Goldfinger - FTN Lyrics



Fuck Ted Nugent he's a fucking jerk
I wish that he'd be gone
Chauvanistic Republican, kills animals
He forgot how to write a song

He's a dick!
Fuck him!
Fuck him!

Fuck Ted Nugent, and fuck the NRA
And fuck their attitude
He thinks riding a buffalo and wearing Oakleys
Will make him look real cool

He's a dick!
Fuck him!
Fuck him!

He thinks he'll get the girls
By killing little squirrels

Jennifur Lopez
Fur-wearing fucking twat
She likes to eat dead cow
She thinks its cool to wear eyelashes of dead foxes
Cuz she thinks it hides the pounds

Shes a bitch!
Fuck her!
Fuck her!

She's a bitch!
Fuck her!
Fuck her!

One more time
Fuck Ted Nugent!

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Goldfinger FTN Comments
  1. Tancrede Serot

    Ted is the best, fuck goldfinger

  2. mattlamb

    Fuck Trump.

  3. NightCrawler775

    Cool track. Ted Nugent really is a piece of shit. Who needs to prove “manhood” by hunting and fishing? We’re not fucking cavemen anymore.

    Simply LW97.

    Well, what would you do if you had no electricity? You are just a lazy cissy.

  4. Big Rig69

    Great song

  5. RareWareHero

    Along with Green Day, blink-182 and other punk bands like these guys I want to say I LOVE THEM all for making the statement the world is a stupid place to be in nowadays MUCH MUCH MORE TRUE THAN BEFORE

  6. Luis González

    Soy el único que habla español xdxd

    Jackeline Olivares

    Luis González nop! Somos dos. Una de mis bandas regalonas 😍

  7. Joe Santigati

    fuck Ted Nugent? no, fuck gold finger for being a bunch of prissy ass animal rights pussys. fuck gold finger for misplacing their balls. fuck gold finger for coming out with this pop sounding emo bullshit... must I go on? at least ted has a pair and knows where he fucking stands. I bet these punk bitches don't even know what bathroom to go in to anymore. bunch of punks that forgot their balls in Victoria secret. all I have to say is they better be glad for a nutless fan shroud or else they would be broke.

    Simply LW97.

    Amen. Luckily there also is punk that teaches truth:

  8. James Lamoureux

    Untalented band with dick on their breath. McDonalds needs burger flippers.

  9. mushroomking11

    We're the "rabid coyotes, yet TED acts like he's the one that's been bitten...

  10. dspan9

    songs more relevant now than when they wrote it

  11. Smitty's Sports and Politics

    damn right!!

  12. Wamgo C

    Ted has written a lot of songs. But never one this shitty.


    Idk cat scratch fever is pretty shitty (dafuq does catch scratch fever even mean) or jailbait you know the one where he's 32 and wants to bang a 13yr old.

    One Drop Mtg

    Stranglehold talks through the eyes of a domestic abuser blaming his victim leaving him for quote "that night I crushed your face." That's pretty shitty to me.

    Tim Mackie

    “I Love My BBQ” has no actual tune to speak of

  13. Kaleb Zucker

    My favorite song from tony hawk

  14. Captain Rupertikjakmos

    It seriously ruins a band for me when they feel they have to shove their retarded political beliefs in everyone's faces, that's what always annoyed me when Goldfinger played live, John Feldmann would try to force his crap on the crowd.
    I do like John in general and Goldfinger was an absolutely amazing band that made top quality music, but their liberal bs is annoying. "Chauvanistic republican"? Seriously?
    Bands need to keep politics out of their music, you know it's bad when Kanye West is the only one speaking the truth now.

    We Remotely Low

    Welcome to the world of punk.

    Simply LW97.

    @Talking Sink So you bash Ted for something he did literally a half century ago?

    Simply LW97.

    @Bobbilytus Choppenstantz music is politics? Always? Where are the politics in instrumental music?

    Bobbilytus Choppenstantz

    @Simply LW97. generally in the origin and context surrounding the music; nothing exists in a vacuum. Look at ragtime jazz; much of it was instrumental, but it was still a powerful symbol of black identity, the underground, and desegregation. Compared to a crisp military drumline who's concept dates back to ancient Roman use of musical keys to influence public opinion by eliciting certain emotions. There's a reason you never hear a war song in d minor.

    Talking Sink

    Simply LW97. Yes when he hasn’t changed his behavior since. He still makes death threats against people such as Obama, encourages his fans to shoot liberals like “rabid coyotes” and a couple years ago called holocaust victims “soulless sheep to slaughter”. Also time doesn’t mean shit unless you do something to rectify your misdeeds (which he hasn’t and even tries to claim, contrary to his own remarks, they didn’t happen).Can’t believe I had to load up an old account to explain a simple concept like this.

