Gogol Bordello - Suddenly... (I Miss Carpaty) Lyrics

Suddenly door opened just a crack
a hand reached out and ordered me to duck
took me to a Sturm and Drang banquet
where Rismsky and Korsakov they met
On the Sturm and Drang banquet
where Kunitzky popal pod zapret
A stambuljanskij k Rudiku v Kismet
Still I miss Carpaty!
miss Carpaty, miss Carpaty
Sojuzivka is the best
but I still miss Carpaty!

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Gogol Bordello Suddenly... (I Miss Carpaty) Comments
  1. Spooky Mulder

    This song makes me want to throw a extra large pepperoni pizza against the wall and karate kick a dinosaur in the balls and polish off a bottle of Japanese beer.

    G Matteo

    Spooky Mulder not at allllll

  2. Russell Solomon

    Is this song about the Zakarpattia region of Ukraine? I know there is a photo floating around the net of Eugene Hütz standing in front of a road sign with the names of villages "Chop" and "Mukachevo" in Cyrillic. I looked up the cities and Wikipedia sez they are in the region of Zakarpattia in Ukraine which sounds a lot like "Carpaty". Maybe Carpaty is the gypsy named for Zakarpattia?

    Camila Sombra

    @Piroska Racz the romani verse i love 💕💕 beautiful voice and song. Thank you very much

    Craig Hooker

    @Piroska Racz Funny, I always thought that verse in the middle of the song with acoustic guitar was Hungarian since I heard the word "paradicsom." I'm sure there's crossover with the Romani and Hungarian languages, though. Very cool!

    Piroska Racz

    @Craig Hooker hey Craig...oh yes in every country we Roma have settled each dialect is heavily influenced by country's language😍

    Craig Hooker

    @Piroska Racz And no matter where you end up, the music is always wonderful, too! I was lucky enough to study in Budapest for 4 months back in 2012. I went with some friends to Aggtelek in the northeast to see the caves there and I think we hitchhiked with some gypsies. I'll never forget that. That would actually make a great Gogol Bordello song :D

    Piroska Racz

    @Craig Hooker on Facebook Hutz has a page called Eugene Hutz Kiev Fan page. U cud get on that and make suggestion..maybe he'll like idea