Goo Goo Dolls - Use Me Lyrics

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I may put you on a pedestal
But I'm not your fall from grace
Maybe I enjoy the punishment
Maybe I enjoy the chase
You say you love me in the darkness
But in the day I am denied

Baby it's alright
You can use me anytime
Baby it's alright
You can use me anytime

It doesn't really matter
If I only fill the space
Of someone you've not forgotten
Of someone who's gone away
Yeah, you lead me to your doorstep
But you keep me locked outside

Baby it's alright
You can use me anytime
Baby it's alright
Use me anytime

When your life is just confusion
And you're crashing to the ground
And you need someone to catch you
And then you finally figure it out
That it was me that held you hostage
That is was me that held the key
That it was me that made you happy
That it was me that set you free

Baby it's alright
Use me anytime

When there's no one on your doorstep
When there's no one to deny
When there's no one in the darkness
I think you'll finally realize
That it was me that held you hostage
That is was me that held the key
That it was me that made you happy
That it was me that set you free

Baby it's alright
Use me anytime

Baby it's alright
Baby it's alright
Baby it's alright
You can use me anytime
Baby it's alright
Baby it's alright
You can use me anytime
Baby it's alright

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Goo Goo Dolls Use Me Comments

    They used to play this song everyday at work. Had to come check it out and to my surprise was introduced to an amazing band. Definitely worth the google search 🔥

  2. daniel babus


  3. Adriana Rancic

    Música linda.

  4. CslyJ

    Who hasn't been dickmatized once in your life??

  5. Trill • Force Hound of Predor Skal'Nas

    This is one of those songs that happens to sound better not in headphones. Let that acoustic be free without technical hindering.

  6. cujoedaman

    This sounds like one of those songs that can have a different meaning to anyone that listens to it, I hear it as a different take on the whole "you don't know what you had until it's gone".

  7. josselyne JP

    That's exactly what I thought about my guy last week. It was me that held the key as I was about to walk away

  8. Lazybiker60

    I still remember the first time i heard this song, i was kinda hooking up with this girl/sorta had a relationship with, i was traveling about an hour and a half to the next state over for work (was a traveling construction worker) and she lived about an hour or so north of there, but i showed up to the town about an hour early (5:30am or so) lightning up a cigarette and this song poped on the radio the chorus made me think of her and I still think of her to this day about a year and a half later, we split it off like a few months after i left that job site. Still have her number but hesitant of what shed say if I texted her now

  9. okaygirl141

    Since I discovered this a few days ago been hitting replay 100,000 times. So underrated

  10. Usernimi

    I heard this song first time visiting the States on pier 39 from the speakers while eating a hot dog
    and I got the chills listening to it but I didn't have internet so couldn't shazam it
    so I had to try to memorize some of the lyrics and all I could remember was ''baby it's alright''
    and had to shuffle through who knows how many songs to find the right one. Worth it.

  11. Clara Studios

    Goo Goo Dolls- Use me
    0:00 ●------------------------------- 3:20

  12. Andy Sparks

    good shit

  13. Ashley marie

    Dude you really need to.move on

  14. Joe Star

    If a song could grow a pair of testicles this song will have a big hairy balls.

  15. pro tec

    this is how I felt with my last gf. She lied to me about so many things and she cheated on me. I suppose I was a glutton for punishment because I stayed with her. I felt used and it hurt but I wanted so much to be with her even if it was bad for me so I stayed around and kept putting up with it. I did my best to make her happy and in the end even with all of her unfaithfulness and lying she still made me happy. It showed me how complicated love can really be. I'm still in pain over all of it even though we're not together. I'm trying to move on but no matter what or where I am in life I know I will always think of her.
    If she came back in to my life I know I'd take her back. I'm a fool I know and I deserve better. Regardless she's the one girl Ive ever felt that way about and she will always be in my heart.

