Gold, Andrew - Never Let Her Slip Away Lyrics

I talked to my baby on the telephone long distance
I never would've guessed I could miss someone so bad, yeah
I really only met her 'bout a week ago
But it doesn't seem to matter to my heart
I know that I love her
I'm hoping that I never recover
'Cause she's good for me
And it would really make me happy
To never let her slip away

I feel like a kid with a teenage crush on a schoolday
(On a schoolday afternoon)
I feel like the lead in Romeo and Juliet, yeah
I'm a little bit dizzy, I'm a little bit scared
I guess I never felt this much aware
That I'd love her
I'm hoping that I never recover
'Cause she's good for me
And it would really make me happy
To never let her slip away

I really only met her 'bout a week ago
But it doesn't seem to matter to my heart
I know that I love her
I'm hoping that I never recover
Yeah, she's good to me
And it would really make me happy
To never let her slip away

Mm, I love her
I'm thinking that I never recover
Yeah, she's good for me
I know it's gonna make me happy
To never let her slip away
Oh, I know it's gonna make me happy
To never let her slip away

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Gold, Andrew Never Let Her Slip Away Comments
  1. DuttyRockb

    2020 and I realised I let her slip away 🤧... such is life 😓

  2. David cupples

    I'm listening to it in 2020 it never ages. So sweet

  3. David Collins

    just really good music, wish we had that now

  4. tony tookie

    If someone say's
    Anyone still listening to this in 2020?
    I'm going to hunt you down
    And I will find you.
    You have been warned.

  5. Dave Speed

    Lovely mellow song. This chap was so good. I believe Freddie Mercury was on backing vocals. Total class.

  6. tz125r

    I love this song it takes me back to my youth and a time where i had a teenage crush on a girl who thought I wasn’t good enough for her. Happily I’ve since met the girl of my dreams, she’s perfect in every way.

  7. aimeemacdn

    Love this. Didn't know that he'd died.

  8. Steve. B

    Great oldie, chords and lyrics on screen @ >> along with cover.

  9. Ken Scott

    A wonderful song from a great songwriter The years do not tarnish such talent

  10. Brigid Amor Fernandez

    Rich Perez cover this song and was inlove with it from then on.. <3

  11. Scott Mc Fadyen

    Me and gief listened 2 this at the building.

  12. Stephanie Robinson

    Lovely little song x

  13. ScudoBoy 57

    Loved this song from a kid!

  14. Risa Hall

    Classic song

  15. Se7enwonders

    I was 16 years old in 1978 when this beautiful song came out. It will always remind of my first crush...Hi Janice 💕

  16. lee shacklock

    top tune

  17. David Hargreaves

    Ive got the 7 inch single (thats VINYL for you millenials) of condition.Great song

  18. JamesH69

    I refuse to believe that because I heard this on the radio I accidentally found the creator of spooky scary skeletons

  19. Datsizer

    Always wondered Where Kid Cudi got the Original.. lol... Hilarious... Classic

  20. Paul Kitson

    Great memories!! 🍷

  21. oz1902

    The music hasn’t really been the same since you slipped away Andrew.

  22. Queen Jamjam

    I got introduced to this awesome guy through spooky scary skeleton 💀

  23. HEE HAW

    Written about Lorraine Newman.

  24. neacy212

    I love singing along with this in the car, I cannot sing for the life of me, but it is just so catchy and I’m having fun.

  25. Terry Haywood

    First record I ever bought...still listen to it regularly. Awesome!

  26. J MacPherson

    Dave Grohl absolutely loves this song! That's how I found this.

  27. Dave Speed

    What a great song. Takes me back to my school days. Thanks and RIP Andrew.

  28. Jill Hollowell

    such a lovely song

  29. gra the blue

    Great memories from the kingsway Southport, anyone else from there

  30. James Freebury

    Still A Spine Chilling Song!

  31. llewellyn williams

    WHAT A YEAR 78

  32. martina nugent

    I used to think Gilbert O Sullivan sang this song.

  33. Sean O'Neill

    I know a couple of people who do like this song. Really do not know why. Love it.

  34. Dante Detillo

    Beautiful memories

  35. Evangeline Munda

    I really love this song! I feel like I will never recover! LOL!

