Gokey, Danny - If You Ain't In It Lyrics

Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah!
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah!

I've got things that I thought
Would fill my heart up, sittin' on top winning
But that ain't winning

I've chased all the good stuff, all the bad stuff
Stuff the world calls living
But that ain't living

Don't really matter what I do
Don't mean nothin' without You

I don't wanna have it all
Write my story any way I want
Everything will just fall apart
If You ain't in it (if You ain't in it)

I don't wanna get my way
No, I don't wanna run this thing
'Cause I know it all ends the same
If You ain't in it (if You ain't in it)

Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah!
If You ain't in it
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah!

I want all that You want
All that You've got
Point my heart toward You
I want You too

Nothing else is gonna matter
If You're not what I'm after

I don't wanna have it all
Write my story any way I want
Everything will just fall apart
If You ain't in it (if You ain't in it)

I don't wanna get my way
No, I don't wanna run this thing
'Cause I know it all ends the same
If You ain't in it (if You ain't in it)

Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah!
If You ain't in it
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah!

Here is my confession
I'm a man of imperfection
And my heart can go off chasin' empty things
But You keep runnin' toward me
Yeah 'cause You know what's best for me
And You know You are the only one I need

Oh I don't wanna have it, all
I don't wanna have it, all
If You ain't in it

I don't wanna have it all
Write my story any way I want
Everything will just fall apart
If You ain't in it (if You ain't in it)

I don't wanna get my way
No, I don't wanna run this thing
'Cause I know it all ends the same
If You ain't in it (If You ain't in it)

Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah!
If You ain't in it
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah!
If You ain't in it

Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah!
If You ain't in it
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, ah!

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Gokey, Danny If You Ain't In It Comments
  1. Hector Hernandez

    Danny Gokey you have an amazing band👍👍👍👍🤛

  2. Mónica Susundey

    😍😍😍😍😍😍 muchas gracias!! Saludos desde Montevideo Uruguay 🇺🇾🙌🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻

  3. bburnsga

    LOVE this!! Love Danny's singing, love his band, love watching them interact!!!!

  4. theycallmeabe

    “...nothing else is gonna matter if You’re not what I’m after...” Thanks for the reminder! I shall be meditating on this thought all day.

  5. Chris Beck

    How can anybody give this a thumbs down!! It's amazing!!

  6. Soldier King

    it all ends the same if you ain't in it

  7. Deisinha deisinha

    Essa banda tem muita energia
    Principalmente o tecladista😜
    Muito boa essa banda

  8. Flaviane Soares

    2020 🇧🇷

  9. Luciene silva

    😎☺️🤗muito bom

  10. Haloh 4

    I love him he’s amazing this is my favorite song by him

  11. Brandon Kuhn

    I cannot stand Danny Gokey. This music video filled freemasonic satanic occult sign and symbols and yet my Christian brothers and sisters are too stubborn or blind or immature to see it. This man is not a Christian in any regard and he is truly a freemason spreading a false prosperity gospel and leading people into worldliness.

  12. Aldiefamily

    You are really encouraging to love God

  13. Jessica Burchell

    I love the spirit in the song. It makes me want to get up and dance and dancing is one thing I'm too self-conscious to do (in front of people anyway)
    My criticism: songs should address specifically who they are actually talking about. It may be harder to rhyme Jesus' name but it's powerful and it can be added in at least once otherwise who are we singing to or about? Otherwise, like the song says "He ain't in it." So, praise God maker of Heaven and Earth, Father to Christ Jesus who came to save all sinners who are willing to receive Him! I don't ever want life to get so "good" that I forget that I need Jesus! Thank you, God, for every good and perfect gift that comes from above. We thank you for providing us with our material needs as well as filling us with the joy of His salvation. I pray that Christian music will inspire listeners to pray, read their bible, and grow in a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ. If you need prayer I will pray for you but you can always ask/ talk to Jesus anytime yourself. Don't give up before your miracle happens...

  14. Jessica Bender

    Your music is so uplifting and I love your songs!! leave a like if you love his music! 💕

  15. junfan31

    If You ain´t in It, there is no "I" in It……….. OM

  16. Barbara Jackson

    Thank you, Jesus!!!

  17. John B

    This vid was amazing, Big Props to Danny Gokey (I hear some of his songs on the radio every now and then), This song was awesome, I loved it, the Lyrics to the song have a good meaning behind them and Impacted me as well... like if God is not our lives then it won't be as good as if he is and is in control, and is helping us, you could taste the wonders of the world but it'd be nothing if God isn't in your life Amen, praise the Lord!

  18. Tony Coates

    Thank you! Danny Gokey and his band keep the faith in Jesus his music is a Blessing in these last days🕯🕺⛪🎤

  19. Diane Russell

    I love this song that true we don’t want anything if HE AIN’T In it

  20. TheWoodenTreeGaming

    if you feel down say:
    God I am a sinner but I need faith , hope and love please forgive me ,In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

  21. TheWoodenTreeGaming

    If god wasn't in my live I would hate my life and live in depression

  22. Lolo Moss

    get it Danny!! i love ur music. u can sing the jams and then sing the ballads with just as much passion! awesome worship music <3

  23. New Beginnings


  24. cheesey owen Polkowski

    how are there 876 dislikes! this song is awesome!