    Ashley marie


  16. Ashley marie

    I remember listening to this for the first time may 2017.. i was in my moms car at the end of my drug addiction.. crying so bad just praying everything would get better and it did :) never give up folks

  17. Mary Banning


  18. Geoffrey Dunn

    Guys I've gotta admit you're at your best when you sing about heart ache and such. The happy songs just don't capture what ya'll are so good at singing about, heartbreak, anxst, etc. Love this song!

  19. Wyatt Loftus

    I think it’d be cool if they went back to their punk roots. Doesn’t seem to be much creativity left in this soft rock shit they’ve been doing. What I’ve heard from their last two full albums has been crap. Something For The Rest of Us and everything before that was decent at least. Switch it up, eh?

    James Tillotson

    Wyatt Loftus they switch it up every album. If you don’t like it, don’t listen.

  20. Sturm Bergi

    John keeps getting better and better. What a hard worker. No wonder the Goo Goo dolls are still there.

  21. Sturm Bergi

    You can really tell that John puts A LOT of effort into his writing and composing. It's insane how 9 out of 10 songs he writes hook you instantly. It may sound like an easy melody, but achieving it over and over is damn hard.

    And the odd thing is, he is getting better!
    BOXES was such a surprise to me, especially coming after the weaker Magnetic,. John managed to get right back on track, and comw out stronger and more confident than ever before.
    'You should be happy' really blew me away even more than Blxes did. I mean, this guy is 50 and all of a sudden, he's like growing immensly and with rapid speed. I can't wait what the next album is going to sound like.

    I once read Johnny mention how he is still in pursuit of that perfect song, because he believes he still got it in him to come up with better material; and now I believe he's going to do just that.

  22. Chase Westwood

    "You deserve to be loved and you deserve what you given!" - Florence and the machine

  23. Steven Rench

    Yesterday is over again.

  24. weronika dąbrowa

    Kto z polski?

  25. Murdock

    Heard this in a apple bee's and had to hear it fully 👌

  26. boneless human

    I heard this on the radio this morning, INSTANT LOVE

  27. cynR

    Come to New Zealand pls :DDD

  28. gianni nazzaro

    One word goo goo dolls ok from Napoli

  29. Lolly Lolita's Man

    SAFFY I Love You ....We Love The Goo Goo Dolls.......Keep The Beats Of Our Hearts Together For All Time......Big Thanks and Gentle Spanks for ever.....From That Man ....Your Man...xxooxx

    Strapper's Girl

    Lolly Lolita's Man - wow! I have only just seen this message now! I was just sitting down to play it randomly and decided to read the messages ... and there it is! I'll never use you in a bad way ... only in a good way ;) I love you so much xxx

  30. Celina Metz


  31. Patricia Elmore


  32. Lalenzawna Rante

    2018 5th March

  33. Professor Pixel

    Such a great song. Shame people don`t realise your talent.

  34. sharon ross

    one word (QUALITY)

  35. Evan Sobkowiak

    Me right now😭😭😓😥

  36. carolina122able

    My fave band ♡ greetings from Romania #theperfectband #songswithmeaning #googoodolls4ever ;)

  37. Mary Escobar

    I bought this compilation shortly after it came out. I absolutely fell in love with it. A brilliant job, what else could be expected from such a class act as the Goo Goo Dolls. Highly recommend to any diehard GGD fan out there.

  38. SSJ BHam

    It's strange,I judged this book by its cover for the longest time.But this song made me open the book.An now it's a page turner!

  39. Peggy Welty

    I love this song. THANK YOU

  40. rocket dog

    The Anthem of the Friendzone

  41. Benjamin Rodenberg

    Every Album a masterpiece.

  42. Weirdmaskman NG

    A beautiful piece... it tells how the fragile beings exploit the stronger ones... psychological enslavement...


    Weirdmaskman NG or babies and marriage. Twisted


    Weirdmaskman NG money greed theft

  43. Randi Gordey

    if you insist

  44. Randi Gordey

    monday works for me who r u

  45. Jason Davey

    You guys are my Damn Childhood u know that? My only dream is to be able to get up on stage at karaoke bar and totally nail "Here is Gone", but then I wake up and realize nobody can come close to your voice.

  46. Mar Amir Amistad

    The best 90s band.

