Gone Is Gone - Sentient Lyrics

Look into the sky
Knowing of the answer
All of us collide
Turning into dust
Those who run
Those who'll stand
Are ending where it began

Stare at the face of the imminent
Thought of surrender giving in
Fear of defeat is sinking in
Stare at the face only to realize

Oh how certain it is
Oh how certain it is
Searching for the causes
Digging up the root of conflict
Summon the will
Summon the will to end this all

Look into the sky knowing of the answer
All of us collide turning into dust
Those who run and those who'll stand
Are ending where it began

There's no wonder why
There's no wonder why
All of us collide

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Gone Is Gone Sentient Comments
  1. Suzen Jump


  2. Dale Griffim

    This sounds like a heavy Alan Parsons,,i like it

  3. Trividon

    I like it

  4. DMAN D

    When the bass came in it scared me, I had my headphones turned way up.

  5. Rosie Amelia

    Game of thrones anyone?

  6. andems09

    so... Vikings soundtrack? Awesome

  7. Cayque Sales

    That is how you start an album properly

  8. Anyone's Guess


  9. EarRegardless

    This is it.

  10. Sean Wheadon

    has a nice build up like pucifer  then kyuss rises from the ashes for 10 seconds then that amazing raspy voice washes over my thc filled brain!


    You smoke weed? WHOA, HOLY SHIT, WOW!

    I'm so thankful you, like every other gormless stoner, has to put it in every comment you make. :)

  11. London Ward

    Alice in Chains and Muse. Next

  12. Виктор Стародуб

    GONE IS GONE "Echolocation" full #album, #nowplaying, #new, #stream, #video, #слухати
    also blogged in Ukraine

  13. Sirprice

    Anyone else thinks this kinda sounds like the 28 Days Later soundtrack, "In The House In A Heartbeat"? Especially at the 1:07 mark. I like it.

  14. Jean-Simon Fabien

    the only problem of this song is that it's too short

  15. Rodolfo Mota

    Muito som! Good Job!

  16. Tricie

    great !

  17. Marie Mendes

    this would be a awesome soundtrack to lotr the return of the king war scene

  18. MrJay6889

    The artwork on this video is incredible. And the songs pretty good too :D

  19. Grace Magisana

    It's haunting and in a really good way.

  20. Steve Smith

    666 likes! I really want to like this but I'm not gonna be that guy.

  21. iansfunvids

    666 likes this must be a sign!


    The vibe is real!

  23. dza6010

    it's like somebody mixed failure with enslaved-ish
    way better than the first track.

  24. TheStupidcomment

    Snare should be louder.

  25. Dariø GR

    Now put this soundtrack to a horror movie

    Toxic waist

    MikeVoxGR it sounds more like a Disney song


    @Toxic waist
    Har har

    Dariø GR

    wtf a disney song start like this? Sorry but this will fit a horror mystery movie.. Or whatever this is perfect for a soundtrack of a movie..

  26. Paul Schierl

    damn thats good.... after 3-4 replays it gets even better!

  27. K D

    its mesmerising

  28. Ali Brock

    0:42 kinda makes me think of the Darkness on Supernatural lmao, but great song!

  29. Malachi Ambroz

    Sounds like a mix between NiN , And tool.

  30. Memento Mori

    This sounds like one of those old hit songs that should have millions of views. Just me?

  31. MagicSkeleton

    Glad they've made an album. Their EP was really good.

  32. Klyde Marmasett

    Hot shit on a Tuesday I have to buy this album

  33. Zach Mirsky

    I wish you'd promote your bands better. Like it's just sad. Even your biggest band, Of Mice and Men got really low amounts of views all because of terrible promotion and marketing.

    Lori Pena

    Or because their album was different from their usual sound and their fans are a bunch of whiney piss babies who hate change? That's the bigger factor..

    Xander L.

    Why are they pussies for not liking the new material? A band changing their sound isn't owed anything by the fans. They should be prepared to deal with the new audience they get. If not, they shouldn't make the decision.


    +Queen Tomato
    Yes Mice and Men lost views because of music change more than bad publicity and marketing. But it's because they disappointed their *real* fans. Nobody was a pussy about it, except all the Sleeping With Sirens fangirls that heard the original fans complain about their new pop rock style. Get over yourself.
    +Zach Mirsky
    I totally agree with you. RiseRecords has to be the number one worst at promoting their genuinely good bands, all they know how to promote is pop rock shit from 6 years ago because they're scared of mainstream media.

    Dr. Gainzzz

    Well said babe

  34. U FUKIN WOT M8


    What the heck did you just flipping say about me, you big meanie? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Tiny Tots Program, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on the girl's bathroom, and I have over 300 confirmed noogies. I am trained in Nerf warfare and I have the most gold stars in the entire kindergarten class. You are nothing to me but just another butthead. I will beat you the heck up with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my dang words. You think you can get away with saying that baloney to me on the glowy type-box? Think again, doodiehead. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of teachers across the USA and your parents are being called to pick you up right now so you better prepare for the spanking, junior. The spanking that wipes out the dumb little thing you call your playtime. You're in big darn trouble, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can wedgie you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed fartfights, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States PTA and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your dorky bottom off the face of the playground, you little poopypants. If only you could have known what serious punishments your little "smartypants" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your goshdarned tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you silly doofus. I will spray boogers all over you and you will cry about it. You're frickin grounded, buttmunch.


    @Has Zack no you don't :)

    Sad Satan

    legit thought these were the lyrics, i cannot stop laughing now


    @Dead Inside you're welcome mate

    Shar Banning

    HAHAHA I tip my hat to you sir!

    Gregor biznár

    U FUKIN WOT M8 I m kinda confused

  35. Derk Ender

    Its really different feels like 10 years mixed with black sabbath. Nice to see Rise put some different tunes on their roster.

  36. Brunno Herreira


    Felype Lima

    Ih olha mano encontrei um br
    pensei que era o unico aqui

    Brunno Herreira

    ja mais jovem rs

    Osni de Borba Cidral Júnior

    Doido hein

    Trading Like a Boss

    pqp q delicia caraaaa

    Wellinton Doratiotto Pereira

    Caralho mano br aqui <3

  37. Andy Thompson

    meh. cheesy as fuck

  38. Sarah Jane

    Omg I love this <3 aaAA

  39. T Ward

    Loved the EP last year. But listening to this, it sounds like theres a lot more depth to the songwriting. Cant wait for the release!

  40. Stefano Maddalena

    Nice sound, simply perfect, good melodies, well done!
    Regards from Argentina.

  41. Jay Kimsey

    That hit scared the Hell out of me. Good job.

    Robby Knight

    as I was reading your comment it scared me lol

  42. Jude Flynn

    kinda has a Black Sabbath-y sound to it; I can dig it.

    Ken Cohen


  43. Francis Mendy

    This sounds like it came straight from the 1980s, I mean that in a good way. I like it.


    Cause it's mono


    I think on the album it will be stereo

  44. Eric Sawada

    So fucking sick.

  45. Tencha From Jel

    This song reminds me of my grandmother...

  46. A M G

    Good Sound. Really slow paced, adding a new sound to Rise Records

    Evan Eastep

    so everything on Rise Records has to be fast paced. lol......

    A M G

    Is that better?

    Evan Eastep

    haha :P for sure