Gomez, Selena - Write Your Name Lyrics

Take my arm, take my hand
Make your mark like a man
Write your name, gonna write your name
Hurts so good, love and pain
When all fades, you remain
Write your name, gonna write your name

Write your name across my heart
Write your name over every part
And we could be worlds apart
Write your name across my heart

Write your name
Gonna write your name
Write your name
Gonna write your name

Permanent, leave your scar
When you're gone, you're never far
Write your name, gonna write your name
Cover me, all you are, over me, your signature
Write your name, gonna write your name

Write your name across my heart
Write your name over every part
And we could be worlds apart
Write your name across my heart

It's your name across my heart
Written in gold, a permanent mark
Love engraved, it's what we are
More than words, this love is art
Poetry in motion, put it right there
Deeper than skin, crystal clear
Letters don't fade, titanium made
Forever here, forever saved

Write your name across my heart

Write your name across my heart
Write your name over every part
And we could be worlds apart
Write your name across my heart

Write your name
Gonna write your name
Write your name
Gonna write your name

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Gomez, Selena Write Your Name Comments
  1. mrv.

    inleiding tot het economisch recht lets go

  2. Akeen Mills


  3. Jaga Chapagain

    8001 is ur name in sun

  4. Jaga Chapagain

    I did n even in sun today


    Geoffrey cunningham

  6. Rida Hijaab

    Nice song☺

  7. Loc Kittiraj

    Arounhak Kittiraj

  8. Rider_On _SteRiods

    Lyrics aint correct.....

  9. Adiba Almas

    👑👑👑Selena Queen👑👑👑

  10. Funko Popping

    You got the lyrics wrong...Love and pain not loving thing 😑 get your ears checked

  11. Loc Kittiraj

    LocKittiraj :)

  12. aastha aastha

    Nice 😋😋

  13. Mariam Mk

    Selenà I love you so much ❤and l love your songs because you song it❤ I wount to see you😢😢😢😢and you were the best person I see in the world ❤❤ I am 8 years old

  14. AlphaBanjaxedBanshee

    Ripped off Mona Moua

  15. Gamini Rodrigo

    Hi. very best beautifull sweet fresh nice fast Dancar sweet selena Gomez sweet worlD Best SUPAB Moonstar would sweet selena sweet. GoaD Blas longevity my Gem sweet selena sweet GeT.We'll soon sweet selena sweet.

  16. haziq manzoor

    I love this song😍😍

  17. Believer selenator forever M.j

    Selena how can she sing so sweet

  18. Eric Gonzalez

    Right, your name.
    Don't know where to start

  19. courtney carpenter

    love this song!!!!!!!

  20. seol kim

    Some lyrics are wrong

  21. Abhishek Jasoria

    Write your name

  22. Sana D


  23. Maria Rinta-Rahko

    She's so cute😍.

  24. Pedro 31

    She should’ve make a video of this

  25. Rafia Ruhi

    I love you sell. I am your crazy fan and always will be your fan sweet.

  26. Mehrdad Parsi

    I listened to this song and I became one the big fans of Selena. It's so nostalgic for me

  27. Robert Smith

    I love you Selena Gomez and I love your New song 💙💙💙🌹

  28. luminary ASMR

    a lot love for you

  29. evangelos sarantos

    Θες να σου γραψω το δικο μου ονομα I love you

  30. dayo chris

    came here after wasabi - little mix

  31. blisa b


  32. shreya Singh

    Love and pain

  33. Libby Tallulah

    I live for this album xx

  34. mudundi07

    Selena I love you so much😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  35. Oin network

    It's one of the best songs

    .....listening in 2018!!! But there's lot of mistakes in the lyrics on this video

  36. manju singh

    She is beautiful girl in the world
    She has beautiful voice in the world

  37. Ann Bannána

    I think this was the best album that she ever made! Every song is good af 👌🏻

  38. 1950s vibes

    These lyrics are wrong

  39. Andre Garcia

    "Life "SelenaAndre" for it's you Selena love knows love if one word I could only say to you my love ,. you the love of my ....... " Life"

  40. مستر واو

    My love Selena Gomez

  41. Hollow _Reapz

    She makes me wanna hug my pillow

  42. Selena Gomez

    Selena love 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🔐🔐🔐🖤

  43. Ashlyn hubert

    Wow I love the tune 🎶


    nice sng

  45. Alana wildenstein

    imma be honest here and like 25% of the song is incorrect

  46. Mitesh Garg


  47. selenator forever

    *This song is everything*

  48. غدير غدوره

    Love write Your name selena

  49. JASMIN

    Yaas!! ✨💕

  50. DjukaA Ka'e sad

    oh and it is cover me not company

  51. DjukaA Ka'e sad

    not harmony, it is permanet idk how to spell it

  52. DjukaA Ka'e sad

    hurts so good love and pain*

  53. spencer hastings

    Me encaaanta

  54. #1 ggroup stan

    selena rapping is my religion


    #1 ggroup stan same

  55. justin capulong

    Jelena is back! 2018 gonna start right!

  56. Nur Blacksea

    tarkan adımı kalbine yaz beni unutma

  57. My Direction

    who miss Jelena?