  47. Randi Smith Gordey

    what are you doing tomorrow

  48. sassy sissy sossy

    Tandaan mo yhan ndi mo deserve ang kantang to😞ur worth to love ndi ka pwd maging ganito na's not alright baby😞

  49. Kat Williams

    Absolute perfection can't believe these guys are still going strong love it

  50. Jennifer Knipe

    I love this song

  51. Mitch de Blois

    I love when bands from my time put out new music, this song is great i love it, still has their sound but still feels relevant to this era of music.

  52. Mustache Soul

    perfect #brasil

  53. michael terry

    This was  a great song and the music was like the old stuff \!!!!!WOW

  54. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Best Goo Goo Dolls song ever!  Can relate to this for the wrong reason.

  55. Vicky

    I love the way the dynamic gets flipped halfway through... from being used completely willingly with no reward, to something much more complicated. There's a power in being used like this, and it's kind of twisted but no less real. Just... a really cool twist.


    Theres two women on the front cover. Two separate situations?  He'll suffer for both I'm sure.


    I saw it as the same person. She uses him and he's fine with it... because he knows that she's relying on his unconditional support and being there to be let her use him. She's clearly under a lot of stress, and having him as this stress-relief/validation is what's allowing her to carry on. If he ever leaves, the lack of that support will bring her crashing down - and because he knows this, he feels powerful even though he's being used.

    I saw the cover as less of two different women, but a mirror image, which fits my interpretation too. It's the same two people, the same actions, but the different perspectives completely reverse the dynamic. In my opinion, anyway, obviously others can take what they want from this too.


    thats kind of messed up


    Oh, definitely. Like I said, it's kinda twisted, and totally unhealthy. But it makes for an interesting dynamic, and the way they subtly flip things with the line "it was me that held you hostage..." is really cool.


    dude is freak. LOL

  56. [email protected] Guarracino

    what wood we do without fantastic music like this God bless you YouTube and goo goo doll's

  57. Joey

    Well Hello There ;)

  58. Dale Rugg Jr

    go b-Lo

  59. C H

    I accidentally typed "The Google Google Dolls" trying to find this song at 3 AM and now I can't stop laughing.



    jonah rasnake

    Don’t worry, I just did the same...

  60. Ickygai

    I'm like the box of underwear on Christmas,
    A key without a lock.
    When did i become,
    Such An ugly worn out sock.

    Someone waves in the distance,
    They come up close and grimace.
    "Sorry i thought you were someone else."
    It's okay, My mistake.
    I'm sorry to disappoint.

    I'm the hard candy you get from grandma.
    A bag of stale chips just bought.
    A 4 inch fish just caught.
    A week old prepackaged sandwich never sought

    Im an empty box of cereal in the cupboard.
    Im the shitty movie sequel of the person you imagined.
    Im tired of feeling,
    Like the box of underwear on Christmas.

    and I'm sorry i'm not what you imagined,
    I'm sorry that i bleed,
    i'm sorry i'm just the color.
    In a palette you don't need.

    Im just the rat
    that wanders into a restaurant,
    And gets the place shut down.
    Im an ugly vermin,
    And im sorry for hanging around.
    i watch your back now turning,
    You left without a sound.

    Because for someone like me,
    Im not worth the dignity of a reply.
    Im just the message,
    That as you pick up the phone makes you sigh.
    And im sorry,
    Im sorry for saying hi.

    Get close to me, just to discover.
    Im not the person you thought you knew,
    Im just the pile of mud you accidentally step into.

    Im the gum that sticks to your shoe.
    Im the booger that won't leave your fingers.
    the mute in a group of singers.
    Im just a worn and tattered cloth embroidered in sand.
    Wandering around, this broken down land
    With his broken down hands,
    Asking why,
    It's common dialect to greet with goodbye

    When did i become,
    An empty broken down chum.
    Ho hey, that's okay.
    Use me just for today,
    Then toss me away.
    I'm sorry i'm not what you imagined,
    I'm sorry im just not, made of what you need.

