González, José - With The Ink Of A Ghost Lyrics

Idle as it seemed, trudging through the mist
Following the creeks, erasing dim lines on the list
Eager to arrive, leaving footprints in the clay
Reading rocks and vines, telling indigo from grey
Telling indigo from grey

Scattered rays of light, on dust grains in the air
All berries in the tree, earn a steady flare
Among the mirrors of the scene,
Some appear frail and incomplete

In a vast field of bales she runs
From the deepest valley past the sun

Opening up the vault to find spinning tops in play
Embedded nested yarn diverting from the gates
But once the faint elusive moans evaporate in the morning light

All deserted yearnings come to life
Surface from the dark to realize
How in a vast field she runs
From the deepest valley past the sun

All this time, witness to the changing tides
All the while, finding ways how to make sense of all the lights
To shape the winds, to shape the currents
And the rigid hives we're living in
All this time, witness to the changing tides

Idle as a wave moving out at sea
Cruising without sound, molding what's to be
Serene between the trails
Serene with the time and ink of a ghost

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González, José With The Ink Of A Ghost Comments
  1. Janet Gunther

    I heard your song last Thursday on NPR.org during the Amy Goodman, Democracy Now radio show. I was so moved by it I had to look you up. I have not been disappointed. You have such a beautiful voice and music and noise. You remind me of very early Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

  2. MB 2112

    I love his music so much

  3. Eva Gonzalez

    Now that I've actually listened to the lyrics... this song means everything. I may never watch it live but it makes me so happy it exists.

  4. Ines navy blue

    He is king of indie-folk :) wow what a talent <3

  5. FilAhlam

    Is so Pink Floyd...amazing

  6. bob bobb

    Some of the the chords sound like the Bob Ross painting videos

  7. Solomon Of Israel

    How is there only 95 comments???

  8. Son Mcshtuffins

    Thanks for sharing todd. Miss you too Mom and my friends cheers.

  9. Jazz Matazz

    Sounds like Elliott Smith

  10. alsrg

    If you are curious about this song and its implications about reality and our connection to it, acquaint yourself with the scientific works of Nassim Haramein, there are many YouTube videos of him speaking about it. The concepts Jose writes about here are explained there. I am beginning to learn all about this, the truths of existence I cannot deny, like consciousness itself. Cheers

  11. Even in 2019 ...

  12. C. Ro

    hermoso <3

  13. alsrg

    All this time !

  14. joão deCarvalho daniel

    fantastic José,its so good all i can do is listening without any form of prejudice.

  15. jenia vasilenko

    Thanks you Jose.

  16. LangerHainz KL

    ❤️😭Talk about the G.O.A.T.

  17. sympnia

    This video imagery is the exactly essence of the hikea sleeve i want inked on me.

  18. i didit

    who can dislike this peace . . .

  19. mikebtko

    I missed this album...

  20. Felipe Piacenza

    Master Piece musician & singer. Underated?..... or just too healthy for the masses?

  21. M.abdul Ismaan

    Just make good sound

  22. Patrick Leite

    As melhores melodias, melhores canções nessa fase de minha vida!! Vem no Brasil faça uma Tour. 😁👏🏽👏🏽😌🙌🏽

  23. BuBu 38

    This is the soundtrack of the movie "walk with me". Excellent movie 👍

  24. G Dyson

    soothing and inspiring, my ears are smiling

  25. Matty S

    great musician, needs to publish another album

  26. Steven Walden

    Should be better known

  27. Colton_ Cunningham

    Who else saw weed leaves

  28. Stephen Sharp

    Mystical masterpiece.

  29. I love PIZZA

    Love this song but have no idea of the meaning of it, I just hear a mixture of words. Is it just me?

  30. subwaysurfer

    Marion, your beautiful soul lives on and on.

  31. Iken Lopez

    'to shape the winds, to shape the currents and the rigid hives we're living in all this time witness to the changing tides'
    "Para dar forma a los vientos, para dar forma a las corrientes y las colmenas rígidas que estamos viviendo en todo este tiempo testigo de las mareas cambiantes"

  32. Tyler Durden

    Horseback riding through colorado valleys and mountains, stopping by a fresh water stream to fill up canteens and have lunch, all the while listening to jose gonzalez and music like this. Ive never had a more euphoric, beautiful, natural, clear headed day in my life. makes we wonder why we cant all be living this way instead of rushing to jobs, only to buy stuff we dont even need. Society makes me sad 😔

    Emma Lee

    It saddens me too..... Your eternity inside opens doors for others. Keep your eyes open , continue loving as much as you can

    johnegg Muldoon

    @Hobo Sapiens How weak-minded do you have to be to not get killed in the wilderness? Don't you realise that you PAY people who ACTUALLY DO THINGS to keep you safe?

    johnegg Muldoon

    @Emma Lee Yes, you are a fucking overgrown child as well! Do you have any conception of how much it costs to keep overgrown children like you safe in the wilderness?

    Hobo Sapiens

    @johnegg Muldoon Relax, this is for that kind of reaction, i enjoy solitude ... Modern world is a mascarade

  33. Mariangela Giuliane Guida da Cunha

    If you thought this somg could not be better, check the Tiny desk performance. The clarinet and xylophon brings such good harmony.

  34. Saf

    Makes me feel so calm... thank you Jose for your wonderful music !

  35. MaryC Diaz


  36. Pawel Tulik

    The best track from Jose I heard since 2007!

  37. Iker Azurmendi


    xivis de la selva

    Iker Azurmendi I'm glad you found it

  38. Johnny Chimpo

    On windows you can type "magnifier" or just "mag" on the search bar, then set the zoom back to 100% and set invert colors on the options icon. That way you can see the original footage of this video

  39. Game Time

    tenho um jogo que obtêm sua música, como posso pedir permissão sua atribuindo no vídeo sua autoria, para postar o jogo?

