Gokey, Danny - Rise Lyrics

There's a brokenness inside of you
There's a wound that still reminds you
Of the fear, shame and rejection
You have seen it, you have seen it

You know it's time to get up
But your heart's paralyzed, you're so stuck
You're past the point of trying again
You're defeated, you're defeated

But something inside you can't deny
You hear the call of your creator
I made you for more, unlocked the door
I wanna restore your glory

So rise
Breaking the dark, piercing the night
You're made to shine
An army of hope
Bringing the world
A radiant light
A radiant light
You were made to rise, rise

Lift your head and look around you
See the dreams you lost, they have found you
And the heart that once was beating
Is coming back to life
Coming back to life

But something inside you can't deny
You hear the call of your creator
I made you for more, unlocked the door
I wanna restore your glory

So rise
Breaking the dark, piercing the night
You're made to shine
An army of hope
Bringing the world
A radiant light
A radiant light
You were made to rise, rise

Shut the door on yesterday
Leave what happened in the grave
You were made to rise
You were made to shine
Creations longing for the day
For kings and queens to take their place
You were made to rise
You were made to shine

Breaking the dark
Piercing the night
Made to shine
Bring the world
A radiant light

Breaking the dark, piercing the night
You're made to shine
An army of hope
Bringing the world
A radiant light
A radiant light
You were made to rise, rise
You were made to rise, rise
You were made to

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Gokey, Danny Rise Comments
  1. Grace Elizabeth

    Whoever is scrolling through the comments right now - stau positive always no matter what is going on in your life. Try something new. Take care of yourself and you will realize that you were really meant to rise. Thank you Danny for this beautiful and inspiring song! Thank you, Jesus for everything!!! ❤❤❤

  2. Terry Davies

    Oh Danny Boy - keep up His good work- God uses you -- your one of His works in the field. Thank You

  3. Typenice

    Wow!! Danny and his team led by Jesus Christ, our living God, make such an awesome and encouraging combination! All praise to Jesus.

  4. Jessica Alen


  5. Jessica Alen

    Going through a divorce after bring married 23 + yrs to a narcissist. This song speaks volumes to me. To God be the Glory! Thank you Danny Gokey for your 🎶

  6. Suzie Kelly

    Love 💕

  7. Willow Luella

    I love this song 🙏 ❤️ Even tho we are going through tough things we should always rise and shine. 🎵

  8. come to Jesus

    God knows you feel defeated he knows your heart is so broken. He wants to help. If we would just let him help us we'd be ok. I have experienced many situations where I felt defeated as if I'd never make it through. Like I'd had all my energy room but when I turned to Jesus told him how I felt. He's led me to songs scripture. He's made me stronger than ever thought could be. Not my own but knowing I dm not alone I hsve his holy spirit inside of me. For anyone ever been through stuff should've taken you out praise the Lord it didn't your needed to minister to young ppl and all God calls you too. Bc some ppl need someone to pray them through. Don't quit press in to Jesus and hold fast to that which is good you will be an over comer

  9. Kathreyenne Wright

    I love you Danny Gokey. Keep praising HIM. He truly does call to us. Each and every one of HIS children. This song has helped me through some tough and dark times in my life. And for that, I thank you.

  10. Keruby7

    Good song. I love the message 💕
    God bless!

  11. HutchBelieve7 Hutch

    R- Redeemer
    I- In
    S- Spiritual
    E- Effort

  12. GamingFilms Brother

    Lord, thank you for Danny Gokey and his uplifting, inspirational music! 😃😃😃 Love the camera shots of this music video too! 😍😍😍

  13. Shawndee Masters, LMT

    I got to meet him in 2015 when I was going through a divorce from an abusive man who tried to kill me twice while we were married. Some local businesses paid for him to come!! So I used the money I would have paid towards a ticket on a ‘Hope In Front of Me’ T and a CD. BEST CONCERT and exactly what I needed at the time! Thank you Danny for coming to our town! Praise Yahweh for him!!!!! I played that CD as apart of my victory anthem over my life and praised for Yahweh’s truth to be apparent in my life. Amen!! In more words.