    Im sorry i have a heart made from mud.
    Please don't get your feet dirty,
    i can't blame you.
    For pushing me away,
    It's only what's right,
    People like me don't deserve your light.

    Think im a lost puppy,
    Walk up excited,
    Then On closer look, you realize i'm just an old pug with one eye and mange.
    Im used to seeing people, walk quickly the other way.

    But hey,
    That's okay.

    I have no hate in my heart,
    For the fact that i am a six year old's work of art.
    I can't blame you, for taking one look.
    And walking the other way.

    Im the dark brown rock,
    Next to an old worn out sock.
    Im sorry i can't help,
    that im filled with boring space.
    Im the rat that wanders into a restaurant,
    And gets the place shut down.

    Im sorry im not, made from diamonds and gold.
    Im just growing old,
    I'll pass away quickly. And then maybe,
    Your eyes won't have to bear the weight of me.

    Im the box of underwear you get on Christmas.
    Im the sand in your shoe,
    Im the dead fish in your toilet bowl.
    Flush me down,
    There's time to bury grandpa,
    but for a fish like me.
    A flush is good enough

    Im the spider on your wall, Lost and alone.
    Trying to find his way home,
    But i have 8 eyes and 8 legs.
    Im just a freak in your clean kitchen sink.
    Misunderstood and alone,
    I've learned to hold my own.
    You say you love me in the darkness,
    But in the day i am denied.

    Im the garter snake in the street.
    Who the car wheel swerves to meet...
    And all i can say, is that I'm sorry for being me.

    Why do i keep on trying,
    When all i am is brown sand.
    On a beach trampled by a disappointed wedding band.

    My body looks young,
    But my heart looks like an old homeless man With yellow teeth begging for change,
    A man who lost his legs in the war, But nobody cares about that anymore.

    I don't want your pity,
    I don't want much of anything anymore.
    I'm held hostage,
    by the uglyness that is me

    Im the weed in the flowerbed,
    Im sorry for entering your garden,
    i just wanted to say hello.
    And even as you pick my roots,
    I just want you to know.
    I still love you,
    And im sorry for being born a weed.
    To soil your good garden grow,

    I'm sorry i've made your minute more complicated,
    As you struggle to think of something to say,
    To avoid me for one more day.
    "Sorry i have things to do",
    What about tomorrow?
    It's funny, Silence is the loudest tone,
    When you're all alone.

    It seems no matter what i do,
    All it takes to lose someone.
    Is just the flip of a dime.
    So please, rip me from my roots. And toss me in the trash,
    Im sorry the only thing im good for,
    Is a photo being burned into ash.
    Mabey one day, You'll look back and remember.
    With a whiter shade of pale, the weed you tossed into the garbage bale.
    The weed that apologized, For needing the soil upon your lawn.

    The weed that dried up and died,
    So long ago.

    Yet still smiles,
    A friendly tone.
    Even though,
    even though it's all alone.

    It's funny,
    when there's no one on your door step,
    When there's no one who says hi.
    When there's no one locked outside.
    And the sun been sleeping for some time,

    Then maybe,
    You'll remember when you said goodbye.
    And we'll sit on the porch and smile.
    We'll look up at the beautiful sky.
    And you'll see, that im just trying to survive.
    You'll see That im not half bad,
    If only you'd just get to know me.

    But that day will never come,
    I'll never get the chance.
    And im sorry for being,
    as boring as i am.
    I hope not to trouble you,

    So I'll keep on wandering alone,
    Until i fall over
    and flowers grow
    from my rotting bones.
    And then mabey,
    Your eyes won't have to bear the weight of my lonesome form.

    Like a tumble weed from home to home.
    Sweep me off your porch,
    Im sorry to have drifted by.
    Im just running from the storm,
    Just trying to survive.
    Mabey i should plant myself and hide,

    But hey it's all right!
    "Im sorry for saying hi."

    and as you say goodbye,
    i'll turn my back and cry.

    Im so tired, of being left behind.
    Im tired of being ugly,
    But more than anything.
    Im tired of being me.