  36. david cooney

    Love means everything you cannot be moved more when you have lost a love of your life this type of music must mean the world to a generation of broken heart mine included

  37. valerie greig

    Loved this song back in the day brings back so many memories

  38. sjoerd van vliet

    I do. Classic quality

  39. Kim Selbert

    I have always loved this song. Andrew was a classmate of mine in high school and we'd often sing the latest Beatles' songs during break times. Miss you Andrew!

  40. Dudeitsmeee

    Dave Grohl was RIGHT!

  41. Mr Nougat

    I used to work in a supermakert and this was on a loop along with Leo Sayer etc. Listen to it 100 plus times and it wouldn't be so special.

  42. Ken Perk

    The tune sounds like it should have been on one of the very old westerns as the two cow pokes ride slowly off into the sunset.

  43. Joe Seal

    Been with my wife nearly 20 years, and I'm only 37, she's part of me

  44. Dave Robson

    Thanks Andrew for a song that was so personal to me back in the day.

  45. codzeedee dee

    Remember catching high school bus last day of high school yeehah....this was on the radio everytime I hear it takes me back 😊

  46. Ron Mac95

    The perfect pop song. Still sounds good in 2019.

    Helen Waldron

    Agreed! 👍

  47. Andrew Parr


  48. Marcus Alexander

    Thats a good song , i miss this stuff

  49. JT Michaelson

    This song was released just three days after my 10th birthday. I remember that Summer; I got my first kiss from a girl named Alicia, had a tiny crew of good friends that played with our Star Wars action figures, and had very little worry in the world. My older brother had this album, All This And Heaven Too, and it was this song that was played more in our bedroom than "Thank You For Being A Friend". This song was over my head then but the melody keeps coming back to take me back to St. Pete, Florida that hot and long summer.

  50. everton8456

    To all mocking the Freddie Mercury story and saying he's not credited, Jagger didn't receive a credit for backing vocals on You're so Vain but he was there.

  51. cyberboy419

    Freddie Mercury provided uncredited backing vocals per these sources:
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  52. Marc Kevin Peralta

    Takes me back when I was in highschool. We have a late 70's and mid 80's theme of prom. It was played when I was dancing my crush. Now she's my girlfriend and we're happy for 3 years now.

    Linda Winchcole


  53. em jay

    There's gonna be a heartache tonight, a heartache tonight, I know.

  54. Alan Caunce

    An Absolute Classic From From The Genius Of Mr Andrew Gold. One Almighty Supreme Classic That Is Special In Many Different Ways For Each Of Us. Thank You And God Bless Mr Gold For This And Many More Majestic Memories You Have Left Us All.

  55. James Bradley

    Doesn't get any better than this.

  56. lauren Kate

    This song played after I had my little girl in hospital on radio,never forget the moment play this song aleast every few weeks 😍 fab song for perfect moment 🙈

  57. renz1347713

    This song somewhat sounds like the theme song of Harvest Moon

  58. Stephen Birks

    The great Ernie Watts on Saxaphone

  59. london19657

    Well, my memory of this song was hearing it on a small transistor radio, on a sunday evening riding home on a train,overland with the sun going down.,,,,it was probably the top 40 countdown..and I was about fifteen and couldn't even imagine even having a girlfriend. An imagination helped back then.p.s. I'm married now, thanks

  60. Steve Harrison

    Sheesh, not heard this since I was a little nipper. Welcome back, old friend.

  61. Lisette Heilman

    Just makes me happy the memories this song brings.

    Ken Perk

    In the game of love in the 70s, I lost much more often than I won. Love this painful song.

    Lisette Heilman

    @Ken Perk the pursuit was the fun part. Plotting and planning. To keep contact with that person you met on a vacation for a week. This was the song I'd sing for months. I'm sorry it makes you sad.

  62. Train Sail

    'I feel like a kid with a teenage crush on a schoolday afternoon'. now that line takes me back. How many of those did I have back then.

  63. Caris Steadman


  64. Daniella de groote

    at '90zz was a remics of this.. not badd at all 'undercover- never let......'

  65. rightmarker1

    The nostalgia is unbearable. I still think about you Sara.

  66. David Kennedy

    Who's listening with me in 2019

    Franky Bakker

    I do , ty

    Louise Rumford

    Me November 2019 💯✅👌❌

    Helen Waldron

    Me, and this should be bloody resounding as we live in text nation.. Alaxader Grayham Bell hopefully, is up there 👂 ng.xx🎼🎼🎼🎼👍👍👍

    Musik, Kunst etc.

