Gokey, Danny - La Esperanza Frente A Mi (Salsa Remix) Lyrics

Uoh uoh uoh uoh
Uoh uoh uoh uoh
He pasado por lluvia y pensé que no habría fin
La tormenta de dolor se enfrenta hacia mí
En la oscuridad he estado, ooh
Pero en mi corazón no importa la tempestad
Voy a estar bien

Hay esperanza frente a mí
Y la luz, aun la veo
Su mano me sostendrá
Aun cuando no lo creo
Caído estoy y me levantare
Mis mejores días frente a mí
Y después de sufrir
Hay esperanza frente a mí

La tormenta algún día llegara a su final
Y el dolor y su fin en olvido quedaran
Levanta la vista al cielo, el sol está saliendo
Es tiempo que te des cuenta que
Vas a estar bien...

Hay esperanza frente a mí
Y la luz, aun la veo
Su mano me sostendrá
Aun cuando no lo creo
Caído estoy y me levantare
Mis mejores días frente a mí
Y después de sufrir
Hay esperanza frente a mí

Esperanza arde, En mi oscuridad resplandeció
Y mi vida vale, a mi lado siento tu favor

Mi esperanza, y la luz aun la veo
En tus manos estoy, aun cuando no lo creo

Debo creer, tengo que creer
Uoh uoh uoh oh oh
Uoh uoh uoh oh


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Gokey, Danny La Esperanza Frente A Mi (Salsa Remix) Comments
  1. Oriana Roman

    Thanks, thanks a lot!!!!!! What a voice.

  2. Marlyne Gomez

    wow God bless u

  3. It’s Time To Vlog !!!

    Dany speaks Spanish? What?!

  4. Johana Cagua

    Me gusta tus canciones, por favor mas en español

  5. Kayla Patek

    Can someone put the Spanish lyrics???

  6. Obden kwamii

    Que bueno es escuchaste cantar en español

  7. Obden kwamii

    Deberías seguir cantado en español tanto como en inglés

  8. Melissa Lisett Vasquez

    Love it!! ♥️

  9. Milagros Muniz

    I follow you and your songs you're so awsome Gokey yes wow I just heard your spanish songs wow amazing🔈🎤🎛️🎶🎙️🎸🎧🎼🎵

  10. Milagros Muniz

    I love your new songs spanish songs Danny Gokey wow you're the blessed one God bless you I already have your CD at home😀😍😘💛💙🎶🎵🎼🎤🎛️🎧🔉🎸

  11. Student work

    All that Latin percussion, so spicy...love it! 🕺🏻💃🏻
    Wepa!!! ❤️

  12. Leo Antog

    Is there a language you don't sing it?

  13. Monique bonome

    Hes good at Espanol hola

  14. laura romero

    Sii ; salsa

  15. Noe Arguelles

    i wish that was an old school announcer mic

  16. alexander guardian

    Woooowww excelente !!! me encantaaaa!!!!

  17. Marcos Chavez Martinez

    l love your song

  18. Felix Segui

    Sooooo when is the Christian salsa album coming out????
    You gotta get on it man cuz this was awesome!!!!!!! 👍👍👍😁

  19. Somber Faces

    No way!!

  20. Betsy Sanchez

    Enserió Danny?? Sometiéndole, pero bn duro a la SALSA. 🙆👏😆
    XCELENTE!!!!!!! BIENVENIDO @ nuestro mundo hispano. T lo dice una BORICU pa'q tú lo sepas!!! 😄 "Welcome" 👏👏😉👍

  21. Michelle Luevano

    No...you...DIDN'T! This is AMAAAAAZING! Dancing Salsa by myself! (And I don't care) LOL!

  22. Juliana Gomez

    I love it.

  23. Elena Avila


  24. Jessica Lorenzana

    I mean I've been in love with Danny since his American ideal days, but now I'm even more in love! Its so hard to find a well rounded man who's talented and yet humble and full of faith. Why is he taken????
    I've been trying to figure out..is he Latino? Or is he just into Latin culture?

  25. Castro & Asociados

    jajjaja wao que cambio se escucha genial!!!!

  26. Maliana Marie

    Danny Gokey! You always do an outstanding job! Stay blessed!!!

  27. Marie Gonzalez

    I L💓v this song in English, but in Spanish Latino Salsa is out of this World!💖💓💗💘💕👌👍☝️🙌🙏

  28. Marie Gonzalez

    The Best,best best Christian Singer ever had singing!OMG!!!🙏😮🤗😍😘😇🙌🙌🙌

  29. Marie Gonzalez

    Una de las Voces Manassas! Hermosa he escucha do, en la musical Cristiana y Toda la GLORIA A PAPITO JESUCRISTO!!😃😀😁😄😊😉😍😘

  30. Bobby Martinez

    Awesome Danny!

  31. andrearonaldo11

    I am in love!!! Its like if Marc Anthony sang Christina music!

  32. arriesgado007 sincero

    Asu que rica salsa , que voz , buena orquesta fabuloso eso es musica a lo grande espero mas canciones en español danny

  33. Alberto Garcia


  34. Kasper-Kat Armstrong

    I know a fabulous saxophone player if you ever need to borrow hymn, I'd be happy to ask hymn to help ewe OUT (that be Hawk Nelson talk for Sold Out).

  35. Wilman Lebron


  36. some one

    Nice Threads.. oh and the song is pretty good too :)

  37. amanda patricia


  38. Trissy Denos

    Mabe the people who pressed the dislike button thought it said "dis I like"

    Rebecca Medina

    I agree! Dis, i like!

  39. Brianna Munoz

    Ay mi encanta dany gokeu

    Brianna Munoz

    Yes I to love the gokey danny

  40. Luis Rivera

    what's 😳asombroso 🙏

  41. Lupina Roca

    Gracias por hacer el cd en español!!