    Im sorry i sometimes smell,
    Im sorry i sometimes, Don't dress very well.

    Im sorry i don't always know what to say,
    Im sorry my voice isn't smooth or swell.
    im sorry for not being perfect,
    Im sorry for being human,
    Im sorry for being me.

    Im sorry i didn't let you be.
    Im sorry you needed to say goodbye,
    But more than anything,
    Im sorry for saying hi.

    If only you could see, What it's like being me.
    But you'll never know, Who i am down below.
    Yet despite all this,
    When your life is just confusion,
    And you're crashing to the ground.
    And you need someone to catch you,
    Ill still be there,
    To catch you as you fall.
    I'll still be there standing steady.
    With a warm smile on my face.
    Because i know,
    What it feels like to fall in place.

    but that time will never come, So i'm simply.
    the food that looks disgusting,
    So you'll never even try.
    and I'll never get the chance,
    to say anything more than hi.

    So watch me turn away,
    Keeping tears at bay.
    Im sorry for being,
    A mud stain on the carpet.
    that needs to be washed out.
    That needs to say goodbye.
    im sorry i said hi.

    Im sorry you can only see,
    Someone who's clingy and needy.
    If you just gave me a chance,
    You might find that im not half bad.

    But I'm sorry, That i"m water when you asked for tea
    So i have no hard feelings, when you toss me in the trash.
    All i have to say,
    Is that im sorry for being me.

    The other day i wanted to end it,
    But that's something i have to hide.
    Something a stranger will never know,
    Because you'll never understand,
    what its like to feel like i do down below.
    People would think,
    Im just looking for attention.
    Like the little kid,
    Who lost his lightning mcqueen.
    Im sorry,
    Im fine i just had a bad dream.
    A dream that i lived my life,
    Forever on my own.
    Forever An outsider without a home.

    when your heart gets broken,
    if you're anything like me.
    You get the needle and string,
    And patch it back together with your own hands.

    I'm just a toy, thats picked up and tossed aside.
    Im the thing you ordered,
    That came with a blotch,
    In smooth white paint.
    And all i have to say,
    Is that I'm sorry for being me

    I see you online but you never reply.
    I try to think, that you're just busy.
    So i ignore it as the months go by.

    Im the wasp in your blinds,
    Lost and alone,
    who becomes a stain on your floor,
    im sorry i scared you.
    I don't know how i got here,
    But I was just looking for the door.

    Im the cockroach on the bathroom wall,
    Who doesn't understand,
    Why people hate him at all.
    Who looks up at the foot coming down,
    Unable to even frown.

    Im that feeling a cashier gets,
    When someone can only pay in twenties.
    Im sorry im an inconvienence,
    but more than anything.
    Im sorry for being me.

    Im the seaweed on the shore,
    To other people, i shouldn't even belong here anymore.
    Im sorry everything i say,
    Seems to be an annoying bore.
    It seems the only solution,
    Is to tear out my vocal chords,
    And look for the door.
    Before i become another stain on your floor.

    Look at me and i'll smile.
    But im screaming through my eyes,
    As tears well up like tidal waves.
    My eyelids feel like a dam,
    That holds back the weight of the sea.

    Im the awkward joke that no ones laughs at.
    Im like ice cream that's melted,
    Like soda that's warm.

    But hey ho, it's okay.
    Ill close my eyes,
    and walk the other way.
    That way, you don't have to bother.
    Giving me the time of day.
    And i don't have to bother,
    growing as a weed in your lawn.
    To be uprooted and thrown away.

    Inside my heart,
    Used to be a smoldering flame.
    That would warm your hands when the nights get cold.
    But now it's just hot charcoal.
    Still reaching out, with the little heat that's left.
    To warm your back, as you grow bored and walk the other way.
    Off to find another fire, That burns far brighter than i.
    And ill whistle a tune, wishing you the best.
    And im sorry it wasn't me,

    Im the empty space between the stars.
    And when there's no one on your door step,
    When there's no where you can cry.

    Then maybe,
    You'll remember,
    I'm sorry for saying hi.

