Good Charlotte - Wounded Lyrics

Lost and broken,
Hopeless and lonely.
Smiling on the outside,
and hurt beneath my skin.

My eyes are fading,
My soul is bleeding.
I'll try to make it seem okay,
But my faith is wearing thin.

So help me heal these wounds,
They've been open for way too long.
Help me fill this soul,
Even though this is not your fault,

That I'm open,
And I'm bleeding,
All over your brand new rug.
And I need someone to help me sew them up.

I only wanted a magazine,
I only wanted a movie screen,
I only wanted the life I'd read about and dreamed.
And now my mind is an open book,
And now my heart is an open wound,
And now my life is an open soul for all to see.

But help me heal these wounds,
They've been open for way too long.
Help me fill this soul,
Even though this is not your fault,

That I'm open and I'm bleeding,
All over your brand new rug.
And I need someone to help me,
So you come along,
I push you away,
Then kick and scream for you to stay.
Cuz I need someone to help me,
Oh I need someone to help me,
To help me heal these wounds,
They've been open for way too long.
Help me fill this soul,
Even though this is not your fault,

That I'm open,
And I'm bleeding,
All over your brand new rug.
And I need someone to help me sew them,
I need someone to help me fill them,
I need someone to help me close them up.

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Good Charlotte Wounded Comments
  1. ari yanti

    Im feeling not ok since last nite, and this song keep repeating on my mind....

  2. Halo Rose

    Never use anothers real life story against them... Why?
    Figure it out that's exactly why!

  3. Mariano MG

    I used to listen to this album almost once a day when I was 14. Anyway, one of those days, while listening to it, I was told that my grandma had passed away. I quit GC music for years, couldn't deal with the memory of such an awful day. It took me years to listen to it again. Still miss my grandma, but I learned to live with that fact

    Kenneth Wilburn

    My grandma just passed last month. I feel your pain bro. Been listening to GC a lot the last few years

  4. Ashley H

    This is freaky I felt like this only I threw up all over a bran new rug I got better enough now but its like I know wear ur coming from

  5. MattyB

    This song is too good to be a bonus track

  6. Ashley H

    Benji madden I hope u find some kind of hope inside I'm sorry about lonly and I hope u find someone to be lonly with like a friend and I hope the wounds go away talk to ur higher power even if its the devil when ur not feeling well inside and tell ur friend too how u feel good luck benji I like ur music alot

  7. Ade

    Everybody have a similar story with this song : "it gave me a heart attack and then it broke my heart"

    F E

    This description could not be more perfect or accurate.

  8. Angel Cruz

    How I feel right now and trying to get over stuff, very accurate

  9. Joseph Spaz

    Such as sad lovely song

  10. jaime1428

    somehow this got something that with the first 2 lines i start crying a little, but everytime, either i'm sad or not.

  11. Phoenix Varda

    I know the going rate is this song is heartbreaking, and it does tug at the heatstrings if you relate, but it's actually really soothing to me. I forgot about this album (and really this band) until today and listened to the whole thing. Man, it messed me up more as an adult than it ever did when I was a kid. And this song.. I haven't had an easy life and I've been in counseling for over a year trying to pick up the pieces and move forward. And it's really good... to ask for help.

  12. mell mell

    2017 and still listening

  13. Linda Doležalová

    Always :3 I love this song

  14. Cheerio Totoro

    my bf of three years just broke up with me haha i feel fucking shit

  15. I see it like this I feel like

    GREAT NEWS! This morning i woke in a dark mood that i haven't felt for years, i couldn't motivate myself to move. I was thinking of how i could possibly ever get past it, and with encouragement and defiant self-talk and good memories and empowering talk i managed to! This song was on my mind, it reminded how i used to fight for my very mind years ago, and that's when i kicked into gear, it was literally as if i were asphyxiated and drugged in my mind, i was amazed how the mood repossessed me all these years later. All that practice is worth it, instead of months or weeks or days, it took me HOURS! WOOHOO YEAH ME!! ^_^ __#feelingsoproudofmyself__ __#imadeit__... __#imadeit__... _'
    may the same be for you my dears... ~<3 #thestruggleisreal #iknow #allmylovetoyou

  16. Rachel Mariah

    and now my life is an open soul for all to see...

  17. Amber Moon

    This song makes me cry every time I listen to it.. I love them so much fuck

  18. Jack Cole


  19. clara banderas


  20. clara banderas

    This song is so heartbreaking and when somebody dedicate it to you it's even more heartbreaking I love it 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  21. Chaitanya Kakode

    Beautiful song..

  22. Melany Banderas

    i cryed over this song it is so sad but i like the song that benji wrote😫

  23. Aldo M

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

    This is gonna be me showing my son this song.