  15. thrasherfan96

    Came because of behind the music Ted Nugent. Stayed because I like the instrument arrangement.

  16. Jonathan Ferret Campos

    Stranglehold brought me here

  17. Malsikcuf Malsikcuf

    Wow, typical un-original L.A. regurgitated 80's wanna-be punk band.

  18. Francois Petitpain

    Yeah - ... a fucking jerk LOL

  19. ProgrammedForDamage

    Farrah Fawcett fitted better in the song, but I guess they had to change it once she died.

  20. hectorlupino

    Brilliant do one for Katie Hopkins!

    Captain Rupertikjakmos

    Katie Hopkins is awesome

  21. Daragh

    as much as I agree with them this song is still shit

  22. Vegan Rebel

    OMG I am in love!!! My new fave band THANK YOU xxxxxx

    Vegan Rebel

    oh you are great and so kind - thanks so much my friend xxx


    +Lorrayne Hurley no bother always glad to help out a fellow vegan 😜

    Vegan Rebel

    likewise my friend - we gottah stick together

    Vegan Rebel

    OMG I love this Mistro - this is brilliant.  They are even wearing friends of mines Organization The Vegan Legion shirts!!


    +Lorrayne Hurley ya he's good alright we need more musicians like him ☺

  23. Chad Peterson

    Tree hugging pussies

    Mayo Blaze

    wow that was fucking pretentious. is reddit down or something?


    +Mayo Blaze So in other words you admit that destroying the world we live in is the right thing to do? Or maybe you are just a fool.

    Mayo Blaze

    @Fintalgia what? I just called you pretentious for all you fucking know I could be a member of PETA.


    @Mayo Blaze
    Well, that is great if you are, but it was kinda ironic how you replied to me. Whatever, forget it. I don't wanna argue.

    Muse Russell23

    Chad Peterson ?

  24. 955472

    "If humans weren't supposed to eat meat than we would have 4 stomachs like cows."

    Um, virtually no herbivores have more than one stomach. Reality. You're not good at it.

  25. CZsWorld

    Google Play replaced my song with a censored version. :( Pretty much no words in the censored version.

  26. voodoolife

    You guys are so bad you need to ride a coat tail?Try fuck Nancy Pelosi. Try Fuck Harry Ried? If you really are punk, be an anti BIG GOVERNMENT BAND! I'm going to make some bacon wrapped chicken breast stuffed with blue cheese. Fuck Goldfinger, not Ted...

    Gabriel Leake

    Dude, to be completely fair. Ted Nugent is an asshole.


    @voodoolife Big liberal Jennifer Lopez wasn't enough for you I guess.

  27. Matthew Steel

    i wonder if ted nugent or j-lo have seen this song haa


    +Matthew Steel Ted for certain has. J-Lo I'm not certain

    Big Rig69

    I’ll send it to em on the Instagram

  28. alwrig

    Goldfinger, eh?  Look like a bunch of rump rangers to me!


    @alwrig Lets' see what you look like.

  29. TheRadPlayer

    Fuck Ted Nugent!

    Now that's a statement i can back the fuck up on.

    (Although i don't give a shit about his hunting, or J-Lo wearing fur.)


    Fuck Obama!

    Now that's a statement i can back the fuck up on.

    One Drop Mtg

    voodoolife so I assume you shout that because you think anyone that despises draft dodging psychopaths like Ted Nugent loves Obama. I for one despise Ted Nugent I was very critical of Obama, I still voted for him, because he was very much the lesser of two evils both elections.

  30. MsRandomBubble

    So easy to spot the Ted Nugent fangirls in the comment section. Have you all forgot the easy option of not clicking on the video in the first place? Nobody is forcing you to listen to the song. And honestly by insulting a band for speaking their minds, only makes you look juvenile and immature. 


    I have never heard of 4chan.

    Captain Rupertikjakmos

    No, using that "durr don't like don't listen" bullshit is immature and retarded

    Bobbilytus Choppenstantz

    No, replying to a comment from THREE FUCKING YEARS ago is immature and retarded. The song is fantastic and her statement has aged well.

    A T

    honestly I am here because i needed inspiration as I writing a song about animal abuse, any help is great


    FUCK TURD NUGENT! This irony is his son having to go on a vegan diet yet still a fucking idiot. Anyone that supports animals in Factory Farming is just as bad as macho hunters that murder sentient being when they don't need to get their protein killing. He uses GOD as part of an excuse with zero logic. And to see pleasure in killing says it all. He KILLS as a TROPHY HUNTER that has NOTHING to do with food yet ego. He's just a PSYCHO gun freak that makes America look even more violent.

