Gokey, Danny - Second Hand Heart Lyrics

I’m a little used up
A little tattered at the seams
But there’s still enough of me to be the man you need.
I’m not faultless, I guess
Got some scratches, got some dents
Yeah, I know I've got some scars on my innocence

I got a secondhand heart
Yeah, it’s a little banged up
But it’s still beating strong enough
To give a lot of good love
So if you don’t mind
That it’s not brand new
I’ll take this secondhand heart
And give it to you

What a stupid thing to do
By throwing you away
If he don’t regret it yet, you know he will someday
Ooh, thank God he was blind
I thank God he let you down
For I never would have had the chance to build my world around

Your secondhand heart
Yeah, it’s a little banged up
But it’s still beating strong enough
To give a lot of good love
So if you don’t mind
That it’s not brand new
I’ll take this secondhand heart
And give it to you

And you know I’ve been around the block a time or two
But every step I took was leading me to you

And your secondhand heart
Yeah, it’s a little banged up
But it’s still beating strong enough
To give a lot of good love
So if you don’t mind
That it’s not brand new
I’ll take this secondhand heart
And give it to you
I’ll take my secondhand heart

Whoa-oh whoa-oh
Whoa-oh whoa-oh
Whoa-oh whoa-oh

So if you don’t mind
That it’s not brand new
I’ll take this secondhand heart
And give it to you

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Gokey, Danny Second Hand Heart Comments
  1. Ian Minding

    Fell in love with the song when i first heard it. Still look for it from time to time.. Thanks Danny ❤❤

  2. Snow

    I do love his songs! 💖

  3. Jonas Eriksson

    Amazing !!!

  4. Teresa Paradise

    love you!

  5. April Marie

    My heart is so broken. His music keeps me hanging on

  6. g g

    I like his voice. And range it's incredible

  7. Yo Oreo

    Love the song it's a good twist on your normal songs🙃

  8. Nancy Johnson

    Does anyone know I'd there's a music video?

  9. Jonas Eriksson

    Amazing song , Danny !!

  10. Patricia Ghouri

    such an amazing talent.

  11. An-gelo Edquila

    this is supposed to be his single but sony music cut his contract. correct me if i'm wrong

  12. Trent Carmon

    Jesus having my heart

  13. Claudia Villegas

    I love that song!

  14. Amber Papst

    love this song so much

  15. Cara Lipford

    Awesome song

  16. Frances Barker

    I Loved This Song I Haven't Ever Heard It Before But Its Surely A Beautiful Song Hallelujah & Glory To Our GOD <3  <3  <3  <3

  17. Britton Mueller

    Thank you for this song....

  18. Rebecca Elizabeth Khemraj

    i love this song

  19. Randall sherrell

    I been around the block, more than a few! LOL God Bless!

  20. Braden Walker

    Hope the same woman I sing this song to will be my wife. <3

    Braden Walker

    Lol, I was such a funny boy then.

  21. Madison Brarens

    Madison brarens Danny gokey sings so good and I love all of his songs so much :) ♥♥♡♡

  22. Michael C

    danny gokey is our idol in MILWAUKEE, WI

  23. Ericah D

    Danny I mean haha

  24. Ericah D

    Lol my almost boyfriend's name is Dannt :-)

    Rebecca Miller

    Mine too

  25. Jasper James Torres

    Nice song too ^_^!

  26. Pris Luv

    may i ask what album is this song on?


    The road to here album

  27. Amber Brinegar

    Wish you'd publish another album! We need an album with songs like this right now!

  28. Adam N

    I love this song.  Can't believe this wasn't on his album.

  29. Natasha Fessler

    :-)I love you Danny Gokey Youre music always
    brightens up my day

  30. Dixie Normas

    How is this song not topping every chart? It's years old and not many people have heard it. He's truly amazing.

    jackie xiong

    Agree. People need to take some times and here others musics such as these ones 

  31. Eric Taylor

    God bless this man! He's an incredible artist. 

  32. Victoria Tilons

    Wonderful voice wonderful song the msg is so nice. He nailed it again.

    Les Mcc

    Yes he did!!!

  33. Victoria Tilons

    Wonderful voice wonderful song the msg is so nice. He nailed it again.

    Les Mcc

    Yes he did!!

  34. Angelina White

    Love it!

  35. 2Catangel

    I just love this song. I can't wait to hear what Danny records next.

  36. Zuzana Trupl

    Everytime when I hear this song I still not understand why this song not play on the radio.What happened??? Danny is excellent singer !!! Beautiful song , I love this song !
    Thank you Danny !

  37. Michelle O

    he deserves it so much more than some of the artists out now & it kills me :/

  38. Kathleen Whitaker

    So do I as long Justin B Lady G that is not music this is

  39. Kedebon Colim

    I hope everyone should notice this... Than listening to Broken hearted songs

  40. Langerfield

    what a cool track ! very refreshing ! Love u Danny!

  41. Izzy Cape

    idk why people are bagging on this guy!!!!!!!!!
    hes amazing,this song by hi speaks to me and not many thingstouch me like this

  42. austinbmx1994

    Such A great song. Wish i can get your cd in stores. Maribel phillips.

  43. Noah O'Connor


  44. Clo Anderton-Baines

    ooops got told this was the danny lol:)

  45. Delton M

    Couldn't get bigger than that at all, except he was never with Hollywood Undead. That's Daniel Murillo ("Danny")

  46. Eric Springer

    Love this song! Can not wait to get his new album

  47. Clo Anderton-Baines

    hes in hollywood undead... cant get bigger than that!!

  48. TheMonkeyButte

    I just wish he would be a bigger star

  49. Matt Simon

    This is really nice!