  42. God with us777

    Wow awesome salsa style me gustó mucho something different keep doing this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍blessings

  43. Israel Lopez

    Me encanta esta versión Latina Dany Gokey como decimos en México, te la rifaste

  44. LadyJ Peculiar

    Love it!👍💓

  45. Aida Martinez

    Pray you continue to Bless us with your songs.  Sending Love and Blessings

  46. Man Without Fear

    I can't understand the language but man it's AWESOME

  47. KidoM10

    no sabia que tambien cantaba en español :o
    genial !! siempre lo escucho en k love

    Pero es genial que tambien cante en español 💙

  48. Jennifer Vargas

    one of your favorite songs+salsa= 😮💣💥🎆 mind blowing

  49. Bersa Gomez Lopez

    Danny saca mas canciones así

  50. Bersa Gomez Lopez

    Mas así por favor!!

  51. maria ackerman

    Me encantan todas tus canciones, Gracias a Dios la encontre en espanol, para complartirla con mi hermano que sufre de deprecion. God bless you Danny

  52. TutorJuls Lee

    Please bring on more Christian salsa...could listen to it all day!

  53. Sayara nuñez

    You are a crazyyyyy???. You sing amaizingggg" La Salsa" jajajajaj

  54. Dixon FP

    La Mejor bendición para mi vida y mis oidos. Espero mas en español Danny jejejejeje

  55. Bexy Evans

    I could dance with someone to this. Very sassy sound...kind of...but sassy in a way where the dance is rather intimate.

  56. Jennifer Landaverde

    this upsets me so much who are singing too God or the people A cesar lo de cesar y a Dios lo de Dios don't mix God with the world this is so wrong

    Dazman Alvarez

    Why do you think Danny Gokey wrote this song? He did it for God, but I understand, it does sound as if it wasn't for God. Plus in Puerto Rico , this is how they praise God, sure they use salsa for the world but sometimes it's for God.

    Carolina Rodriguez

    Jennifer Landaverde that's the whole purpose to reach out to those who have lost hope...this should not be upsetting!! girl whatever it takes to spread the Good News!!! I've sent some of these songs to my unsaved friends and they love it!! You don't know what God is doing for others through this music!! this is exciting!! 😃😃😃😃😃🙌🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏👏

  57. Anayda Vazquez

    Awesome Love it... praying that God continue to bless you and your fam.

  58. Audrey

    OH MY GOODNESS, I love this!

  59. Stefany Aguiriano

    ME Encanto, Dios te bendiga Grandemente ;)

  60. Miladys Sierra

    OmG amo esta canción! De las mejores que he escuchado este año. 😮😮😮😮😮🙈🙈🙈🙈🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 ❤❤❤❤

  61. jonc37817

    Way to go Danny! I love the salsa beat. Great song.

  62. Frank Sandagorda

    keep it going gbu I wanna here. more in this style

  63. Sara Salazar

    Wow totally love this!! Make more!!

  64. Ronnie Alvarez


  65. vico07

    Sooo good! Left me wanting more!!!!

  66. rosie saunders


  67. Kennz92

    I feel like dancing to this song. Good song. Ty !

  68. Luis Mendoza


  69. moderngirly ortiz

    omg this is beautiful, well done! God bless!!

  70. Riley Nguyen

    this man most likely has a very long career ahead of him. Thx for the musica.

  71. petronila palacios

    sensacional exito y bendiciones

  72. ぎゃ 栄子Gya

    super!!! me encanta ^.^

  73. Isa Sepulveda

    Excelente! bienvenido al mundo hispano!

  74. Gabriela Contreras

    Good job man

  75. Viridiana Miranda Garcia

    You have a very pretty voice. 👌🏼
    And you have a salsa voice , you should sing this style more often . 🙌🏼

  76. Byron Gonzalez

    Que color de voz ..buen trabajo

  77. Byron Gonzalez

    me encanta esa versión

  78. Debbie Lamoreux

    I sooo love this Spanish + salsa remix version! This summer, I added hula hooping to my workout. I feel like David dancing before the Lord as I twirl and spin my hoop and worship our Savior <3

  79. Jorge Cumba

    listened to this and to the Spanish version of tell your heart to beat again a million times. so awesome!!!

  80. Isaac Madrid

    wow amazing love when you sing in Spanish can't get enough

  81. Paulo Guttemberg

    Very good!

  82. Emily Vicente

    amen Hallelujah!❣ 😇.

  83. Ade Monroy

    Excelente !!! ❤️

  84. Kuto Chong Principe

    muy bueno!

  85. Travis Gregory

    takes a few to get used to the different style, but its pretty good :)

  86. Wendy Herr

    Danny thank you for your inspiration in your music. God BLESS YOU always.

  87. jaimediaz sanchez

    Exelente...gracias por pensar en nosotros los latinos...me gusta el ritmo que imprimes en tus canciones nada que envidiar a este mundo. God bless you.

  88. Jennifer Cruz

    The bar has been raised... Go Danny!

  89. Tamara JD

    Amazing!!! Love you all <3 more blessing

  90. Leslie

    Is Danny Hispanic?

  91. Adriana Mendoza

    you actually did do it !

  92. Claudia María Girón Comparini

    awasome! simplemente sensacional!! Felicitaciones

  93. pinkpricess Rivera

    Wow amazing, love it!💕🖐

  94. pinkpricess Rivera

    Wow amazing, love it!💕🖐

  95. Joselyn Garcia

    This is so awesome! Great job 😀

  96. Raine Ann

    Very nice! Love it!!!

  97. Sylvia Castro