  31. gwebb77

    didn't this song have a verse about Farrah Fawcett?

  32. Alex Lyon

    We weren't "supposed" to do anything. We were not created, because god doesn't exist. Many herbivore animals have one stomach. And what's wrong with being a pot head?

    Muse Russell23

    Roan Lill-Bovill there's something wrong with eating animals

  33. Alex Lyon

    i have successfully lived for 17 years as a vegetarian thinking the same thing

  34. Alex Lyon

    chill out brah

  35. Alex Lyon

    Why would what is 'natural' (a word that refers to the non human world amd so is nonsensical when used to describe anything to do with humans) also be what is moral? You might say it's natural to get angry and want to punch someone when they say something you don't like, but that doesn't make it moral.In fact, we don't eat animals for survival, we can, and I do, live perfectly healthily without ever eating animals. People just do it because they are raised doing it.

  36. stevilzilla5416


    Muse Russell23

    stevilzilla5416 sorry other way around


    Humans do NOT need to eat animals and TURD NUGENT is just into the thrill of the KILL because he dodged the draft as a coward. The dude has deep mental issues. His dad was military and must have abused the shit out of him. He started killed animals as a child because he's a psychopath. Even ICE MAN had a family yet Turd used his sickness and violence out on animals with GOD as an excuse. How fucking sick are puppets like him.

  37. Fred Garven

    gee michael try telling that to all the peace loving liberal democrats who are insisting we stick our noses into countries like libya and syria and give weapons to terrorists all in the name of peace? talk about hypocrisy.

  38. debora Nogueira

    Ta de parabéns essa musica!!!

  39. Daniel Zeman

    It is only through modern technology and ways that we have been able to side-skirt killing animals to eat. To be quite honest there are still plenty of people in this world that survive because they kill animals to get food.Thats the food chain, why if it is so incorrect for us to be killing animals for our survival,(we are animals for those who don't know) then why don't we try to prevent other animals from killing other animals and feed them a vegan diet? Thats bc its our nature to hunt & eat.

    Muse Russell23

    AbsolutelyAmerican your argument wasn't logically sound


    @Muse Russell23 There are human animals around the world that wouldn't have to even eat animals due to plenty of plant food and plenty of plant-based foods more than ever. MOST people do NOT murder animals yet still they also don't have to pay others to murder sentient beings for their food. There are humans starving yet plenty of foods being grown unless NOW tRump screws that up with HIS TRADE WAR. And that just got worse this week too. Claiming that killing animals is part of the food chain is just an excuse that CARNIST use and this word does NOT mean Carnivores. They are not even many land animals that are "carnivores" either. HUMANS are NOT CARNIVORES. Humans ate very little animal flesh until FACTORY FARMING. Even the man CHRIST did NOT eat animals for ethical reasons being against the violence against these innocent creatures. Even in the times of DINOSAURS there have been meat eaters are humans are in these times need to EVOLVE before more species go extinct and humans too when all the water being used is being wasted on breeding (raping) animals for consumption. Sick of the dogs, chickens, pigs, sheep, lambs, cats, monkeys, horses, turkeys, goats, cows, donkeys etc being MURDERED to be eaten. It's primitive and BARBARIC.

  40. Daniel Zeman

    I happen to Like the NRA and shooting. I think shooting is a fun sport! Getting to the range and doing some target practice is a lot of fun. I also enjoy hunting, I always eat what I kill, but I enjoy the sport. This does not mean that I am a bad person or that I should be condemned to a life of misery, but I am a law abiding citizen practicing my rights. Remember, before grocery stores were invented and we had processed foods, people got their food from hunting and killing.

    Muse Russell23

    AbsolutelyAmerican it's not a sport

    One Drop Mtg

    AbsolutelyAmerican sure, and how does that defend Ted Nugent?


    Yes it does mean you are a bad person. Just because something's legal doesn't mean it's ethical.

    Justin Graziano

    He supports far more bad things than just killing animals. He’s a greedy piece of shit that thinks only the rich should have access to medical care. I hope he gets a disease that bankrupts him, he deserves it.

  41. Mary Luna

    vegi guy

  42. Dalai Dahmer

    Ted Nugent is a draft dodger who hunts animals with hi tech weapons and a helicopter because he thinks killing is a rush, as long as nobody is shooting back.

    If anyone is a coward, Ted Nugent is.

    Plus, his music sucks.