  58. My Direction

    i love this song and the singer to this song so matsh <3<3<3

  59. 外國明星在香港 starsinHK

    This song is about Jesse McCartney, describing when she is a fan of him

  60. Erik Horan

    This song should've became a huge hit! It's amazing

  61. mike Kallay

    From Mike To Angel Selena

  62. mike Kallay

    Selena My Special Angel I Hope U R Happy From Mikekallay Your Heavenly Father, A,n Maybe Just Maybe I Can Break The Chains That Continue To Imprison Me ,An Though You,Me, An All The Angels, Not One Of Us Can See These Chains That Refuse To Set Me Free, To Be Who an What I Choose To Be ,We Can't See Them Selena, But Oh How Real They Are, For How Long In This Very Moment Will I Be Free To Do What I Said I Would Do For You An TO The Small. Inner Circle Of. Angels An To The Ones Who Were So Kind To Let Mike Shine Be for I Was Ripped Away. You, Kylie,KIM, ALL The K Sisters ,Demi, J.lo, ,Nikki, Taylor, P.Hilton,An so on an. so. on .....ECT .LOVE TO YOU FROM ME SELENA MIKE

  63. seraphic ava

    that spoken word tho

  64. Julissa Hernandez

    I freaking love her😍

  65. Natalia Partida

    I love this song. It reminds me of my boyfriend Max J. He has a twin brother named Alex. Anyway my point is that it reminds me if Max. I love him so much. I called him tonight to ask if he still liked me like on a scale of 1-5 he said 4 or 4 1/2 I hope that's good. But the song makes me sorta sad cuz it brings back so many memories

  66. Nazımcan KÜÇÜKATEŞ

    ı write my name MAHMUT :D

  67. Brittney Berg

    just to let yallz know, these lyrics are super wrong!!!!!!!!!! have a nice one!!!!!

  68. David Earthos Gomez

    Harmony leave your scar
    When you're gone, you' re never far
    Write your name, gonna write your name
    Company, oh, you are, over me, you take me on
    Write your name, gonna write your name

    Write your name, across my heart
    Write your name, over every part
    And we could be, worlds apart
    Write your name, across my heart

    It's your name across my heart written in gold
    A permanent mark, let them grave
    It's what we are, more than words, this love is art
    Poetry emotion, put it right there
    Deeper than skin, crystal clear
    Let us dont fade, titanium made
    Further here, forever safe

  69. Kitty Meifwa

    .I like the tune and how it rymes it sounds like it sounds familiar from Idk

  70. gallexy_nugget7125

    omg this song is blowing up in Ireland my country

  71. Annamay Knoefler

    I love this song slena gomez is amazing at singing

  72. StarBucks Smith

    Whats the song at 0:12 I CANT FIND IT 😏


    i love the rap part omg<3

    i am Groot

    EXO THE ONLY GROUP WITH 17 DAESANGS LEGENDS ONLY I can do the rap part, took me five minutes to learned it

    Carina Benz

    Where is it ?

  74. stella lagrimas

    ti ammiro

  75. Haven Deem

    I remember this song its been forever since I listen to this song omg I love it Selena Gomez you rock girl keep the music up girl love you

  76. Christine Ruiz

    I LOVE you😍😍😙😘😚😍

  77. Juan-carlos Lopez


  78. shakira puppy nightcore

    what tell me who it is though I have to agree

  79. S S

    listening to song in 2016 her old songs are better than new ones? who agrees with me i mean SERIOUSLY CMON PEOPLE!

    Nicholas Barrett

    new stuff rocks listen to the new album

  80. A S

    Is this song about embracing abuse? Saying it will make your mark like a man? I'm probably thinking too far into it.

  81. Wynter Henderson

    It's love and pain not loving thing

  82. Dennis Cortez

    I love song 😍😙

  83. Anisa Kartoum

    And you are so pretty you are so good at singing you are kind I REALLY LOVE YOU you are like the top of my loving celebrity list sinsers ok well I really love your videos PLEASE make more never give up

  84. Anisa Kartoum

    I LOVE EVERY SONG YOU SING I don't know why but it always speaks to me about what you should do about love how you feel when your heart is broken I know I'm only in 3rd grade but it's really nice I love them I really hope you make a lot more songs about love and what it's like and how things are important to you and again I LOVE YOU SELENA GOMEZ I REALLY WISH I CAN BE LIKE YOU SOME DAY and never quit on what you believe in

  85. Anisa Kartoum

    Hi love you Selena Gomez it's a little girl Anisa Kartoum here I just love all videos make more about love ;)

  86. Alexandre da silva

    love it!!!!

  87. Ximena Santana

    me encantan esa cancion

  88. Breana Peru

    This makes me think of a certain someone♡♡♡


    Selena has a pretty voice 💖💖💕💕💖❤💖💖💕💕😊😊😜😜😜😜😜

    LOL ziez

    She always did!!


    Selena is so pretty all the time💕💖💞💖💕💖💖💞💞💖💕💕😜😜😜😜😜

  91. Twkeer Jr

    nice song

  92. Leslie Woody

    love this song even no it was made 1 year ago

  93. Simran Kaur

    I'm just wondering why are the lyrics on the description as well as the video 😂