    I am listening to this now. Just listened to "thank you for being a friend" on Thanksgiving as well....

  67. Joe Butler

    He was a part of that 70's Southern California thing-linda Ronstadt, the eagles, waddy Wachtel, etc and if you listen to the drum beat, it's pretty much exactly what the Eagles used on the song "Heartache Tonight"

  68. juliel ladlow


  69. trapper561

    Lovely song


    Brilliant song and good voice.

  71. kath briers

    Love love love this xxx

  72. Dyh

    Half asleep listening in 2019 just like you reading this.... yeah I see you

  73. hernan bustamante

    Me gusta esta canción del ex 10 cc , Andrew Gold donde en los coros está la voz del recordado ex Queden ,Freddy Mercury muy amigo en ese entonces de Gold.

  74. Attilio Azzolina

    Peccato che lui non esiste più tra noi

  75. Attilio Azzolina

    Brano STUPENDO

  76. A Holland

    Love this song so much that i can remember those old happy days when all love songs are great to sing with .

  77. louth1770

    Growing up listening to this genre of music makes one soul richer and happy, reminiscent of what had been innocently sweet and simple. Even in 2019

  78. David Richardson

    We had the best music in the 70s and the best weather ....I could be wrong...But ?

  79. Mark Hall

    2nd best song ever sorry about your dad

  80. Daniel Hull

    I've just met a girl 10 days ago called Kelly. This is how she makes me feel. I'm gonna marry this girl.

    Linda Winchcole

    Listen to this song with her Daniel 🥰🥰

    Robert Lovell

    It's a nice feeling isn't it, Good luck Daniel

    Carlton Ryan .Brophy

    marry her and never never ever let her slip away x good luck to you both

  81. Bryan Montague

    This and Gerry Raffertys "Baker Street" were two the of best singles that came out in 1978. Doesn't get much better than that...

  82. Nicolas BC

    80's vibe but was 1977. Andrew Gold was a man ahead of his time

  83. skulptor

    a true time machine. Teenager on holiday again rather than an old baldie.

  84. Gods Vibes

    I use play this all the time in my teens, still love it - brings back Great Memories, thanks for sharing, gave my old soul a lift 😎before 💥🤓now

  85. Sailfire1

    The heartbeat in this song is so clever. It connects to your soul, allowing the innocent, heartfelt lyrics to trickle into your emotions along with the easy beat and butterfly reeds.

  86. neil nichol

    What. A. Tune. The sax. Smiley face. X

  87. Skooma Much

    "Somebody's gonna hurt someone
    "before the night is through" 🎵🎵🎵
    oops wrong song

  88. Bradley Jones

    Here because this is the same guy who wrote Spooky Scary Skeletons

  89. Linxy Wun

    Had this stuck in my head for almost a week... can't complain 😁 proper music!! Shame we don't have stuff like this these days ☹️

  90. Fae Browne

    Rewind to the 70's in England. My junior school teacher would put the radio on and allow us to have a bit of a dance around the classroom! I loved this song. RIP Miss Murphy.

  91. zeze do bone

    Don't be a liar!!!
    You took her from me, and gave her to other guy...
    That's one the reasons I decided to help the 'special team'!!! Now you have your hands tied!!! You can't do nothing at all to take me away from here!!!!
    It's gone!
    End of all hope....
    All you can do is dream!!!...
    Bye bye bye
    🎼 "Some heads are gonna roll" 🎼🎸🎸
    🎼 "Some heads are gonna roll" 🎼🎸🎸

  92. Deborahl Cochrane

    Love this song x

  93. Meladisinné

    Pre Birthday music...Such a Favourite 💙

  94. Andrew Matthews

    so sad most of the comments are so old people should be listening to these great old songs instead of today's so called music .😧

  95. Martha Gill

    Written about Laraine Newman (SNL) when she was Gold's girlfriend.

  96. Bob Radford

    In March 1978 this song reached no5 in the British Charts. Why not number ? 1 not sure., but one thing is for sure it's a great great song.

  97. Daniella de groote

    mem's x

  98. Brenda Scott

    My all time favourite song.