    Francesco Davì

    and he is a fucking a pedo

  43. Ray Lustig

    Ten thousand internets for you, Commissar :)

  44. Aaron Schafer

    yes, the raiders are, their GM is screwing me and the rest of Raider Nation over

  45. butters226

    lol, i love how the raiders are terrible

  46. Michael Trollton

    I hate people like that. The same people who kill animals are the same ones who support the death penalty and love to go to war yet hate abortion. You can't pick and choose the things you want to live. It doesn't work like that.

  47. Aaron Schafer


  48. Aaron Schafer

    lol, i love how all the dicks are defending ted nugent

  49. Freebob E. Shmurda

    I like guns and eating meat, but I also love Goldfinger.
    Can't we all just get along?:)


    You must be a kid and extremely IGNORANT. Some guns great, I have some myself for self defense yet no machine guns as if ready to fight an invasion from Mars. Yet there is zero reason the eat animals in these modern times. We ALL can't get along until the violence against animals stop. Humans can end this violence and starving children yet CAPITALISM is keeping people starving.

  50. YURIA 1576

    fucking awesome lol xD

  51. kingj0n

    Some of those people with "Action for Animals" kill real human.
    I rather kill animals than humans.


    Then you are not around non human animals much because they are much better beings and joyful to be with. Nature is better with non human animals yet NOT with humans that are destroying nature and other species.

  52. xpieratex

    LOL. I forgot about this. I still hate hunters. :P I still think ted is a POS too. This band sucks but eff Ted N. People get all pissy over the silliest things.

  53. Justin Stewart

    You're a fucking moron. Do you believe in creationism too dumbass?

  54. Bobby Watkins

    if i wolf come a cross you in the woods it gonna eat it nature dont try and push your beleaves on people and people well stop calling you a bitch and a faggot keep your bleaves to your self cause people dont want to hear it and people who hunt pay way more money and stuff helping animals then you

  55. Elma

    54 people like Ted 'twat' nugent

  56. thrashhole

    Lol at all the butthurt whiny ted nuget fanboys in the comments hahaha

  57. Hugh Jass

    Here's a new one from a proud hunter. You're a fucked up vegan pot-head! If humans weren't supposed to eat meat than we would have 4 stomachs like cows.

    Muse Russell23

    Hugh Jass what???


    LOL that is one dumb ass hunter. Most hunters are very uneducated like like Turd Nugent. He lives in a bubble. Humans don't even have the teeth, stomachs or colons designed to eat animals fresh. That's like saying that humans are designed to eat animals raw like wild animals. Humans are taught to eat animals being conditioned that throughout man unkind being no other means of plant farms when humans were not settled yet it was the gatherers that kept the tribes going to EVOLVE and cooking plant foods that would digest faster..

  58. Keith Schiffner

    Carrot juice is murder!

  59. Julia Affentranger

    I support weaponry rights and animal rights. I eat meat and I would wear apparel made from animal products if I had any. My family includes my cat, my dog, and my dog's adopted feline son.

    Ted Nugent can kiss my social democratic monarchist arse.

  60. MrGox

    this song is sucha win! shes a bitch fuck her :DDDD

  61. David Heun


  62. Ondřej Stavěl

    one more time!!! ;-)

  63. Dirt Diver

    Living in the past?

  64. xxoxia

    Fuck Jennifer Lopez,fur wearing fucking twat ~ best description of her EVER! x

  65. Dingle294

    Ted is out Goldfinger is the hip new thing

  66. ScubaShneve

    The Nuge pwns. Meat > fruit...except pineapple!

  67. GLING

    OMG, what a great song! I hate Ted Nugent!

  68. rusrockt10

    Ted Nugent is responsible for the Damn Yankees. In other words, he is a talent-less, anti-American fuck.

  69. angusrocks6464

    Ted Nugent sucks as much as a person as these guys do as a band.

  70. 19stjohn67

    ted nugent guitar hero musical god
    glodfinger who?????

  71. toscodav

    They should call this group middlefinger. Wimpy white guys making really bad music.

  72. UltimateEnd622

    Hey I just said she was waiting. If she's waiting for sex, well, YOU'RE the one who said that.

  73. Jeremy Wood

    Good one. I like how you assume that im incest because i like ted nugent's music and fucking love meat and i ain't no goddamn liberal.

  74. UltimateEnd622

    Get off the internet, your sister is waiting for you.

  75. Jeremy Wood

    So, you are for animal rights and you are a satanist? Wow. What the fuck is this world coming to....

