Gokey, Danny - Slow Down Lyrics

Oh it's been a while since I felt I could breathe
I'm not running my life
No it's running me
Mind's going a million miles an hour can't sleep
Be still and know yeah it's so hard to do
When the world's telling me I've got something to prove
All eyes are on me
Got everything to lose

More hustle go harder yeah get it done
Tired of trying to keep up
So I've gotta slow down
Cause I'm about to break down
Under all the pressure that's pulling me
Voices saying don't you stop keep moving around
I know I've got your love
So I'm already enough
There's nothing more gotta stay gotta do
Than let you pull me close and just be with you now
So I can finally slowed down

Sitting here with you is a beautiful thing
You have opened my eyes to see all that I need
Is right here in your arms so deep in your heart

More hustle go harder yeah get it done
I'm tired of trying to keep up
So I've got to slow down
Cause I'm about to break down
Under all the pressure that's pulling me
Voices saying don't you stop keep moving around
I know I've got your love
So I'm already enough
There's nothing more I gotta say gotta do
Than let you pull me close and just be with you now
So I can finally slow down

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Gokey, Danny Slow Down Comments
  1. PiggiesForever

    I love this song. Sometimes we forget to slow down and let God work, this song is a great reminder.

  2. Marlyne Gomez

    God bless let the Holy Spirit used

  3. Carolyn Hoffmann

    what can I say, loved it from the first!

  4. tricia brown

    I am going through much and listening the words of yours songs give me immediate strength. Wow!! Thank you and God's continued blessings.

  5. Celia Kerr-Cario

    Thank you Danny for this song. When I feel overwhelm by the pressures around me I listen to this song and I feel so good. I really love the beat.

  6. Rafael Ricardo

    Very good. God bless you.

  7. Sue s

    Just sing to the LORD, forget the others, let God speak through you to bless others.

  8. Alana Maynard

    Thank you for your ministry! This has ministered to me for my last weeks of college :) all I need is God!

  9. chexh catialo

    Can someone cuff Danny Gokey's hands behind his back or something?

  10. Yoana Batres


  11. Jordan Lee

    Such a beautiful song! It helps you through hard times in life, and reminds you that GOD is always there. GOD Bless you, Brother Danny, in the Name of Jesus Christ!!

  12. Carol Vevle

    As always, Danny you show your inner beauty with in your self. You have a fan in me!!!

  13. fabiby Ezcalante


  14. surveyhart

    slow down... https://amzn.to/2x6EnoY

  15. Evaline Kirui

    Nice songs

  16. Libertopa EurekanAnarch

    AWESOME Danny!

  17. Sue G.

    Perfect! PTL!

  18. Lissette & Daniel Diaz

    Surprisingly I really like this song because of the message. It’s so true! We need to slow down. We have God’s love.

  19. Roman Ivanov


  20. Alberta Bahena

    God Bless you Danny

  21. sokuntha lim

    Yes!, give it to God 🙏 amen

  22. GioDude2007_YT

    And master peace

  23. GioDude2007_YT

    This is my fav song

  24. Bookz Hoffman

    Amen, keep being used by heavenly father pure spirit & in thruth you inspire me God bless brethren,

  25. Angelina Lopez

    Love you n your songs help me alot

  26. Stephanie Mendes

    Melhor Cantor da vida ❤❤❤

  27. Richard -theRichie- Salam

    Man Appreciate this work... Its On Repeat Mode.. Felling Its so Underrated..

  28. Aubrey Carr

    I needed this song. God is good.

  29. Marie Castle

    wow i really had one of these weekends/nights where i had to just emotion out, thanks for this really. Truly speaks!

  30. Yahweh Tsuri Music

    The Lord is My Rock❤️Salvation

  31. Sharon Massengale

    Really enjoyed the show in Chattanooga at Tivoli....what a night of Blessings and Hope. I can't stop playing the Rise cd in the car!

  32. Brandy Potts

    We had a blast worshiping with y'all Thursday, Oct 19, 2017!!! God bless you all!!

  33. Lucas Damasceno

    Muito top!

  34. Richard -theRichie- Salam

    One of ma Fav number.. It keeps me moovin; the lyric the tune and the way you sing, resound deep..! appreciate it! like it!!

  35. Kimberly Renee

    You're incredible, with your talent.
    I found about your music, when my brother sent me the song, "Tell Your Heart To Beat Again" when I was going through a seperation, after a Twenty-three year marriage.
    Just want to thank you.
    You're such a blessing.

  36. Juan Rodriguez


  37. Roger João

    Linda música e som instrumental.

  38. M H

    You are fantastic Danny! Thank you for bringing light to the planet! Peace & Love.

  39. Neyome R D R Brunson

    Love your music Danny... u are truly gifted. God bless u. With Love

  40. Adrian Petto

    Amazing song

  41. Rodger Liddell Jr.

    Praise the Lord!! Testify!! Harken to the voice of God! Be transformed my the renewing of your mind in Christ Jesus!

  42. Koraal Morgan

    God led me to this song even in the midst of my despair. And He's right, I've got to slow down. I've got to learn to slow down with God's help because I am breaking down.

  43. All_Things_Nerdy

    You're awesome!! God is proud of you!!

  44. Luke Hanson

    I love the leanback

    Luke Hanson

    I think that's what it's called

  45. eric wallker

    So to the point in my life at this second.... Thank you I feel like you read the thoughts in my mind... Keep up the great music of hope sir

  46. Veronica I Diaz

    👌 i don't know how many times i rewind this song when I'm driving in my truck👏

  47. Janice D'Errico

    As a published author who penned "My Insanity" of plummeting from a well-adjusted wife, parent, daughter, and sister to a self-injurious, suicidal, crazy person, Danny Gokey's songs reach down to my very core and instill and regenerate my miraculous climb out of that pit of self-destruction to that all-encompassing RADIANT LIGHT!!!

