Golan, Rosi - Can't Go Back Lyrics

Some things you can’t go back to, some things need left alone
Don’t mess with a memories of a life passed on
Oh the tumbling reservations at the heart of my mistakes
Oh some things you can’t go back to cause you let them slip away

I don’t wanna be a witness to a path that’s overgrown
I don’t wanna see this house not be a home
‘Cause time has taken toll on what we couldn’t see
No I don’t wanna be a witness to the end of you and me

How am I gonna make each moment better than the last
How am I gonna make it better if I can’t go back

Oh the tumbling reservations at the heart of my mistakes
Oh some things you can’t go back to cause you let them slip away
Oh some things you can’t go back to

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Golan, Rosi Can't Go Back Comments
  1. Another Woman

    I am here cause this was a suggested 😂 to me by myself 😐 yeah this woman is pretty that's why I'm here

  2. lil hamsi


  3. BluZebra

    69 dislikes eyyyy

  4. Enrique Sanchez

    Forever My Girl brought me here

  5. adrii xoxo

    _vampire diaries xx_ 🥺🥺

    Cute Firefly

    itsadrii xoxo IKR😭

  6. Saint Solo

    Forever my girl brought me here😂😂

  7. Naomi Jessup

    Will always think of my love and the good times we did have

  8. Donald Toney Jr

    Can't go back , Wish I could, past is dead and gone ,even though it still lives in your heart and mind like it was yesterday...

  9. Keyanna MacKenzie-Kruk

    Vampire Diaries love it

  10. Uonder Kilkenny

    I rather throw my hands up and say glory...

  11. Jamar Jenkins

    Vampire Diaries 💕

  12. Kayla ლ

    Forever my girl brought me here❤this movie was just now out❤

  13. Theo

    2018 <3

  14. Hadi Seblani

    I'm trying to find songs for a project... I stumbled upon this....am i the only one that noticed that the title says lyrics yet this sh*t don't got any f*ckin lyrics.

  15. Zrat0001 Uhone

    Who else is here bcos of 'Forever my girl'?

  16. Emma Harland

    Whos here from listening to little big town version and on the fosters

  17. Cliff washington

    Who's here bc of forever my girl.

  18. Macie Hopdagen

    You guys, tvd is a blessing

    Shaili Bhattacharya

    Macie Hopdagen absolutely❤️

  19. Nikita

    i found her thanks to Queen Sugar.. beautiful songs!

  20. Loui Capri

    because of vampire diaries : one of best tragic serie

  21. Qoxie

    I am the only one here cuz of 13 reasons why I am sure

  22. Ayud2000Ayud Ayud2000Ayud

    vampire Diaries ♥

  23. Lionel Nima

    vampire diaries amazing sequence of accoustic nostalgy

  24. Kathleen Polizzi

    Possibly, I'm here because I love her music.

  25. nital patel

    i am here coz of Vampire Diaries...<3 <3 <3..:) :)

  26. Joslyn Elaine

    Little big town brought me here

  27. Drizzy Drea

    Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like "the night we met" by Lord Huron ?

    Elizabeth Anne

    Andrea Perez I did to!!! Definitely in the the beginning!!!

  28. mary m

    the fosters

  29. Chanelle Sedgeman

    the vampire diaries brought me here! :3

  30. Jéssica Rodrigues

    The beggining kinda remember me "the night we met"

    gusto classic

    Jéssica Rodrigues just gona say thats what came to my head too

  31. Anna King

    here from vampire diaries🔥💖✨💯

  32. Sabab Salam

    i love this song

  33. j. fan

    The fosters ♥♥

  34. Samantha da Savage

    Straight from my gmas funeral 😞😢

  35. Penelope Frances

    Sharon Tate.

  36. Britten Reese

    The Vampire Diaries ( season 3 episode 17 )

  37. Roger Eggroll

    This songs needs to be on Heartland

    patrick ruth

    or ncis or SVU

  38. Tara Gibson

    from the fosters!

  39. Joe DiSantis

    Ended up here after listening to Diane Birch somehow.Never heard this artist or song.....though I once spoke these words to someone a very very long time ago.

  40. SoCal Gal

    does anyone know if this was used in a recent episode of ELEMENTARY? if so could you please let me know if it was sung by Mick Hucknall of Simply Red fame

  41. Olivia Melly

    Vampire diaries all the way😍

  42. Shivanie Yaksyy

    straight from vampire diaries 😂

  43. Yolanda Mahlahla

    Drop Dead Diva (Episode Season 4 episode 5 : Rigged

    Paofue Thao

    s4 ep 7*

  44. andrew carson

    I REALLY hope The Originals die I HATE them cause they ruining Elenas Life!!!

  45. andrew carson

    LOVE the Vampire Diaries

  46. Indy Vreezen

    I'm here from the vampire diaries

    andrew carson

    @Pbrew Poor baby I'll tell u whole thing if you want me to


    Nah I'll wait to watch it myself thanks though

    andrew carson

    @Pbrew I'm sorry for saying BTW she really didn't die


    Lol then why did you say she did?

    andrew carson

    @Pbrew I forgot she really didn't

  47. Margot Godard

    Drop Dead Diva ❤

    Yolanda Mahlahla

    Omg me too this the episode when Jane finally admits to herself that Owen left her

  48. Jazz mick

    Grey's Anatomy

  49. Shivam Dessai


  50. Charene Georgia

    i'm here from rvb 😂

  51. De Yi Lee

    my favourite. especially when she does it unplugged. :')

  52. Razy Valdez

    Dear John introduced Rosi to me and til now, I wont last a day without listening to any Rosi's. She's everythang


    Drop dead diva.