  40. Carol Aebi


  41. Julian Cassanegra

    You really got it mate... beautifull!

  42. Funn Dipp

    Bones anybody? (:

    Tyler Durden

    Funn Dipp bones sampled this?

  43. Adelia Hogarth

    So soothing and meaningful, as always.

  44. Allegro T

    Your best work.

  45. Jordan Stewart

    Seeing this masterpiece today so excited

  46. Dan Feather

    soothing :)

  47. Jony Bermejo

    This song is saving my life

    xivis de la selva

    Jony Bermejo whhy?

    Jony Bermejo

    Because its like a medicin for the spirit, every time I feel down I listen to it and always works :)


    serais pendejo

    Stephen Sharp

    Also try Pat Metheny's "See the World".

  48. Sasa

    infrared eyes

  49. James Pringle

    very pretentious lyrics, overlayer to unrelated music...jose has put out too much material too fast to take his time to raise the bar on his prose too bad, when we look at joni mitchell , chris smither etc from the last gen. to write this type of indie/acoustic/folk of which i am a huge fan,,,,,,,,,you got to take the time to bake the cake..you can't turn the oven way up to finish faster.

    Axel S

    +James Pringle Since you dont seem to know much about José at all, I feel the need to tell you that he released this album seven years after In Our Nature. Therefore I hardly believe that the album was rushed in any way.

    James Pringle

    +Axel S i didn't know his history, in music you experience the affect, and effects used,..i'm a long time lyricist and musician,...and what i heard i still hear when i re-listen to it. Some people love classical, and symphonic music too,...i don't,.. despite having taken 2 semesters of appreciation of western music at b.c.. It's lyrics matched to emotive acoustic stuff that I love. I'm a big coffee house music fan. I've heard some music in small venues that can lift a room full of people in a way,..that i've never seen in concerts or churches or anywhere else. The right stuff can hit that place within us that we share. That said,..i'm very picky..there is excellence out there..i'm a gold hound. If there are treasures you can point to,..who knows,.. i made not have heard them...point the way

    Sam Grimshaw

    If you don't get it, you won't. It's not the lyrics, it's you.

    Allegro T

    +James Pringle Extremely pretentious comment. Just because you can't appreciate something, doesn't mean it's not appreciable.


    James Pringle What a pretentious comment.

  50. Katelin Kalbaugh

    One of my panic attack relieving music.

    iulian balint

    Saf I recomand you Marconi Union - Weightless

    Johan Liebert

    Saf Try king by laura aqulina,it helped me with a similar situation

    Leon Lo

    Panic attacks suck, i hope you get better


    Agreed, you should check out Lou Rhodes of Lamb. She has a great soothing voice. Down tempo like Jose. Enjoy


    @Saf I don't usually reply, but had to tell you about Gregory Alan Isakov, he is my anxiety eraser. You should check him out.

  51. Jonathan Guerrero

    This music relax my mind :)...thanks José for your work

  52. Kelly Jones

    The most beautiful song I've heard in my 30 years of being on this earth.  On par with "I am the Mercury" by Jimmie Spheeris.

  53. Natalia Monge

    Preciosa canción, melodía, voz... hermosa

  54. Gursong Chris Yoo

    Thank you for being an artist. Amazing tune still.

  55. LukeandLazy

    Jose Gonzalez and syd matters best car journey music or travelling

    Anna Kurhajcová

    +SniperXon life is strange had the best soundtracki ever heard in any game..


    @Anička Kurhajcová yep i played it and watched people play it just for the music

    Rastafarian Targaryen

    Add Alexi Murdoch to the list!


    LukeandLazy Best traveling music, cross country, yep José González, Duncan Sheik, "Brighter/Later Compilation" cd and "Home At The End Of The World", strictly Duncan's tracks though, "White Limousine", and The Sundays "Static & Silence" + B-Sides, Shawn Colvin albums variety as well, like Duncan, I'm telling you, good stuff!...

  56. chelsea bitaraees

    Lindo , lindo .!Vem tocar no Brasil josé González

  57. Nisha Gurung

    AMAZING!! check out his live performance on NPR's tiny desk series as well.. it is amazing :)

  58. mazrio128

    Amazing song. 👍👍

  59. Karl Black

    One of my favourites from V&C. Sets the tone perfectly. Seriously, thank you so much for your music. I was a fan a few years back but hadn't actually bought any of your music, then after seeing Walter Mitty I was sold on the pathos and finesse of your songwriting. Now I can't stop listening! Thank you.

    ismail elabbadi

    Dude, same exact thing here, three years later.

  60. Andrew H Hems

    This is the best one yet.  The initial shyness and lack of confidence, perhaps, has been somewhat curtailed on here.  Great stuff.  My reason for buying a classical guitar xx

  61. G3N13_M4N

    great track can some on please write a tab on this!?! been looking around know one has done it properly! really want to learn it.

  62. Mark Femino

    Really, really good.  Keep going...

  63. yan zil

    Always have chills all over.. Wonderful... Truly wonderful!

    Greetings from the Philippines!

  64. mihi

    what a GEM! thanks for sharing, been a while since I heard an entire album that good

  65. McMurphy


  66. Charlie Rumsby

    Excited about listening to this tonight!!!

  67. Quique Carreras

    Tremendo José! discazo

  68. Andrew Simmons

    One of the best artists I've found in a long time! Amazing tone!


    Try his band Junip, as well. A little more driven instrumentally.

  69. Marco Antonio Cruz Dionisio

    Muy buena canción :) buen día a todoa

  70. Radical Fence Sitting

    Can't wait to hear it all, thanks José!