Goldfinger - A Million Miles Lyrics

Take a breath now take a beat cause I can't take no more
Everyone is taking shots I can not beat the score

Where did my life go
Where did my life go
Where did my life go

I just can't hold it back no more
I just can't hold it back no more
I just can't hold it back no more
I just can't hold it back no more

Everyone says let it go but you have never walked this road
A million miles just warming up
You can't tell me what to do when you ain't even broke the rules
A million miles just warming up

Where did my life go
Where did my life go
Where did my life go

I just can't hold it back no more
I just can't hold it back no more
I just can't hold it back no more
I just can't hold it back no more

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Goldfinger A Million Miles Comments
  1. benlovescheese

    Sounds like California

  2. Tama Freethinker

    Mike Hererra ???

  3. Duke Caboom


  4. ANM

    Apply "There's something about you... That I can't quite put my finger in"

  5. Morgan Roose

    O SHIT......This song is damn good and is that mike herrera I see playing bass another great band MxPx

  6. Dillon Cain

    Still a fan.

  7. BooBox Rock

    They are what new blink-182 wishes they were. Goldfinger forever!!!

  8. Avery McCosh
    I'd be grateful if anyone could maybe leave their opinion of this song. I apologize for doing this, I just need to know if I'm wasting my time with my music.
    Thank you.

  9. ラキパン


  10. Elvis Romero

    Where is Travis Barker!!!!

  11. deepak muddebihal

    Now I know how Blink-182 got cynical as the opening song in California...

  12. Kyle Anthony

    Those vocal harmonies are INSANE


    Its Phil from Story of the Year

  13. Caleb Dykes

    MIKE HERRERA WTF?!?!?!?!

  14. roadeyez

    Radio Ga Ga

  15. Kr is

    Why they do Blink cover?

  16. Makzil78

    Good song, but the video is such a letdown without Travis in it! There I said it! Deal with it! He played drums on the track! :-D

  17. Layynuhhh

    damn i wish yall would come to tampa FL so i can see you <3

  18. eweuh ngarana


  19. jthomas5o1

    This shit is anthemic pop-punk - what the hell is all the shade? I want to ask...for all those who are displeased with this...what would you prefer?

  20. JordanStarkeDRUMS

    Is that Aric Improta on the drums in this video?

  21. Matt Rushing

    And Mike Herrera from MxPx on bass....amazing

  22. Stritty

    this is reallllllyyyyy bad holy HECK
    John Feldmen: "Alright guys I have a great idea... lets strip ALL personality from everything were going to make now. And uhhhhhhhhhh... lets make EVERYTHING sound bland and uninspired!"

    god damnit Feldy

  23. Mikkel Hougaard

    Trying Way to hard to make a hit

  24. Ryan Brechtlein

    A lot of the songs from this album sound like they came from the album California by blink 182. Not complaining though.

  25. warpage niñofranco

    love u guys one of my influence nyahaha!

  26. Kevin Johnson

    All this vocal correction or auto tuning makes this sound sterile and lifeless.

  27. Joe Kim

    Where did the fucking trumpets go?

  28. Alan

    Travis is a monster.

  29. Rich xyz

    nice song...could he also have given to Blink 182 :D ;) OoHHH OoHHoooHH...OohHH

  30. Natty Punk Amores

    With mike H


    tony hawk

  32. Mike Heber

    Why would you have mike Herrera in your band but not chuck him a few verses

  33. gustavo garcia

    Wow mike from mxpx playing bass for goldfingers


    Hermosa canción con pocas visitas

  35. Leon Della Rosa

    One of my favorite bands ever
    I always love then
    They change my life ever
    Someday i Will meet then
    One of my dreams
    Always Amazing

  36. Andrew Shirley

    AS much as I love Goldinger, I wish John Feldman would stop promoting PETA. They are such hypercrites and such an awful company.

  37. Harol Perez

    Estoy alucinando o el que toca el bajo es el vocalista de MXPX....

  38. mat thieu

    this is horrible

  39. Dan Garcia

    Let's talk about Mike Herrera back there on bass.

  40. Skeelr

    Love the knife! Truly one of my favorite albums of all time!

  41. Anderson Mello


  42. Brown Human Media

    Sounds like Blink 182 s last album 😯

  43. ploob man

    Yikes...some bands just need to call it quits.

  44. Martin Desrochers

    Mike Herrera with Goldfinger, with Tumble Down, with MxPx.... Mike is everywhere lol

  45. Travis Blount

    I fucking love this song.