  54. Serchhip Chelsea


  55. Purrfuklee Empurrfukkt

    Some things you can't go back to,
    some things need left alone
    Don't mess with memories of a life passed on...

  56. Sanne

    This is great for reading sad fanfics ;__;

  57. Julie Santiago

    I miss HART OF DIXIE <\3

  58. Megaplayer1026

    I'm probably the only one who came here because of a Red vs Blue tribute video

  59. Hello Lucy

    Drop Dead Diva :D because Owen was a dick for no reason

  60. Gatorkissman

    Im here because of Hart of Dixie - don't judge me - I'm in love with rachel bilson =)

  61. MissStunshine

    CMT brought me here... A loooooong time ago haha

  62. Hannah Rae

    The Vampire Diaries brought me here. I love it ;)

  63. Karlii Beaulieu

    This song is only popular because of Vampire Diaries Lol Season 3 Episode 17 (Break on Through) c;

  64. Heartluss

    The only reason people know this song is because it played in the scene in vampire diaries when Bonnie's mom's leaving.

    abby popilek

    I actually know it from drop dead divas, so that's not the only reason

    andrew carson

    Soo what if thts the only reason


    Wrong Motives no it’s because of 13 reasons why

  65. Péricles Rodrigues

    There's a music video at Rosi Golan channel =)

  66. Keren Lasdacan

    vampire diaries xoxoxo

  67. Nanshy

    I'm here because of Hart of Dixie!! 

  68. Amanda Amanda

    I guess I'm not the only one here because of vampire diaries. ..smile... great song☆

  69. Donye Keesee

    Knew her before VD and DDD 3

  70. Orianne

    Am I the one who's here because of Vampire Diaries ?


    @Madison Pleimling Yeah, me too :D 

    Section I MIT

    @Orianne B No even prashant chauhan is here :) :) :)

    Ally Brooke

    Omg I thought I was the only one 😆

    gusto classic

    Same here bro

  71. Dustin Terschak

    <3 Jane, DDD!


    I was just watching that episode and searched the lyrics here.. :) 


    @Lyca31 Same here, started the series like 2 weeks ago and already almost to the 5th season :/ Such a great show, Sad it ended

  72. Salvatore HOUSE


  73. Lydia Mhiri

    Drop Dead Diva

  74. Cassidy Barker

    the vampire diaries brought me here! <3

    Maria Messerschmidt

    me too : )

  75. Bibi Moulin

     I think I'm the only one who's here because of Drop Dead Diva XD 

    Bibi Moulin

    Thank you =) I love English, it's easy to learn. French is very difficult but I think it's pretty beautiful. Do you learn French at shcool ?

    Bibi Moulin

    @***** Six years ? Great ! I correct you. If you talk at passed it's "j'ai appris le français pendant six ans" and if you're still learning French, it's "J'apprends le français à l'école depuis six ans" ;) 
    Do you know some French singers/bands ?

    shanah backman

    Nope love drop dead diva!!!

    Iris Živičnjak

    same :)

  76. NikkiAkaNlg

    Makes me really sad, but I love it.

  77. Lenroy621

    this song is just perfect

  78. Jillyin James

    Carina Round introduced me to Ms Golan at her show in SF in November of 2012. It was like a week after our divorce was finalized. For some reason I feel this song more now than I did then.

  79. Sudekan Tanır

    Drop Dead Diva thanks.. sad:ASf

  80. Rose A

    What a sweet voice...

  81. Vikas Sheth

    Amelia Jones brought me here. Had never heard of Rosie Golan, the lyrics are seriously deep. I'm her newest fan.

  82. NoshiDeKnot

    me too!!!

  83. Teemu

    E-mail spam brought me here.

  84. Shane Dial

    Sweet. In an Emmylou kinda way.

  85. Marion Fawcett

    Me too! love the song now

  86. NtobeyOfficial

    I just sat still and read the lyrics like this: O_O. Such depth.

  87. kymmatitan25

    Nobody fucking cares who brought me here.

  88. Jasmine Spriggs

    Loved this song in Vampire Diaries

  89. Rachel Batson

    This song is so pretty!

  90. MakeupByAmy44

    This song is so amazing (: Drop Dead Diva<3

  91. Natalie Morrow

    Me too.. Heard Hazy and fell in love with Rosi :)

  92. AmberEm〈33

    Ahhh drop dead diva brought me here too!!

  93. Nina Kal

    Drop Dead Diva brought me here !

  94. William Pommies

    Well since everybody tells everybody what/who brought them here : William Fitzsimmons did. Not personaly, but in some way.

  95. missau324

    TVD and Drop Dead Diva

  96. Bella Avant

    if you think this is good, you should see her live! I saw her in concert and she was amazing! I met her personally and now have a signed t-shirt, and both of her c.d.'s signed :)

  97. ThePhatMexican

    drop dead diva brought me here o:

  98. Ozzie FBG

    Very nice song! ;-)

  99. LadyEnerr

    My mum passed and this song is something that relates to me

  100. Summer Passeos

    Vampirediaries has the best soundtrack !