  24. Aldo M

    Recently the love of my life is gone and she probably hates me, but i love her so much. My father had also left me at a very young age so this song demonstrates me. I have a smile in the outside, but I am so sad inside. For someone who was one of the top 10 for homecoming King I have had a pretty rough childhood and this song makes it all better.

  25. Summer Snell

    I went to a camp and there was writing on my bunk, it told me to listen to this song. Now I know why. Listen to this if your heart hurts.

    diana jimenez

    wow that's great that someone wanted to share the same love to

  26. Victor Hugo

    Liek if u cri evrtiem

  27. ColeHabecker

    This makes me cry every time man...

  28. Blake Napier

    Feeling Lonely Is Very Sad?

    diana jimenez

    it is!:'(

    Blake Napier

    That's right

  29. spookyhcs

    So you come along,
    I push you away,
    then kick and scream
    for you to stay...

    Nikki Love


  30. _ icanclimbtrees

    the song is even more sad when you actually feel this way through out the entire song

  31. michael bolton

    Get a fucking therapist...

    diana jimenez

    hey thats not nice okay we all have a reason to cry okay if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all okay

    michael bolton

    @diana jimenez I was a dick two years ago and I apologize 

    diana jimenez

    +michael bolton me to I have been a total bitch for almost four years and I need Jesus Christ like badly :'( I feel like god hates me

    michael bolton

    @diana jimenez You don't have to feel that, God loves everybody. You may think you're a bitch but everybody has a good side to them. <3


    +diana jimenez Been there, He doesn't hate you, but the enemy does. Keep praying & hang in there!

  32. Xiaowei Chen

    i hate old songs. sometimes they go back and haunt me, like tonight and this song.

  33. Lucas Rodriguez

    repeat repeat repeat and repeat lmao

  34. MsMidnite94

    Sad this song is depressing I listen to it when I'm sad

  35. SoyEntusiasta

    I'm from Argentina, and i had the same problem. There's only one solution... willpower, pride, breaking the chains, even if it hurts and be aware not to fail, at any time.

    nadine melrose

    Hey thanks for this. I really need it

  36. RockerKitty

    Beautiful & sad song. One of my favorite GC songs.

  37. Aero Kieran

    you're not alone benji. You'll find someone as great as your brother's wife.

  38. Edgar Romero

    funny i bought this album when i was about 10 years old and only two years later that my parents took me to live with them i understood these lyrics

  39. Robby C

    I feel the same way

  40. Resin - SpinallySpiraling

    This song completely overwhelms me. I can relate to this song immensely. It reminds me of EVERY RELATIONSHIP AND FRIENDSHIP I HAVE.

  41. Casey Smith

    Shut up YTimes. Even if your a Christian it doesn't make you immuned to depression and abuse and mistreatment.

  42. emma egginton

    Casual song about me xD

  43. Robby C

    Unfortunately I can relate

  44. Zoé Bouvier.

    OMG, so sad and so my life...

  45. Kefryzan11

    ¡Sencillamente bella!

  46. Apple Jack

    its ok i'm a bit slow sometimes too ;D

  47. Viki Szabó

    I always thought that Joel sang this song:D But Actually i don't really care who sing this song because it is a great song with all feelings that a real person can feel! :D

  48. Emily Hongslo

    It's weird that people can comment on a song like this and say 27 people don't have a heart. Everyone has a heart, everyone has feelings. Some people just don't like certain types of songs. Everyone has their own opinion. Everyone is beautiful and special in their own ways.

  49. BenjiMaddensWifey

    Gah no. I can do it tooooo! :( He's not with me. My heart bled. I love the man. I love the band. <3

  50. Apple Jack

    it's only ok for Benji to do that

  51. BenjiMaddensWifey

    He hurt me by not being with me in my life right now. So I bled all over his new rug. XD

  52. Apple Jack

    At the start it says 'wounded by Benji Madden'
    Who did he hurt?

  53. Apple Jack

    'All over your brand new rug'
    LOL XD

  54. saddleupsnoot

    this song makes everything better <3

  55. Em J

    This is song is so amazing.. and relatable.

  56. johnnynny94

    I remember this song would hit me hard, even though I was 10.

  57. josefina aguirre

    I only wanted the life I'd read about and dreamed

  58. bandgeek1720

    Oh my goah, this song just fills some hidden craving of mine ♥

  59. kirstielynnx3

    sigh, this song has always been so true :(

  60. Alva Isaksson

    Today my friend would be 20
    But he killed himself when he was 13
    R.I.P. Måns. Always gonna hate you for what you did, but love you for who you were <3

  61. Orichishu

    happyness is dead... and the line between love and hate is so thinly drawn i can barely see.....

  62. AgileFan0

    @ApollosGirl1 Yeah, being oversensitive helps us to be more empathetic towards other's people's pain. As much as I often hate it, it is a gift to those who hurt. God made us the way we are for a reason.