  14. Brian Lee • 80 years ago

    Riiiiiiiiiiiise! Breaking the *darkness* to make it shiiiiiiiiiiiiine! I love my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiife! I’m still aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! Flashing everything in my eeeeeeeeeeeeeeyes! My girlfriend is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!

  15. Hallie McIntire

    I was in a DV relationship. It took me 1 1/2 years to RISE to listen to the voice telling me to leave before it was too late. If you are in a violent relationship, know you are not alone, and you're worth rising and being as God plans you to be. Thanks Danny. I shed tears hearing this song for the first time.

  16. Jojo N0.5

    Amen. Sometimes i struggle with fear and feeling rejected, but God Is there always loving me.
    God Bless. I love you guys in Jesus name!!!!

  17. Grace Flanagan

    Daney gokey is my moms, great aunts, kids, friend

    Grace Flanagan

    That's why I started listening t ok the songs and they have helped me through tough times

  18. Julius Viverette

    Who are the 894 nuts that thumbed down this video..

  19. Nelly C

    Great song and message.

  20. Larry McGarr

    Great song but failed in the photojournalism category

  21. Luiza Santos

    bom dia apaz do senhor estou aqui em Minas gerais nesta manhã ou vindo seus louvores muito lindo

  22. Mushroom Maniac

    I went through the dark to get to the light I am so Lucky to have god so I got though it and you can to if asept his as your savier

  23. Cheryl Masson

    I was listening to this song this morning and this song came on, I was qaa praying about a situration that I had faced yesterday with my family and the enemy wanted me to feel low.. I am so thankful this song came on the spirit of God filled my car and all of a sudden my low moment rose to a high moment..I thank God for you Danny and you allowing God to use you to change lives..

  24. Suzanne

    Awesome song!! Hallelujah! GBY!

  25. Frank Orona

    The first time I heard this...mi was blown away....the lyrics,the message,his voice,the WAY he sings it....so ..I started searching to see who sung it....I finally found it....so ...after I heard it couple times in a row.....it BROKE ME!!!Tears jus streamed down my face....my throat lumped up..... because I could see everything I've been through in my life.....n how Jesus ROSE me up EVERY TIME!!Thank you sir for such a beautiful n powerful song.....n thank you Jesus for never abandoning me....Amen!!!!

  26. sc29841

    “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you...”
    Isaiah 60

  27. Harvey Dry


  28. LiveResistance

    thank you Lord for Danny.

  29. Robin LAMBERT

    My love my husband passed on to heaven 2 years ago Feb .
    I am made to rise

  30. Esther’s Call

    I just want to thank you 🙏🏻 for giving me hope that I can do this, that thing God is calling me too; you don’t know, but one day you will know how many people you have touched. Your Voice, I would call it a “ FREEDOM VOICE” not everyone has it, but I hear and feel the hope of keep going keep going, I’ve got you in this race of life. I Can Do This Kind of FreedomI Song. It’s a Life Changing Gift of God! One Day I pray I can meet you and hear you sing live. Music/Song is totally my thing it is Gods way of talking to and with me ever since I was 5- Again I 🙌🏻 God for you! Keep singing your songs, they are touching a world of brokenness and bringing them into the light of Awesome Freedom 👏👏👏⚔️

  31. Patrick

    I use this song as my morning wake up song on my alarm so Ican get up in the proper mood

  32. Chris Puglisi

    Love this song🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  33. This is how we minecraft

    You are the best Danny gokey!

  34. The Godfather

    Danny not winning American idol was a blessing he was able to put out the music he wanted to.

  35. Patricia Gouvea

    Top.. amei!! Sou fã!

  36. virginia hiatt


  37. Marissa Kohlman

    Thank you for choosing to be a Christian artist! God bless! ✝️❤️

  38. Kishi Khan

    So looovee Danny's songs💕💕another great song

  39. Mark S

    How and why am I just now hearing this song? Wow is all that needs to be said.

  40. Corina Domocos


  41. Corina Domocos


  42. Ellia FE

    Yes! God Almighty!

