Goldfinger - See You Around Lyrics

Driving down this road I know so well
Street lights just came on
Sun stained sky horizon fell
The QuickChek is long gone

Together we will be alright
It's the little things that get in the way
Even when we are laughing, even when we fight
We shine so, shine so bright

It all comes down to memories and casualties
You know I'll still be waiting
But the one thing that we have
Is knowing what we were
Yeah we said "I guess I'll see you around"
"I guess I'll see you around"

I wrote songs for her in my father's garage
We stayed awake 'til dawn
Long hot summer's lost in her skin
Those days are all long gone

While the lights burn out and we laugh
And it swept us all away
In the back of your car
Deep in our darkest hours
We shine so, shine so brightly

It all comes down to memories and casualties
You know I'll still be waiting
But the one thing that we have
Is knowing what we were
Yeah we said "I guess I'll see you around"
"I guess I'll see you around"

And we changed, but it's all the same
Everything is perfect when we are together
We changed, but it's still the same tonight
When we all fall down, we can sing out loud
Everything is perfect when we are together
We changed but it's all the same tonight

Now we're at the bar we used to own
It was our second home
Then the band, they play our favorite song
"The Bastards of Young"

It all comes down to memories and casualties
You know I'll still be waiting
But the one thing that we have
Is knowing what we were
Yeah we said "I guess I'll see you around"
"I guess I'll see you around"

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Goldfinger See You Around Comments
  1. LynxDDragon

    I'm 17... and this made me feel 50 ;-;... damn, these guys have transcended!

  2. Chris David

    About what blink would sound like had tom never left

  3. Spectre

    Hello, Goldfinger community! New to finding these guys, and loving what I'm hearing so far...any recommendations of other good songs?

  4. jeroliver

    Can we just force Mark, Matt, John, Tom and Travis together?

  5. Mr Ugenx

    Komposisi yang cantik

  6. Gerard Jerry

    A liitle Jersey tribute the QuickChek

  7. fvcker gonna fvck

    if goldfinger record & releasing california album, no one will be pissed, it will be awesome

  8. Satoshi Gurung

    Sounds like a good song for a farewell

  9. isunktheship

    Better than new Blink

  10. trevisz 182

    Mark Goldfingeruss

  11. Brandon Burton

    goldblinker 182

  12. andres ardila

    This is a good song because Mark sings in it.

  13. Chase Allsup

    This would've been a bad ass blink song with Tom

  14. Emilio Camacho

    Mi banda favorita de la infancia con una de mis bandas favoritas de la adolescencia. Perfect

  15. Diego Prieto

    It’s so funny... this guys practically invented this californian punk style yet everybody seems to label them as ripoffs. Respect to one of the true pioneers.

  16. Rizky Surur

    Mark Hoppus!

  17. Brayden Hale

    Yo best song in years

  18. jhon mendoza

    y nadie habla sobre quien toca la bateria? claro que si señores es travis!!!


    jhon mendoza y mike MxPx en el bajo

  19. George Funes

    Confirming this was indeed Marks voice made me love this song even more. Thanks Goldfinger!

  20. Morgan Roose

    The whole album is great but tracks 10 &13 not so much

  21. David Lozoya

    Feldy sounds just like Matt Skiba in this song. This song sounds like blink 182 with Tom, Matt, Mark, and Travks. Tom is playing guitar! Haha


    I thought i heard Skiba on this album in one or two songs

  22. Lino Moreno

    Tom's influence is everywhere... Same rifs, same sound of Tom! Sorry guys! But... This is NOT a new sound, listen Neighborhood album!! Thats the primary sound!

    Noite Americana

    Neighborhoods smells like shit

  23. Bigbrother3465

    Mark's verse is sick.

  24. Toddy Zilla

    Wow why people here compare goldfinger and blink? I guess they don't know goldfinger before and for the record the lead singer John feldman produce the new blink so

  25. AndyAquabat

    This sounds just like Story of a Lonely Guy - blink-182 it's insane. ^^just started playing on my phone and I thought it was this song. Trippy

    Toddy Zilla

    AndyAquabat182 i guess you never heard goldfinger before or at least all there albums


    They're actually one of my all time favorites I have no idea what your comment was implying.

