Golden Earring - Apocalypse Lyrics

I've been faster, than my own shadow
I've been colder, than an ice pick you know
What really matters, is a heart of gold
And a whole lotta money, and a fat checkbook

Been a gambler, had nothing better to do
Been crazy for fools like you
What really matters is, make a dream come true
I ain't playing with fire no more
Ain't gonna play with fire no more

Well I was walking down the street, in my Italian shoes
I was minding my own business, just goin' with the flow
I could feel the hot sunshine, on my back
I started singin' to the rhythm of the city noise
I said Yeah yeah yeah

Well I was knockin' opportunity right on its head
In my silver coloured suit and my Panama hat
Yeah, I had nothin' to fear, I had places to go
And I swear I felt lightnin' in my bones
I said yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Down, down, down the Apocalypse
Down, down, down with negative
Down, down my dice come a-rollin'
Down, down with a double-six evidence
Down deep the sound of my heart I believe
Tells me life's there for lovin' it!
Oh, oh yeah... (through the air)

Well I'm tap-dancing', floatin' on thin air
High on nothin', 'xcept sweet adrenalin
And I see somethin' behind a tree
It's the mother of God, got her eyes on me
She says yeah, yeah, yeah.....

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