does not care about making it big, and if you like or dislike his music. Matthew Good made a brilliant analogy about making it big in the states in an interview on Much More Music stating that currently N'Sync are the top band in the United States in Matthew Goods own words. "Do I want to be up there with N'Sync." As far as this album goes like all Matthew Good Albums it has a completely original sound I can not wait for his next album.

  22. nucliosis

    best fucking song from vancouver----PERIOD!

  23. CorpseCall

    Matthew Good speaks to a part of me that no other artist can.

    In an age of processed everything Matt Good is organic.

  24. TheProudIslamist

    @mysweeteventhorizon @mysweeteventhorizon Bipolar is actually the only mental illness correlated with socio-economic success. Although many of them ruin themselves or commit suicide, they tend to be extremely creative people. If you listen to some of MG's stuff before he went solo, some of it sounds like somebody trying to describe a manic episode (Hello Time Bomb, Load Me Up, etc).

  25. jowston100


  26. jowston100

    Fucking amazing.

  27. theSadieproject

    Yes, Matt was the only one who stuck with me after I left the pop-princess stage. And I love him even more, with every album. Vancouver, there is not one single song I do not love.

  28. InvaderChrissy

    Finally going to see him live in April. I've waited yearssss

  29. oakdog6079

    Does Matt do his own studio work? Every track is always perfect... the more you listen to it the more little sounds you notice (Hospital Music was classic for this... kids saying "yay" to random voice recordings) The more of these you notice, the more you recognize that the artist is a genius. Although these little sounds are insignificant in themselves, Matt makes amazing music out of them.

    Matt is very good live, but his studio stuff is outstanding.

  30. theSadieproject

    I totally agree. I found him when Apparations first came out and I was 12.
    I'm still working on collecting all of his older albums before they stop making cds. Lol. I would rather have the hard covers for matt than any other artist..

  31. ScudX

    @emptystheme Yes, exactly. I don't know how anyone is confused by "album closer". It means the final track.

  32. Legendary Weapon

    What a great fucking song

  33. ScudX

    This is easily my favorite MG/B album closer since Running for Home. The low, mournful flute synth that runs underneath the track is the glue that holds it all together.

  34. Yoshiki03

    Matt Good has a couple "Epic" songs in his catalog. He's been a well supported Canadian artist for almost 20 years now... if you liked this there is a lot more where it came from.

  35. TheCopilot91

    I was thrown off by the beginning, I never heard anything like it before but it grew into something otherworldly and while the singers voice isn't my favorite thing, I like this song nonetheless. It can easily carry you away to somewhere else and I find that is something hard to find in most music.

    I can think of only one world that wholly fits this song, 'Epic.'

  36. barriehomeboy

    This album feels like a friend from highschool who had some mental issues but got over them, and then did really well and became famous, has come back home to hook up with old friends. It won't be big like Hospital Music, but it feels more intimate and like he's back in my livingroom instead of on talkshows in the USA. Who doesn't love when he wails?

  37. barriehomeboy

    Eeks you're right. I thought I saw "...a good track...." The eyes do wierd things after a piece of rumcake. Or brownies.

  38. 519pigeon

    im going to see matt good nov 25 in london . cant wait

  39. Crosby Urion

    I think he/she means they've been listening for ten years now.

  40. barriehomeboy

    You missed the Hospital Music album, obviously. I lost track of him too for 10 years, then heard Hospital Music and went and bought everything he did for the last 10 years.

  41. SachuBachu

    unbelievable song

  42. Nelson G

    Both this version and the demo are great in their own ways.

    In the end though, this version is more polished, and the lyrics are amazing.

    "Hold me like you'll never let me go" sounds powerful the way he sings it.

  43. Crosby Urion

    Tell me, will I love?
    and tell me, will it be enough?