  43. Kingdom Connected Living Ministry Eslin Angerville

    My favorite part... "Shut the door on yesterday, leave what happened in the grave... Creation's longing for the day for kings and queens to take their place"

  44. Fun with Jana Science lover

    Good message danny

  45. A Y

    Beautiful words !!! GOD BLESS YOU. Music has given me life again.

  46. Karen Harrison-Elrod


  47. Maggie Akkie

    What a voice!💖 👏🏽👏🏽

  48. Kennan


  49. Angelina Mast

    For my son and his struggles, God can make it happen!

  50. Peter van der Weiden

    Shut the door on yesterday, dab on it like Danny Gokey when he says to 😅😅😅😭😁

  51. Daughter Of the King

    i want to restore HIS Glory 💕 Let YAH a'Rise' and let His enemies be scattered. Pray that many know His LOVE/Ahavah. 💕💞

  52. Patrick Smith

    Everyday we wake up and either have to work or go to school and are just angry but if we just RISE and follow Gods plan that he made for us than we can make our dreams come true and we all have something inside. Keep Gods first place 🥇

  53. Michelle W

    I bought a black and white Made To Rise T-shirt when Danny Gokey came to Houston, Texas. NOW I can not even wear it outside because every black l person I come a ross thinks its Black Lives Matter related.
    I have never said, "Read the small print" more in my life. It is a shame. I love the shirt and it's a great conversation starter among Christians. Otherwise, it just brings me problems. All the eye rolling, teeth sucking. foul attitudes is not worth it. It sucks my energy. I will buy a totally different one next time.

  54. Tiffany Corr

    Beautiful song 💓

  55. Miranda Cornman

    I love this song,and all the tests I saw you at btf this year and you were so great!!!!

  56. Jesus Saves


    For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again.

    Proverbs 24:16

  57. Linda Sanchez

    When someone is making u feel like a nobody U WERE MAKE TO RISE And u ate someone in this world

    Linda Sanchez

    I meant are not ate sorry

  58. REBAKA SHYAMBABU (S161435)

    brother i am from India ....we r so happy to hear ur songs and do more videos ...

  59. Dawn Palmer

    I love Danny, great artist. Blessings.

  60. Anna C. Sahlstrom

    This guy is so amazing! I need prayers that God will send me my future husband. I haven't been succeeding in the pursuit of a good Christian man. I want to be a wife and mother so very much.

  61. Marci H

    Setting the captives free... Wow!

  62. Brian Kinser

    Love it love it love it. Didnt realize i know alot of his music. Klove plays him alot. He has alot of great songs

  63. mi81 tkne

    Wow, just discovered this artist. Amazing talent, phenomenal song.

  64. Halo Rose

    What's one thing you NEVER do to somebody with body dismorphia? Hit then physically your cause a critical identity crisis which can turn into imploded anger! Which later explodes all over the place an it keeps everyone wondering why! You harmed a child that was body dismorphic there identity was already gone in the womb! Means you see a female when the female thinks or does more so male not all, yet same with males they think an do as female yet not all. Means there are those line some of us won't or don't cross an some will. Its comfortability of ones self.

  65. Tracy Rains

    I don't know how I have missed your music until just a few months ago. Rise and Haven't Seen It Yet has touched me more than anyone knows. Four years ago my son went to California to visit his dad and I haven't seen, heard or received a text from him. I've held on and had faith that God would show him that I do love him but over the last year I started to have doubts, then I came across your song Haven't Seen It Yet and I cried until I couldn't cry anymore, at least that day. Thank you for restoring my faith and reminding me that God does things in his own time not mine.

  66. Jesus Gomez

    Thanks for everything you done !!much love god bless u ..it helped thru my downs times

  67. Susanne Addy

    Danny Gokey your music saves thousands of souls every day! Keep it up! You're beautiful!

  68. Glenda Cartwright

    So touching

  69. Ellia FE

    Thanks you .your song mean slot for God bless you

  70. Nurna Amalia

    Much blesses song🙏😇

  71. evelyn roman

    Would love to meet him

  72. deswita erini

    Your wondeful voice wrapped in this music has made me rise up and start to get on my feet back again. Thank you, Danny!