  48. Nicole D

    this is a tune. :)

  49. shut up yall crusty bust musty rust toes

    *God is more powerful than the power of everybody*
    *God is more powerful than satan*
    *God is more powerful than EVERYTHING*

  50. Maggie Sewell

    I'm going 2 ur concert soon😁😁😁

  51. Brycenbest 123

    Danny, you have changed my life, as you have with many others. Keep up the good work.

  52. Annelise Jones

    Thank you for singing! When sunk really low I heard one of your songs on the radio and instantly felt better.

  53. David Florez

    People like Danny gokey make people realize that are going the wrong way just by listening to them sing and praise god make people realize that there is only one true god.

  54. Amanda McAdam

    Love this. Gotta say, I've not yet heard a Danny Gokey song that I havn't liked!

  55. sanny daley

    loving it Danny!!!!!!

  56. Lucero Romero

    omg this is beautiful ! i fell in love !

  57. Eddie Quintero

    This song is so fresh..

  58. breezecowgirl

    Your music is such an encouragement to me :)

  59. Dion3n1

    Wow! Guys what a great music & lyric arrangement, with Danny's
    smooth vocals.
    May GOD be GLORIFIED...

  60. Dion3n1

    "Slow Down" Yea, Oh...
    With GOD, HE is MORE than ENOUGH.

  61. Mom cox

    I doubt Danny looks at these post but a friend introduced me to his music after my husband past away. I'm Jewish and don't listen to all of his songs but I do listen to a lot of them, they've been a help thank you.

  62. Colleen McCann

    Mine to

  63. Adrian Bailey

    I love your new album. Thank you for giving us so much encouraging quality Christian music.

  64. Joseph Luna

    god bless you

  65. Joseph Luna

    your music is awesome it's my favorite all of your music is awesome

  66. O Taft

    This song speaks to me. Working two jobs, finishing college, and preparing to leave for a call to the mission field - I forgot God in the busyness of working for Him.

  67. Cecilia Lopez

    Let go and let God! 💗🙏

  68. Vanoss #Plays

    nice voice

  69. Collette Blanchard


  70. Lori Gray

    Nailed it.... we've never met but... wow!!! Listening to this gave me goosebumps. Your voice is amazing. I could listen to u all night. I'll definitely buy some of your music.

  71. Alexis Lackey

    this song is helping my anxiety so much! I've just got to slow down because I'm about to break down. I've listened to this song about three times 😊.

  72. rebecca Jeratowski

    I love our songs!!!! I can't stop listening to them!!

  73. david lawrence

    I've been waiting for that 1 song to rival hope in front of me and it's arrived 👍

  74. JJ4824

    I listen to this in the car every day. Thank you for providing positive and uplifting music with your amazing voice. Incredible

  75. 1Corinthians15:55


  76. JaCkIe GuILlOrY


  77. Karen Vallelonga

    Love this song! It has a great message. 💙

  78. Angie Smith

    Nice song. He just keep getting better

  79. Rosangela Monge

    Great song!!! it really touch me, God is Amazing,many blessings to you and your loved ones!! From Staten Island NY

    Cameron Loving

    i love you danny gokey

  80. SOS

    hey I really likey :)

  81. Oh YeNations

    VERY cool, put it up on my twitter.

  82. Rebekah Mack

    love it!

  83. tatskie carcedo

    I am fan of your voice. I can sing but I wish I could have this range. Keep it up!

  84. Tabitha Horning

    Love this guy, and this song!

  85. Elva Castro

    Hi Danny this is Elva Castro. My nieces mom wanted me to post this to you. Elva is my daughter's Aunt. She has been fighting stage 4 cancer.


    Elva Castro may the grace of God abound and strengthen you to enable you to stand in believing you will fulfil destiny in full good health in Jesus Name. Amen

  86. iakosar

    Wow! ❤️

  87. Rick Michaud

    Danny , All I can say is Thank you! Your show was amazing this past weekend at the Old Orchard Beach Pavilion! It was great meeting you, you are very down to earth and your passion for others is heartfelt! I want you to know that you made my daughter's weekend at the signing by speaking with her about her past! You are a tribute to what society is looking for in this crazy world today! Best wishes to you and your wife on Labor and Delivery day! Hugs from Northern Maine!

  88. Brian Robinson

    Excellent keep reaching praising, be blessed B

  89. Sophia Chiarello

    you inspire me to do great things

  90. Calebe de Castro

    Love your songs. Im from Brazil ❤

  91. Aras JP


  92. Sunshine On My

    this is awesome✌👌💖

  93. Graciele Dos Santos Correa

    incrível! 😍😍😍😍

  94. Beulah O

    The message of this song is so relevant to me. As a student these days, people keep trying to make me "keep up" with them and with society, intead of doing things the way God has called me to do them. I don't have to rush - God's timing is perfect, and I do things as He ordains me to and as He orders my footsteps.

    Thanks for this refreshing song Danny! I'm loving the style of this track too - it's something different :D

    Lis Acevedo

    Beulah O I'm living the same as you. Just wanted to tell you that yes, God's timing is perfect than anything that this world could offer us. Keep it up. God bless you.

  95. Tiffany Hibbs

    I lost my husband .I know that feeling.I love it.

  96. Darlene Garner


    Libertopa EurekanAnarch

    Yep, amen amen!