Golden Earring - Collage Lyrics

Blue for the blue, I feel when I'm feelin' down
On the ground, feelin' down that could be most any day
Green for the eyes, take a look around when the sun goes down
And the sun goes down in the strangest way
Red for the light, gotta stop this thing
Find a song to sing that is everything
That I meant to say, meant to say

Pray for the eyes that are blind like the world
Never see the good, that is done to the bad
It's too late to see
Two of us make it easier, to read the signs
Memorize the lines, you play with me
One for the road, I'll be on my way
Come another day, when the things we say
Find a way to be, way to be

Autumn calls for a change of year, bringin' winter near us
Greens are brown and disguise a sign
Wintertime is a razorblade that the devil made
It's a price we pay for the summertime
Spring days come, it's hard to know
Where the rain comes from, where the children go
It's a nursery rhyme, nursery rhyme

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Golden Earring Collage Comments
  1. Daniel Moore

    Some good covers here! Of course, no US radio play......

  2. Despina838

    Gotta See Jane is fire.

  3. My Future Mistress

    little red book KILLS!!!!

  4. My Future Mistress

    this is great! 1st time i've heard it. love the player.

  5. Ferenc Tolnai

    Király album.

  6. felipe de jesus zuñiga ramirez

    gran homenaje a musicos de antaño

  7. Dennis Ratering

    Onderschatte band!

    Marc Soede

    Dennis Ratering Golden Earring; al meer dan 50 jaar actief, hits in 6 opeenvolgende decennia, optredens nog steeds goed bezocht en regelmatig uitverkocht.....
    Ik denk dat niemand deze band onderschat 😇

  8. Alexander Paul Dijkema

    everybody dies around me, my brother, neighbor, friends,
    alone in Tuscany, thinking of Groningen, girlfriend on my Solex to Livin' Blues, Cesar's girlfriend I took to Hyde park in 1970 (Yes, Solex too), Yeh, thanks George for I'll be Back again.
    I gotta see jane, my wife for 40 years, now back in Amsterdamned.
    My little Red Book is running Empty


    ya got to man up pal, I crashed an burned...........

  9. Atomic Tim

    11.18.16 took a great ride on the Harley XR-X and it was 72 degrees (NW-OH)..crazy great ride for this time of year; I was thinking of THIS song the whole time.  GREAT TUNE !

  10. Sanne Wouters

    Tijdloos en on-nederlands goed!

    Jeroen Leeuwerke

    Verschrikkelijke term 'on-nederlands goed' Dat is echt zo op en top nederlands om te zeggen dat het niet vreemd is dat die term ooit in gebruik is genomen. Waarom is dit on-nederlands?

  11. Bill Vallance

    Collage is beautiful too❤

  12. Gerard van Leeuwen

    Vet album!! " motorbikin" van Cris Spedding, te gek!!


    spot on

  13. Wouter Veldboer

    Misschien wel hun beste album.

  14. Alexandre Dobruski

    Motorbikin' 16:10 !

  15. Wil Bode

    Love you, forrever Sweet Earing
    Vanaf mijn eerste ontmoeting tot nu,altijd klasse.
    Heerlijk geniet van jullie muziek en nog steeds going strong.