  73. *Christmas Princess*

    most encouraging song ever

  74. Nicholas Barro

    Your made to RISE

  75. Nicholas Barro

    Repeat in my heart love this

  76. Ana Paula da Fonseca

    Hi we all go through tough times in life. Just remember that the Lord will always be beside you , and you will get through it. I'm praying for you. Keep your faith alive in your heart, mind and soul always.

  77. lily lily

    Excellent song!
    Thanks a lot!

  78. Sandor Peci

    Lovely church family

  79. Heather Lomax

    ❤Danny's music❤

  80. Joseph wedding

    Danny gokey was your day I got your name from a roblox was your day you and I have to go get you a good day to get it and I have to go to the gym I will go to the store to go to the game later to work on Tuesday and Tuesday Tuesday or Wednesday Tuesday or Thursday Tuesday or Saturday Tuesday or Friday or next Tuesday Tuesday or Sunday Tuesday y you are not the one who loves to you you are the best friend I know I love 💕 I am I have to you I will send it to your dad or your friend and your family I know I love 💖 your name I will be in your family or I have to you

  81. Sheryll’s Weird

    Am I the only one who is here from Walk.Ride.Rodeo on Netflix?

  82. Dallas Morgan

    On November 22nd 2006 I was facing many trials. I called my Dad and asked, " Dad it's intense I need help! What do I do?" He asked, " Have you prayed?" I left that conversation with the urgency that it was time. I got down, and said, " Lord please forgive me for all my sins. Lord Jesus, I believe you died on the cross for all my sins, and God I believed you raised him from the dead three days later. Please forgive a wretch like me. I was crying in my pain when for the first time in my life, I listened for God and heard him in my secret place say, " Rise and be reborn!" When I accepted this: I stood to my feet with every burden lifted. If I can help you or pray for you, message me, let's rise together! Blessings.

    Joanne Bushberger


  83. Teela Cruz

    Thank you God and thank you Danny love your music which connects me to my savior! Love you brother

  84. Melody Fike

    Yout music is the best especially this one. god bless you all

  85. evelyn roman

    God gets all the credit

  86. evelyn roman

    Yes i am rising higher then ever

  87. Erica Schumacher

    You are incredible. You are now one of my favorite artists!

  88. jonathon gregg

    Rise above bullying and don’t be afraid to rise up and speak up about the bullying!!! Can I get a like for everyone who is with me and a comment thanks so much 👋

  89. Victoria Madia

    Walk.Ride.Rodeo anyone?

  90. Victorious Overflowing

    Breaking the dark. Piercing the night.
    Made to shine.
    Bringing the world a radaint Light.
    An army of Hope bringing the world a radiant Light.

  91. Louise King

    Thank You!


    Good message for all to find their way past a struggle, challenge, and issue..... looking to the creator to help them. Life is going to have its challenges.... we must Pray and reach out to HIM..... Freewill allows us many opportunities to move forward and step in the wrong plan... life throws curves.... Just like "Peter stepping out on to the water.... Trust in Him , stop looking back, step up, move forward. PRAY"

  93. Livia jane

    I havent listened to lauren daigle since last year! ✊

  94. Abigail Ivey

    our schools main song we sing like 1,000000 times is this song. I'm so teary

  95. Michelle Dukes

    Great song! RISE AND SHINE

  96. Kyle Swafford

    Going through a rough time. Recently lost the trust of best friend and it's basically now we just know each other and that's about it. I'm depressed I feel sick and want god to end this. So all I ask is to be prayed for. Thank you so much, leave a like if you want to...

    Hero Czarnik

    I hope everything gets better :)

    Kyle Swafford

    Thank you so much it's been up and down but I know have someone to be with and that best friend is back but she just a friend

  97. jadamcfp1

    Danny your awesome singer I love your music because just because! YOUr awesome! Can Can you please watch my YouTube account vides I'm called on here Jada mc fp 1