Goldie Lookin Chain - Worms Lyrics

You dress like Buck Rogers, you got a bell-end for a face
If you fu'k with me, the shit you will taste
Across your lips, you're a disgrace
So the GLC will destroy the place

I drinks all the time, I love Martini
Lambrusco, Lambrini and fukin' ????
Nobody's gonna fukin' mess with me
We're the fukin' masters, the GLC

The fukin' posse, in the fukin, in effect
You better fukin' give us respect
That's right, I'm like a parasite
I come round to your house and keep you up all night

The ... house kids skanking us on the draw
After trying to get us in trouble with the law
We fu'ked him up and left him for dead
Then we went to Oasis and had chips and pitta bread

Fu'k with me and I'll flex my muscles
I'll beat the fu'k out of you oustside Fussels
I'll fu'k you up like Jack the Ripper
And make my escape on the Newport Nipper

If you live in a house or you live in a mansion
I'll fcuk up your ringpiece like fukin' Charlie Manson
He's really fu'kin sick and he's in the Goldie Lookin' Chain
And his name's Love Eggs and he adminsters the pain

The only way to get rid of the parasitic worm is cider

I rubs dogshit into my eyes
I went fukin' blind and no surprise
I said to the doctor, "Help it burns"
He said, "No surprise, it's parasitic worms!"

I got sent to the doctors, I got off the rails
I'd been eating the shit from underneath my fingernails
I had to talk to the priest because my parents found my scales
But they don't know that I'm the biggest pot smoker in Wales

Parasitic worms are like the Goldie Lookin' Chain
Inside your intestines, infecting your brain
Making shit drip but it's drink and strain(?)
Like the infection the worms gave P Xain

I got worms, after my girlfriend fcuked my dog
I noticed one on the shit in the bog
It was white and squidgy, and it crawled away
It made my ringpiece itch for the the rest of the day

I felt bad but I couldn't tell my mum
I had puss on the paper every time I wiped my bum
If you're feeling the symptoms your arsehole is wider
The only thing to do is to drink loads of cider

If you fcuk with us we'll pass on the infection
Up Zanzibar's with an injection
If you're bum starts itching, you've probably got worms
From swimming in Newport Centre in the piss, shit and germs

We did that ... , John Frost square that's the venue
Don't take us on cos we're after a tent, when you spend the night, down at Gwent
Getting higher and higher just like a glider, or David Hasslehoff off of fukin' Knight Rider
You're fukin' shit if you take on me cos I'll beat you up and lose your nasal virginity

I got wrecked out of my brain and beat up some people who didn't understand the Chain
I fu'ked 'em up, really bad, and then realised one of them was my dad

The only way to get rid of the parasitic worm is cider

Cider enema is the order of the day, pumped loads of Strongbow up my arse today
Inches, Stonehouse, Addlestones, Special K, Diamond White and Diamond Brush, they're the ones that're gonna give you the flush (knows it)

Watch for parasitic worms, they're fukin' everywhere

Ringworms, shredworms, tapeworms too, an itchy ringpiece proves you're part of the crew
The only way to kill 'em is by drinking a brew, twelve pints of cider stops the itchy residue
My cousin got 'em first and passed 'em to my gran, she spat on the food and got a home help van
She infected the 'Port by about 70% and gave an itchy ringpiece to the whole of Gwent

Yeah, man, fukin' itchin' man, I can't fukin' stand it no more... gotta get a fukin' cider enema on fukin' the go.... Safe!

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