  25. Eli Wright

    this is a lesson well learned, if ya know what i mean

  26. dragoncastillo3184

    I pray that all the thumbs down on this video receive God in their life very very soon. 💗 you got to love your neighbor.

  27. Gorgeousmama4

    Danny Gokey since I went to your concert can’t stop listening to your music. I love your music. God bless you and may he continue to use you to bring his people to his kingdom with your beautiful testimony. I love that you speak Spanish that so cool.

  28. Arizona person

    Why does Danny keep holding up the baphomet/devil sign...
    I was hoping he didnt sell out, but def looks like it.

    Malinda Smith

    Oh please. Just stop.

  29. Gabriella Waltermire

    I love this song

  30. Cynthia Rejoyce Lindsey

    My new favorite song! I heard it over the sound system in a Community Aid store. The store is Christian based and plays Christian music through their sound system.

  31. Denis Dadou

    Hey Danny...I came to discover you last 2 days and really like your music. Lyrics(message) and Melody very nice. I am from Rwanda in East Africa

  32. Angela Jackson

    This Song Is The Bomb Love It Danny! 😍😍😍😍

  33. CINDY LOPEZ 35

    Danny Gokey I love your Songs. I need one Partner in My Channel name is " Follow your Dream, Your Heart. Because God is With You." You Can help my friend your Music and Songs. They need to hope, Peace, Love from God Almighty. I am from Puerto Rico. I am Living Grand Rapids,MI now. God Bless you and your Band.

  34. Julian

    God is in the mitst of everything

  35. CINDY LOPEZ 35

    Danny Gokey I love your Songs. God is Awesome God have Big Mercy with Earth and World. But One day Jesus come Back his Holy People. We need to believe Jesus is Real in our Heart. Because I am Live in him.

  36. AJ Maynard

    Might've just found my new favorite song! Praise the Lord!

  37. Sophia Rice

    I just love how he's having so much fun singing this song. He's always happy and I just love it 😊😊😊💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💞💞💞

  38. Alexis Long

    I love Danny GoKey

  39. Hunter Ulrich

    Why does he keep flashing devil horns?

  40. Go. Outsider 19

    Omg they’re all cute and Christian that’s the whole package in a short sentence. 💕😍🥰 loving and living the rhythm of the music!!

  41. Lukah The Unforgiving

    Danny, I was in a rough spot in life where I didn’t know if I was gonna be okay, but you’ve brought me closer to God, and your story has shown me that there is hope in life, and that god has a plan for me, and I thank you for that

  42. Carolyn Hoffmann

    always magnificent!

  43. CommissarKozlov

    I wonder how awkward the room would get if someone asked this dude what color Jesus' skin was LOL

  44. Info Hub


  45. Milan Waller

    ...if u ain't in it!!!!!!! wooooo!! (while i'm unconsciously bobbing my head lol!)

  46. Captain Cooler

    I may only be an appliance, but man, I sure do love groovin' to christian worship music! No lie!

  47. Megagamermania1

    844 people don't want God in it. They need to get God in it.

  48. Marcia menendez

    I'm 7 and I have cancer but one year later I have I stared crying 😂

  49. Sankt5 QueenED

    This is one of my Life Anthems. Jesus is the Ruler of my life. It speaks the words of my soul to Jesus. Thank you!

  50. shadow gaming

    i like k love and this is wriley

  51. Kathy Buck

    WOW This song is 2 years old, and I just heard it? Where have I been? I love this song!!

  52. Nana Tilda

    Watching you have so much fun in this video made me 1) fall in love with you 2) want to marry you 3) subscribe 4) I can't say because we would all blush.

  53. redvisionradio

    Saludos desde Argentina

  54. redvisionradio

    Vamos Danny sigue asi tu musica es cada vez mejor!!!

  55. Summer N Isabella E

    When this song come on the i turn it waaay up and my speakers are just a bumbing in my mini van 🚙

  56. EDP’s #1 Fan

    Audience of one. God bless

  57. Glenn Woods

    Love this....he sings it with conviction!
    Gotta love the writer too! Tell the truth about recognizing love when it's in your face!

  58. Merary Salas

    Love you Danny Gokey
    Keep up the good work

    Like if you aggre

  59. Merary Salas

    Love this song,good beat

  60. Martin Clearman

    GLORY TO GOD----PRAISE TO GOD WITH UTMOST PRAISE!!! Do justice, walk humbly, love kindness---He yields his own will and seeks to replace it with God's will in all matters, he seeks to please God ---Not self!!! His way--Not my own------shall serve Him--Obey Him-----JESUS CHRIST IS MY ONLY HOPE EVERY SECOND OF MY LIFE--------In His love to all, Martin

  61. Lily Cristobal

    I love jordan filiz

    Agree if you like

    Jordan G.