  50. devon lindsey

    god danny truly should have one idol,he has been my idol since the day he started on that show,i have loved his voice and music,danny keep going because im always listening man!!!

  51. TheMamaboyzz

    Love this - lyrics, vocals perfect - keep singing Danny
    You're truly blessed :-)

  52. TheMamaboyzz

    Love it ... beautiful voice

  53. TheMamaboyzz

    Love it ... beautiful voice

  54. fezzgirl4life

    Cannot wait to see him in February, so talented!

  55. Clement Foo

    @carrd49 what had happened that made you said this?

  56. Kathleen Whitaker

    What is wrong with people danny can sing .................... instead people buy lady crap music and JB

  57. Jen Smith


  58. AutumnDawn Medley


  59. Katie Brown

    Awesome job at Power Balence Last night this song made me cry because of My ex boyfriend turnd my heart in to a second hand heart I love this song you stole the show!!!!!

  60. clark kesler

    like the song...danny u rock man..

  61. Kathleen Whitaker

    This prove people are really tone deaf her a young that can sing he was drop buy his recrod label . People think lady gaga is great i do not get it

  62. javaannie

    So excited cuz my kids and I randomly met danny yesterday!! My daughter was so thrilled to have her pic taken with him :) He is very sweet & obliging ~ and so talented...

  63. irontoyvn

    I always say Fu?K when i see the Video which Called " Danny Got voted Off " .......

  64. Huy Duong

    Danny need more Hits , he is way better than Adam LamBert and Kris Allen .

  65. irontoyvn

    I am your Biggest fan Danny , i will wait for the day you got Some Hits and become superStar...... Because i belive that with a Voice like that , you could go very Far Danny .

  66. Carmen Barrington

    i so love this song, so love DANNY and his sweet , sexy voice

  67. Lushdarkness

    His voice makes me purr. So hot and talented.

  68. beaglemom06

    Love this song, please consider buying it so it can get the radio play it deserves.

  69. Zachary Fulton

    Don't y'all think that when Danny sings, he kinda sounds like Les Taylor from the group Exile??? :-)

  70. RPGgrenade

    I can kinda identify with this song... i had my heart pretty badly broken, and the one to help me fix it had broken up with a not so good boyfriend, and we found happiness in eachother in time ^-^
    I'm glad he was blind... otherwise i wouldn't have this new love in me.

  71. Zbabii32

    I love this song because I can relate I gave my heart away a long time ago, but that doesn't mean I can't love or this heart can't love anymore!!! Like if you agree

  72. SparrowBird369

    hey i'm watching this and it says 14,999 views, did I just make it 15,000? if I did I feels special (:

  73. Kncjdj

    I love yo danny - love yor cousin! :)

  74. ashleekrumnow22

    14,600 views an NO dislikes! Lets keep it that wayy! ♥

  75. nemesisgenius

    @MrErikButler1 I hope so too! This is Danny at his best!

  76. Erik Butler

    @nemesisgenius I hope your right!

  77. nemesisgenius

    Danny Gokey's first #1 country single"Second Hand Heart" for Jan 7, 2012!!! Keep your eyes on the country music charts fellas.

  78. flawless670

    122 likes and 0 likes... Thats how it should fucking be! good job danny! :D

  79. Maddy Liebman

    ohh and danny perform in Wisconson dells again i will never forget that day when i got your autogragh at HO-chunk in Wisconson dells

  80. Maddy Liebman

    she is really looking down on him i think she is soooooo proud

  81. Patricia McCarthy

    Saw him in concert at the Indiana State Fair last night . He put on a great show. A really enjoyable performance.

  82. Pauline Thompson

    Nice :-)

  83. Lindsey Hill

    I get to hear this live in 5 days!!!!

  84. Samwell TV

    luv this!!

  85. azihr77

    I've got a second hand heart... :)

  86. Polar Rima

    the mantis guy it still sucks that you didnt win idol, you should fly over to new zealand and make a track with me i can rap so maybe you can sing the corus and i do the verses i can picture it becoming number one

  87. iluvmusic331

    I heard/saw Danny perform this song at Summerfest. He puts on a great show, so much energy and what a voice! This song was great. Already downloaded it and hope to hear it a lot on country radio.

  88. SoloShenkk

    I don't like how in american idol, teens vote for who they think are cute, i do like that even runner ups get popular though. I just don't get why didn't Danny win, i forget the other contestants , but i mean, Danny's not even ugly, he really is handsome.
    PS to everyone thinking of a, "you're a fag," comment, It's not gay to call someone handsome. I stopped thinking that in 2006-2007, when i was a fifth grader.

  89. beaglemom06

    Please support this great artist by buying this song. Thank you.

  90. moymoyV

    love the song......all danny gokey songs actually.....huge2 fan.....keep it up

  91. TheDaddysgirl94

    @XxPittPenguins94xX i was there too. Wasnt he amazing? :)

  92. mcloven295

    Only country singer I will listen too

  93. dude900021

    i still love this guy hes awesome and this song

  94. Teri James

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG!! It hits ya hard ;) LOVE IT THO!!

  95. Rach osully

    This song is amazing, i heard it for the first time at the taylor swift concert a few days ago and i fell in love, this song makes me cry and i'm only 16!. This song is beautiful Danny you're wife would be so proud!

  96. Stargate8girl

    Like! =) Please come and visit us here in Manila!

  97. chicabado

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! still havent gotten over him not winning american idol and it has been 2 years!!!

  98. spazzyangie1

    I love this! Heard it in Pittsburgh when you were with Taylor Swift. I was more excited to see you in concert then Taylor! :) Keep em coming! Oh and you should have won American Idol! Loved you from the moment I heard your voice. Will always be a fan. Keep on looking up!!!! :)

  99. Julie Delahooke

    danny your wife would be proud :)