  26. Vlad Plasmius

    Goldfinger used to be so much better than this. This is painfully generic.


    my favorite :)

  28. Marika Montanari

    I'm in love

  29. Blake

    Haven't enjoyed a label this much since Drive-Thru. That means a lot to me.

  30. Zheythomas Hudzaifah

    feat markhoppus yeayyy

  31. Side Effects

    Why does this remind me of motion city soundtrack

  32. D S

    How the hell does this have so many dislikes? I'm assuming they're not blink fans...

  33. Elmer Sadrac Martinez Morales

    Such a beautiful song!

  34. MrMotherfuck123

    Best Song on the Record.

  35. Dry Sift Wizard

    Uhh... why does this sound like blink182?


    John Fieldman (wrong spelling) helped write and produce California, he is also the lead singer for Gold Finger

  36. Paniel Maniac

    is this the new bliink?

    trevisz 182

    Technically yeah

    Bryan Pena

    you already commented earlier...made your point.

  37. Kevin Student

    Oh shit! I thought they weren't going to be doing new albums! Stoked to have more Goldfinger!

  38. thanks ace

    Great song and great album! Love the collabs!

  39. Jay-ar Ibon

    omg...i miss music like this. such throwback back in the days

    Toddy Zilla

    Jay-ar Ibon feel you bro

    Alexandro Santos

    Jay-ar Ibon I feel the same as well, going back over the years

  40. sebastian meza

    Future blink-182

    Alexandro Santos

    sebastian meza I think this is the next step,

    White Privilege


  41. Irvan Ramirez

    my favorite in this album!!

  42. dafne gomez

    me encantan sus canciones :3

  43. Paniel Maniac

    i was confused when i hear marks voice and check the band members and he wasent there, i was like wtf its the same voice

    Sigfried Bigcheese Van MemeLord II

    Oh yeah, Mark is on this song. I really like the collaboration, two cool bands working together.

    Joel Sinn

    Plus Mike from MXPX is playing the bass for Goldfinger, so it's kind of like a super group now.

    _ Flick _

    Blink 182 have nice music so does Goldfinger!

  44. Novak UFC

    The F***king best song i ever listen

  45. Ak Ramirez

    This song is amazing, I wanna see this band live so bad!! 218th like

    John Antinora

    I saw them open up for Reel Big Fish at Roseland Ballroom in NYC about 15 years ago. SRO floor. Great show.

  46. Elmer Sadrac Martinez Morales

    I love this song

  47. Carlos Henrique

    Não sei se por ser o produtor do Blink 182...mas parece muito muito com Blink 182 e MxPx

    O que foi agora?

    acertou em cheio hehe
    é o mesmo

  48. Juraj Uhrinec

    This deserves way much more attention




    Yeah, totally. Blink and Goldfinger are so unkown. And 120k views, nothing. Underrated.

  49. Serpent of the Abyss

    A little piece of heaven

    Mico Garcia

    HAHAHAHHA amazing

    Metal Head21

    dude im with you a7x

  50. Rafa92

    Oh, hi Mark.



    trevisz 182

    I did not her.

    Sauly Bee

    It's just that American style

    Sauly Bee

    Walk the streets, in Los Angeles, dark alleys, and drinking too much, listen to punk rock in the parking lot, we both wear black and our clothes ripped, we're so fucked up, reminiscing about the time you went for the other guy. Blah blah

  51. Soto Kill

    Esta buena esa canción 💖 saludenme desde Honduras💖

  52. Carlos Velasquez

    This song is so amazing 🖤

  53. Alfredo Son

    ava riff here?


    It sounds like Story of a Lonely Guy to me

    Toddy Zilla

    Alfredo Son if u heard all goldfinger album u will not say that

    danielyn tripping


    Chris David

    More of a tom riff he was doing that before he left blink

  54. Riza Yudhistira

    Wow, I come so early. Hardly able to produce a decent joke to get likes in order to stay on top

  55. 0 fks Joey

    Boom 2nd

  56. Mental Antivist

    I love them so much ugh

    Toddy Zilla

    Beebø's Ride feel you bro