  61. Austin Evans

    Love it

  62. Austin Evans


  63. Tuesday Hall

    I am so obsessed with this song right now.

  64. Sofía Ibarra

    This band is so underestimated😕
    They have really good music

  65. Nonhof -Fisher

    I have been a fan for years and I love being there to watch and enjoy your music as it has evolved over the years. Thank you for doing what you do and having the courage to share it with the world!

  66. bls5160

    Can't wait to see them tomorrow with Philip Phillips at Pier Six in Baltimore! This will be the second time seeing Johnny and he is even better live. Using Come to Me next year for my walk down the aisle.

  67. Michael Angelo Mendez

    Such a great comfort to have an awesome band stick around and still make great music. Love you guys.

  68. Aaron

    Love this!!!

  69. Alicia Arol Lives On...

    Love this song!!!

  70. Freda Apinko

    Its a boom love it...

  71. VevoDJHotDog Music

    That's the best Goo Goo Doll song

  72. Shineslikeamillionstars

    Just sad. If this song is about rezneck's wife, probably needs to rethink his choices. Being fake and musical usually doesn't work out in the end.


    she was only with him for all the wrong reasons.

  73. Fullmetal

    Detroit 2017: John in person asked us to listen this song and don't go to pee. I did...and I fall in love with it

  74. Amie A Espinoza

    Goodness gracious! Amazing Song! I can't quit looking out the front door!

  75. Cosmin Petru

    Perfect timing

  76. Laura

    He said this was written about his friend who is a girl who asked for him to write a song about her. He said she always has relationships that are on and off. So stop saying how you don't like the "message" of the song.

    Chris Lopez

    that is not what he said the song was about.

  77. Steribeat

    I went to their concert in Phx the other night and hearing this live was gorgeous.

    Erin Vukelic

    Steribeat I was there too :)


    +Erin Vukelic it was awesome!

  78. Jhoricko

    Esta genial esta cancion :D

  79. Ilmer Soria Hurtado

    estaq cancion esta buenaaaaaaaza :D xd

  80. Veronica Herrera

    When did this song come out? Cool song! And also sometimes we don't see love right in front of us.

  81. Eugenia Figueroa

    I don't know how John Rzeznik keeps writing such brilliant lyrics. The Dolls are always evolving, trying new things and giving us the best of the best without losing their essence. I can't get enough of Johnny's raspy voice and deep lyrics. Listening to this song over and over to feel so alive! You guys continue to rock my world!


    I've never been a fan of Goo Goo Dolls, was never my taste, but every once in a while they make "that one song" that just hits all the right notes for me and this is one of them :D

  82. Mylesjmill

    ...sounds very similar to John Mayer - waiting on the world to change

  83. Tony Walker Music

    Great band as usual

  84. RGM

    Ohhh so great !

  85. Louie Schultz

    Goo Goo Dolls & Nickelback are better then Stone Sour!

  86. Tan 90

    Friendzone Anthem....


    he got DENIED

  87. Rockinmusicgal

    Def can relate... love this

  88. Mark Nash

    Love love love Goo Goo Goo!

  89. myFlex

    anyone hav chords?

  90. NerdicusAtomicus

    At 1:10 the deadline to turn in the album to the record label happened.

  91. DeniseRenee47

    I'm really loving this song. Use Me could mean a number of things as you look around at society, people use people for a variety of reasons... to love, to talk with, to laugh with, to relate with, to celebrate with, to be sad or happy with... John is putting it out there in his lyrics, the way humans interact with each other, saying that it's alright to "use me" anytime.

    person xyz

    Yeah people are just gonna assume this song's about sex :/ sadly...

  92. Maja

    Goo goo dolls is so goo goo good!

  93. Poetic Entanglement

    That's a bad relationship honey, don't do that to yourself ever; you're worth more than that. 😉💖

    boyd riddle

    Poetic Osmosis some times it seems like that is all you ever get. It sucks but you can't see a way out of it. Just keep wishing for what you know it could be

  94. Mark Mocarski

    Fantastic, what else?

  95. Tony Kemanetzis

    amazing song