    Feliz* but yep, love him

  62. #31. Moisés Otoniel Sánchez García

    I love it

  63. Ella Rodriguez

    Love u Danny since u were on American idol...Amazed how our GOD IS USING YOU FOR HIS KINGDOM

  64. Flor Beltran

    I love how you guys are cambin

  65. Rebekah Staal

    Me to I could literally just listen on repeat for 10000 days 🎧😁

  66. Pamela Hart

    Love you so much seen you at winter jam

  67. M Tg

    I'm only 10 years old and I love this song so much that I could literally listen to this on repeat for days! Danny gokey is an amazing guy and I love his music!!! Thanks for the amazing music Danny gokey and keep making more!❤❤❤❤🙌🙌❤👍👍

    Eli Wright

    same dude same😆😆😆😆

    Eli Masih gearhead123rr

    @Eli Wright SAME!!!!!!!!!

  68. dragos bruzan

    i don t like

  69. Troy GBLAN

    Please stop singing “choo”

  70. Toñyta Hdz


  71. Dionne Roman

    Boy did I need to hear this today! So much truth in this song, I have to stop chasing the world stuff...so true it's not living!

  72. Aaron Harper

    If Yeshua's not in it.... flush it 😜😜😜

  73. Diane DeFeo

    Just listened to "Masterpiece" about six times. Now it's time to PUMP IT UP! Woo hoo! I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr. Gokey. A humble, kind, unassuming man of faith. I wonder sometimes if he truly knows how many of us his music (prompted by Grace) has helped... Including me. Glory to God! Bless you all!

  74. Provoqe

    When your inner man is in communion with the Lord, you are in relationship with him.
    When your flesh is in communion with the Spirit of the LORD, you are in fellowship with him.

  75. Nexus Crescendo

    Ok....I'm not religious in the slightest and I heard this one the radio one day about 7-ish months ago and had no idea it was a hymn type of song. But you know what I don't care this song is a banger! I can't stop singing & dancing to it! And tbh they lyrics are so vague it can be religious, it can be for a friend, it can be for a lover. No matter what it's up to the listener to decide what it's for and that is exactly why I love this song!
    That and Danny's voice is pretty lovely to listen to as well 😊

  76. Anita Mazyck


  77. frank reimer

    This song is awesome! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😉😉😉😉

  78. Lisa Garza

    One of my favorite songs, love the beat! I Love God, he's got my back!

  79. Andrew Sarley

    I had just come out of a deep spiritual depression. Praying in desperation and what felt like vain words, I looked up an article by an Adventist which seemed to outline in clear detail everything I was going through and I was convinced for a time that I was a doomed man, and everything in my life [possessions, dreams, and hobbies] was revealed for the hevel (smoke) of which it was, meaningless.

    But then, God came through. My mother exposed the lies I was fed by the heretical article and I praised Jesus. I don't look back on this whole season with resentment but with thankfulness in my heart. The obsessions of this life lost their grip on me and I can leave my own little world unweighted by idols. It was a purification, a painful one, but in the end a liberating one. My mother was also strengthened by the experience.

    I look back on it now and see how our heavenly Father takes all things and uses them for good.

    Michael C

    Andrew Sarley Jesus loves you and you should make sure to be apart of his Apostolic Catholic Church! :)

  80. Andres Manuel

    He's doing satanic signs all song long


    It's actually sign language meaning love, if his thumb was inside then it's wrong.

  81. Andres Manuel

    You're illuminati

  82. Andres Manuel

    He keeps doing the horns sign with his hands at second 31,he's illuminati

  83. Andres Manuel

    He keeps doing the horns sign with his hands at second 31,he's illuminati


    I Like this song

  85. Elsie Gomez

    Highly recommended by God

  86. Vikky Cage


  87. Monique Lomax


  88. Alexandra Raducanu

    Cool wow

  89. Heavenly Organic Beauty

    Don’t chase empty dreams!!!

  90. Meghan Mills

    Every single one of you are fantastic and so adorable😍! Your smiles, energy, and love for Jesus shine in this video! I was busting out a few cris-cross feet moves myself 😉. This video made my day - thank you guys!

  91. maria lc

    bring it to Rockford, IL! Pleeeease!

  92. mary jackson

    One of my fav songs

  93. Carol Vevle

    Amen & Hallelujah!!!

  94. J Whillans

    LOVE Danny Gokey!

  95. yolanda pedro

    I love the band the music oh guys you'are awesome

  96. Апостол Павел

    To deffer God from evil is His Spirit priority and mission and "here is my confession": Is a blessed job of Holy Spirit in of of you, brothers, because God is great and whatever He does - is amazing and great as Him! Amen!
    God bless you with more amazing songs like this one to make a soul and a heart dance for Him in Spirit!
    Let Him guide you, and follow Him and you will get! god bless you again! Amen!
    A soul needs joy when is a time of joy and dance - when it is a time for dance for God in His Spirit - let He bless you with more songs for dancing! Amen!