  76. XVeganDaveGodFreeX

    I've been vegan for 18 yrs & an AR activist for 15. The most common thing animal killers call me is "pussy" and "faggot." It figures that guys who think its ok to kill animals also think its ok to describe compassionate, ethical people by using a women's body part as a derogatory term, or think that saying I am gay is somehow an insult. Mostly though, it shows how they have no justification so all they can do in hurl sexist, homophobic insults to make them feel more like a man.

  77. dan saelens

    These guys are dumb asses

  78. UltimateEnd622

    If the definition of a man is a piece of shit nationalistic killer, then yeah Ted is a man.

  79. xpieratex

    @packeropie I am aware that they dont care about me but how am I defending the band? I am defending their message. If u want to say the singer is a whiny pussy thats fine but i do agree with their message being I dont support trophy hunting or wearing or fur. I dont even like this band just the message in this song.

  80. Edpunkrocker90

    @packeropie no just thought it sounded funny lol look dude i eat meat too in fact ill never become vegan but i also really like goldfinger so who cares about wo thinks what and who says what just have fun! i say if you're gonna hunt at least eat what u hunt! haha

  81. Josh Kloes

    @xpieratex right, cuz the shitstain band Goldfinger gives 2 shits about you understand that your statement was quite ironic. how about you stop defending goldfinger.

  82. Josh Kloes

    @Edpunkrocker90 are you people under the impression that I AM Ted Nugent?...

  83. MsKStar

    @packeropie Wow, that's really the mark of a man! Chlamydia, ego and the blood of innocents on your grotty little money-grabbing hands! Shame all the animal slaying, 'chick banging' and mouth-on-a-stick soundbites you squeeze into this lifetime won't be enough to buy back your fetid soul.

  84. MsKStar

    @gillysuitman13 Who's bringing the correct punctuation? Not you, you dimwitted uneducated bellend..

  85. Edpunkrocker90

    @packeropie if you make millions of dollars and bang hundreds of chicks lol why are you wasting time on YouTube arguing with people?? hahahaha im just curious

  86. xpieratex

    @NATERASH247 Go choke on your drug induced disease ridden steak. I will sit with my nice healthy unclogged arteries while you get a heart attack in a few years. Enjoy. :)

  87. xpieratex

    @AdamAus85 Why does someone need to shoot an animal they dont plan on eating? Oh, because they are an egotistical asshole who wants a head on their wall. Thats the problem

  88. xpieratex

    @packeropie I think the point was mr nugent likes to shoot animals and is a prick. Are we friends with ted? Nope, I think not so stop defending someone who doesnt give 2 shits about you and just to throw it out there jennifer lopez is a huge fur hag twat.

  89. Gage Gruber

    fuck liberals, fuck democrats...just a bunch of worthless pussies...fuck obama, fuck this song...ted nugent still rocks on!! thats a good song

  90. TheLastFraudster

    @packeropie Good for you Ted, now fuck off and die.

  91. Josh Kloes

    @TheLastFraudster if you are saying I am ted nugent, I will take that as a compliment. because even though i am a raving lunatic, i bang hundreds of chicks on the regular, and i make millions of thanks for the compliment. go listen to more ska now you dumbass.

  92. TheLastFraudster

    @packeropie Go away Ted.

  93. TheLastFraudster


  94. CECRedGhost

    Even as someone who loves animals, this song is god awful.

  95. CHIPDADDY1000

    Goldfinger ? Never heard of you until uncle Ted , funny he said you guys could kiss his ass but you couldn't get close enough lol!
    So true , live on fags with your rap music , my 10 year old has a lot more musical talent than you fucks lol, so embarrassing lol !!haha still lagging at you !

  96. Josh Kloes

    haha goldfinger, ted nugent has slept with 100's more women than you, has played thousands more shows than you, and sold millions more records than you....oh but wait, you had that song that was in a tony hawk video game. it's laughable and pathetic that you thought you even deserved to speak ill of the motor city madman, when your rock n roll balls never dropped. you are a failure pile, and ted nugent is a rock legend. GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELVES.

  97. Irish SwaggerTeller

    Fuck ted and lopez!!!!

  98. Max Cvijovic

    Ted Nugent is the fuckin' man. His music is sick and pure Rock N' Roll. Ted Nugent actually has a fuckin' growl and anger, he is not some whiny bitch who cries about a man who kills animals and if he were to he wouldn't cry he would yell because he ain't not fuckin' pussy. To SCKentrol Punk Music went to complete shit, 80's Hardcore Punk is the fuckin' shit fuck this whinny little bitch, if your gonna make a song about being pissed your voice better be as pissed OFF! if not, don't fuckin' try!!!