  63. ApollosGirl1

    @foreveryours12311 when i was younger the only way i got through the day was by convincing myself life was a dream, but then one day i realized....this isn't a dream, and i'm never gonna wake up :'(

  64. ApollosGirl1

    @AgileFan0 i wish i didnt feel at all sometimes too, in fact i used to be jealous of a girl who seemed to feel nothing, but then i realized...just because i'm oversensitive doesn't mean its bad, i feel other peoples pain too which sucks but whatever right? i get to feel the happiness that comes every once in a while and its worth it :)

  65. Susie Johnson

    This song reminds me of the past. My mom caused my wounds by all the shit she's done to me. I need someone else to help me close my wounds.

  66. AgileFan0

    @InfinityxForeverx I don't know...sometimes I wish I didn't feel because all I ever seem to feel is pain and misery. But I also understand what you mean as well. It's so weird how such things can both exist within a single person, emptiness at times and then gut wrenching misery at other times. This really is a great song, one of my absolute fav's from them.

    albert baker

    I've been hurt so many times so I know how it feels so my mom told me to listen to this song

  67. Torie Polywoda

    repeat endlessly...

  68. Arianna DeLucia

    I feel the same you wish everything was a fairytail and cant even get close because everything always falls apart your lucky you feel nothing at all i felt and still feel everything. you guys just got to keep your head held high. lovely lyrics and song by the way.

  69. GCxDii

    I love Benji a and other members of GC!!!! <3 4ewer Good Charlotte :-*

  70. everandea4

    this song tells me that no1 is important or visible to others as one.... but is important to others and visible to ones that are close to you..... so u can only be complete or whole with another...

  71. Mozeriffic Rainbow

    All over your brand new rug...
    Son of a bitch! D:>

  72. Chris Fehlman

    Pain may pause but in all truth and reality.... No matter how hard you try.. It never goes away.... I know all to well :( I've felt this way for years now and it won't go away

  73. Lucy Fur

    @shojogirl93 aw. Try to stay away from things that cause you pain? x_X

  74. Mad-girl-with-Tattoos and Fandoms

    25 people are heartless and don't know what its like to feel

  75. gcalex100

    i may as well of written this, its exactly how i feel

  76. Lucy Fur

    @shojogirl93 you are healing, maybe?

  77. pmgintheflesh


  78. pmgintheflesh

    I deffintly understand were your commin from suicideduett i feel da same way...

  79. pmgintheflesh

    Its rare that in a song you can relate to every single lyric,but these are one of those very rare cases...gave me a reflection without a mirror

  80. Mary Martell

    yay! a young benji! man this song is both creepy and awesome!

  81. Kate Bunting

    hello story of my life.

  82. SCROOJ

    @masterandrew777 your my best friend now then lol

  83. SCROOJ

    my fave song :) bravo

  84. ian saddleback

    i love this song

  85. Dakotah Feist

    This song made me cry when I 1st heard it! Benji is just adorable! Hope he don't feel that way anymore!

  86. jadecollier93

    describes how i feel.. i dnt want help but my friends keeping trying to help, but i feel if ii let them i will get hurt more as well as them..

  87. Lil Red

    @InfinityxForeverx EMO BITCH

  88. Josh Smith

    ever since i was about 8, i stopped crying because i was taught guys don't great grandpa died last year.and on the day of his funeral my great grandmother looked at me and said i was a younger him.he was the nicest guy in the world, yet if you crossed him he would bu sure you got yours dues, and he was fair and younger died 2 months later, and during her funeral my aunt looked at me during her speech and said "you were maybe her favorite cousin". i never cry this song made me.

  89. mitmar8

    This is my life.

  90. Rose Lyn

    This explains me conpletely...

  91. Michlelle Carlile

    fakkk de 25 that dislikes D:

  92. Magdalena Malek

    Damn, this song is so good - great lyrics and beautiful sound.

  93. Kelly

    @givingheart123 It is on itunes, I just found it :)

  94. PTwannabe1

    petition to bring back the great old good charlotte <3
    *waves sign*

    Ethan Davidson

    PTwannabe1 I'll sign it

  95. SilentReverie90

    @InfinityxForeverx gosh you know how i feel.

  96. Geoffrey Skularec

    "I only wanted the life I'd read about and dreamed"
    Surely the part I totally agree with. Life as we know is absolute shit.
    Only thing i like is everything that allow me to escape this life (music, games, japanim, tv series,..)

  97. Tabby Angie

    I sung this to my boyfriend when I use to self harm and he helped me move on from it <3

  98. Stephanie Chu

    This song is how i feel. Dedicated to my beloved therapist,who refused to give up on me despite how much i am pushing her away. She is still sticking by me. Thanks you very much Mona:)

  99. inroom108

    @ninjapocky3 OMG you took the words right out of my mouth!

  100. Dolan The Jew

    my heart aches.