Gone Is Gone - Resurge Lyrics

Wake up and get off the floor
Hold on have you lost your mind
Where are all your friends
No one feels sorry
The blink of an eye
Can change it

Feeling that wind blow through your hair
Tasting sweetness takes you there
Get in line to ride
Free fall is the high
Makes you feel alive
Just breathing

Come into a place that makes you happy
Stay with it until the rush is through
Holding to the star that dances in me
Let the fire keep on feeding you

I try to do the right thing by you
Give you a helping hand
You have the world right in front of you
That's all I want for you

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Gone Is Gone Resurge Comments
  1. fresher brine

    How to wake the dead with your bass.

  2. Albino173

    I love it.

  3. Thunderforall *

    The power of Troy's

  4. London Ward

    could be the best song on the album if production would have been not as weak.

    London Ward

    And why would I be jealous of something I'm not a fan of? Logic man meet me half way.


    Pretentious Hipster crap.

    Salt Chronicles - Hearthstone Arena

    listen it on a normal player with equalizer, youtube audio is obv. shit.

    Michael Brisciano

    What kind of stereo system or headphones do you use?

    Dimitri Cabral

    Do it better then.

  5. fossil Sol

    Far more of a jam band, than the speed thrash of Killer be Killed. Excellent work guys. Keep it Up!!! >.<

  6. Theinsomniac826

    nice vocals. i love it

  7. Elena Quezada

    I love it so far ❤👌

  8. Ben Robbins-Frye

    yes I am first