  46. A L E X I U S

    There is just too much heart and soul in this amazing.

  47. ryan2stix

    LOL leather jackets while playing...ya ok...what the hell is with the auto tune? So punk

  48. AnthonyProd

    yeah it's look like blink 182 bcz the singer of goldfinger is the producer of blink , john feldman

  49. adec spider

    So I’m trying to figure out who’s playing the Lead Guitar in the music video. I don’t think its Phil Sneed. Can someone identify who it is?

  50. James Steevens

    Good to see these guys still around. Makes me think of the 90's when I was a kid.

  51. Alexandre Carlos Bohm

    Goldblinkfinger 182

  52. Lauris Olups

    Last two Goldfinger albums were like stale beer so I wasn't expecting much from this one. But goddamn I was in for a surprise! Even though John's lyrics have always been shallow and simple, the melodies and complex instrumental structures on this album are amazing. I'd call it the poppunk comeback record of the year.

  53. MrPhantom95

    way too overproduced for my taste. Same with Blink’s new album. Like someone smeared butter over the entire song

  54. kodok beracun

    goldfinger still have original member. and its still my goldfinger :)

  55. RedVolver Beat Music

    oh mike god !

  56. Basham86

    Just break up. Terrible

  57. caçador do rio

    No charlie, no darrin and no kelly NO GOLDFINGER

  58. Tian Melodic

    wowww.... mike herrera????

  59. Sean Baker

    His face annoys me

    The Goose

    This coming from the guy with the shirtless bro profile pic lol

    Sean Baker

    MAGA MAN coming from the guy without a profile pic

  60. Dylan Wilcox

    I get juiced up on stage just like Feldmann does!

  61. Kristian Putra

    mental mental...mantap

  62. Rifqi Aufan

    gileeeeee..... tua tua keladi ini mah. udh mau kakek2 tapi musiknya tambah keren aja..... mangstab om

  63. Sean Hunty

    I went to
    Take a piss. What did I miss in 2 minutes ?!

  64. aan sby

    Are you a spokesman?

  65. Yagi Wiraya


  66. Hellowton

    Let's go punk rockers...


    This is not punk rock genius

  67. francisgoro

    Not surprised about the whoah part tbh

  68. Johnny Parrot Joe

    Is that bassist Mike from Mxpx?

  69. S2kTi

    Wow this makes it very clear how big an influence Feldman was on blinks new music.. this sounds like it's straight off California..

  70. SaltNic 40{MG}

    Goldfinger is back awesome and mike herrera inside to bazz why drumer not travis barker hehehe..

  71. Carboncrossroads

    EXACTLY like the new Blink. Which is appropriate cause John produced California.

  72. trevisz 182

    Reminds me of Cynical... I love GF. But where is Travis?

  73. shawshaynk


  74. Bannequins

    Sounds like the new crap blink album

  75. EET FUK

    Shit man. Wanted to hear Goldfinger.... All I got was Califonia overprodused Blink-182 stuff. Damnit.

  76. JonesiBoy Beastmode

    Wish Mike was the lead vocalist lmao

  77. Leo MG

    blink 182 :n

  78. Rafa Marrama

    This is Blink-182 HAHAHAHAHA

  79. Arland F.

    No offense but Travis barker needed to be more in this vid! I mean he did do all the drums on the album!

  80. klach khobeib

    looooooove it

  81. King Nine


  82. Steven Joseph


  83. Kevin Strom

    Yay......more California......

  84. Trojann Perez

    oh shit there back,.,, wait the bassist looks familiar hm...MXpx? and the other guy didn't do flips

  85. Hiphopopotamus

    Wow didn't know that Mike Herrera from MXPX joined Goldfinger

  86. Gabriel100360

    So much like parking lot from blink is scary

  87. Jordi

    I really like the song but i hate the fact that we now live in a world where blink-182 and goldfinger are now the same thing.


    john completely ruined blink... way overproduced and badly mixed

  88. entu poto

    goldfinger chile..

  89. Israel Castillo

    When he threw his guitar at the end I cried a little.

  90. Geraint Roberts

    So good seeing you guys at Slam Dunk this year!

  91. loren tino

    With for the next clip in the knife album! I like this album!

  92. fedecns

    It's so weird watching an old man doing pop punk lol

  93. Fairy C Rat

    Wait, why is that not Travis?

  94. Captain Rupertikjakmos

    God bless you John Feldmann

  95. Anthony Mendeola


  96. Josi G.

    Having not listened to Goldfinger in nearly 20 years and seeing YouTube suggest their new music video is a very strange thing.