Gone Is Gone - Dublin Lyrics

All is seen in silence
All the truths were lies
Bending words misguide you
I vow to make it right

And you lost yourself
And you found your way
And then you went and lost yourself again

Don't ask me I'm lying
Don't ask me I'm fine
Own it if you're trying
Own it with your life

And you lost yourself
And you found your way
And then you went and lost yourself again

Knowing all we've done before
We can stand atop the world
Now that we found our way

So glad we found our way

All of life is fleeting fast
Love the ones make it last

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Gone Is Gone Dublin Comments
  1. Bruno Pimenta

    they could call this band "The Troys".

  2. Dylan Cross

    I love this!

  3. Etéreo Excêntrico

    This is so melancholic. Make me wanna die

  4. Casey Turner

    Great band, interesting sound.


    I imagine this song would make Trent Reznor smile. Great work boys :)

  6. C E

    Man im not nearly tool enough to enjoy this stuff. Sounds cool but I think I prefer my cookie-cutter metalcore D: Im just lame like that.

  7. kappawodori

    this sounds different from mastodon, but its also really great.

  8. Ty Steger

    This is beautiful dark stuff right here. Is the girl in plastic a Laura Palmer reference?

  9. dookie shoes

    Another example that there is an over abundance of great music out there. I am a huge Mastodon fan and i just learned of this bands existence.

  10. Jimmy Doyle


  11. Bartek Solek

    I hope they will make third album.
    Its so epic

  12. Gen Casas

    Sounds 80's / 90's vibes to it.

  13. Ninatural Nutrition

    could be a nin song

  14. Angye Flores


  15. Daniel Sipos

    sounds like something off the queen of the damned soundtrack

  16. Sean Greenplate

    Love the gloomy sound of this band. Reminds me of the bands I listened to in the 80s

  17. Jonathan Yagami

    Algum BR?

  18. Omer Babadag

    very einsturzende very neubauten very good...

  19. It'sme Josh

    man..i was really waiting for something in this that just never happened,like it was building but just stayed kinda flat.maybe i need to listen a few times but seems like most of these guys stuff just not enough dynamics or sections with a little punch.

  20. mongo loco

    I guess the 111 people that disliked the song/video came here to hear the same predictable crap they like. I love it., it's mature and it is great that they are exploring different grounds

  21. Daniel Fedinick

    Pretty interesting

  22. Виктор Стародуб

    GONE IS GONE "Echolocation" full #album, #nowplaying, #new, #stream, #video, #слухати
    also blogged in Ukraine

  23. Noorman Marzukhi

    No one is going to point out that is Troy Sanders of Mastodon? awesome indeed

    Eternal Reckoning

    Noorman Marzukhi and van leuwen from queens of the stone age

    Damon Roberts

    Um that's Hines from Mastodon im pretty sure


    Naw, bro, it's Van Leeuwen, two VERY different guys, physically speaking.

  24. Hellraiser Avila


  25. Space Beard

    this song is literally like sex with no orgasm. if they had just a little break down where they jammed it would be so good. all build up no explosion

  26. newweaponsdc

    Gone is Gone is the best!!

  27. Thomas J. Vacchino

    This Band/ project has quickly become one of favorites since the initial EP came out!

  28. mindo61600

    As an Irish person,youve got my attention

  29. special21e


  30. Genos Wovlehart

    ahhhh! so good. I'm glad I looked them up again.

  31. PunkVocalist

    Isn't that the bassist and singer from Mastodon? Nice fucking music


    yup, it's him. troy fucking sanders!


    Cool sound...

  33. Digitaltime

    Love this music !!!

  34. Insufficient Funds

    The name Dublin comes from the Gaelic word Dublind, meaning "black, dark" See it makes sense now.


    Insufficient Funds That makes a shit ton more sense than it just being named after the city Dublin, which most likely is an anglicized form of Dubh linn, meaning Black Pool.

    Insufficient Funds

    All good

  35. Irvin Guzman

    Music like this is unique af in rise, wonder why they chose a record label like rise to push their progressive music.


    love that beat ish perfect

  37. Jamie Miller

    Love that Rise is giving this progressive/experimental sound a chance.

  38. Joe P

    I can't flail my arms to this wtf

  39. cut to the trase

    idk know the band but like im from dublin so like

  40. Nick Menendez

    actually dig this, reminds me of silver snakes.

  41. Grace Magisana

    The video took away from the quality of the music but it's pretty good.

  42. Cute Doggo

    Ayyy I'm from Dublin

  43. Kaitlynn Ryan

    Can't be the only one who clicked on this in their subscription box because their from Dublin too and was curious

  44. Um Boy

    Como adoro....

  45. Kilowog

    Vikings soundtrack? xD

  46. Simon Luna

    Interesting sound but God damn this music video is shit.

  47. Mafia Bugsy

    whoa this is a pretty interesting sound

  48. Der Mango

    Fockin' Goosebumbs, awesome!

  49. Stevie Mac

    Only clicked on this cos Dublin

    Disappointed it has nothing to do with Dublin or Ireland

    Beard Banging

    I'm from Dublin too, and not disappointed, the lyrics is about Dublin.

    Goj Ira

    shut up byyyyytchh

    Punnch 96K

    Kirisute Gomen Trivium fanboy detected
    nice band anyways 👍

  50. laylah

    lel I'm from Dublin

  51. DoomedUser

    This band is too progressive for rise records. Amazing music.

  52. victor kilik

    nada que decir muy buena banda ^^

  53. FlyingJustToFall

    omg - actually some of the most boring music i have ever heard on Rise's channel

  54. Era Vulgaris

    I Love gone is gone.

  55. problematic

    Omg this sounds so interesting I could listen to this for hours

    Monu Salmani

    fronk euro

  56. Stas Pavlov

    heey that's pretty good

  57. Seshtinies child

    lol I'm from Dublin good song btw

  58. Jughead Jones

    this is so damnn good omygod..

  59. crounn

    8th comment

  60. Happy enough to die

    This is so damn good.

  61. Ale33321

    This is GOLD