Gogol Bordello - Sally Lyrics

Sally was a fifteen year old girl from Nebraska
Gypsies were passing through her little town
They dropped something on the road, she picked it up...
And cultural revolution right away begun!
Oh no, cultural revolution just begun
Oh no, cultural revolution just begun

They always were afraid that I was schizophrenic...
They always were afraid что родину продал
А по правде я был просто маленький медведик
Сел на велосипедик и все нахуй проебал...
Oh no, cultural revolution just begun
Oh no, cultural revolution just begun

О, да, да, да

Oh no


From all the tables of contents that Mother Earth provides
I'd like to be a big fat fucking fly
The one that spins around your head all day and all night
and sound of it is just like a what?...
...but by the accident of some kind divine dispensation
I ended up being walking United Nation
And I survive even fucking radiation
A big fat fucking what?
And I would visit you a lot

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Gogol Bordello Sally Comments
  1. Daniel Drogin

    А по правде я был просто маленький медведик, сел на велосипедик и всё нахуй проебал!!!

  2. John Possum

    Uncle Tony's Garage led me here.


    me too!

  3. Rickydo

    Just found this, completely by accident.
    And I love it.

  4. Happy Funtime

    Jesus. All these years later this song still gets me amped lol!!

  5. Cweyn


  6. Papafico

    1, 2, 3
    And I woke up early this morning and I went to the 5 and dime
    I saw this pretty young lady that was real, real fine
    I tapped her on the shoulder and said, ?Mmm, mmm, excuse me, ma'am?
    She pulled down her pants and said, ?Splack these hands?

    Sally ?That Girl?
    Sally, whew, ?That Girl?

    So we walked her to her house, as she opened up the door
    It was heart-shaped bed in the middle of the floor
    She pushed me on the bed and this you can bet
    In between her legs was real, real wet
    So I grabbed her by her thighs and I moved up truly
    She jumped off the bed and said, ?Don't touch my booty?
    ?Don't touch my booty ?cause I won't touch you?
    ?Don't touch my booty ?cause it's not the thing to do?

    Sally, whew, ?That Girl?
    Sally, whew, ?That Girl?

    So we bailed out her house just to get something to eat
    We saw her friend named Patty walkin' down the street
    Patty turned around as we yelled out her name
    She dropped to her knee and began to sing

    Sally, whew, ?That Girl?
    Sally, whew, ?That Girl?

    Sally is a girl that likes to play
    And if you want some lovin' Sally is okay
    She has a different fellow every day of the week
    Two or maybe three just to make it sweet
    Sally wants a man she can call her own
    And sixty-seven hundred she can call on the phone
    Sally's never tired and she's never alone
    All Sally wants is a fellow with a room

    Sally, whew, ?That Girl?
    Sally, whew, ?That Girl?

  7. Reseu

    What is the meaning of this song?

  8. Sally Thia

    My name is the best of the world.

    ORHAN Gündüz

    Hasıkktır Bok .!

  9. OfMine

    A po pravde ya bil prosto malenkiy medvedic...:)

  10. Night Dagger

    go Gogol Bordello <3

  11. William Cousineau

    U gotta see them live to truly appreciate what they bring to the table. So much  energy! So much fun!


    I totally agree. I saw them in 2007 at Coachella and they were the best show that entire weekend.

  12. helena Borg

    Gogol Bordello <3

  13. mouschi

    Like stepping into a time machine, isn't it folks? So long ago, yet not too long ago.

  14. Sam Howells

    my alltime favourite songs

  15. Stefano Spritz

    ......se ti può interessare sono mooolte di più....ce ne faremo una ragione ballando e saltando a ritmo di....Pura Vida!!! Party!Party!Party!afterParty!!! "Che brutto non saper gioire"

  16. Izzy Tharp

    Also if any anglophone reader likes this song, you should PIGPILE those gas-chamber attendants at the Ceske Budejovice town hall and tell them about the Roma situation in that city.

  17. Izzy Tharp

    Just to say: Hutz & Co. can still do something against the Czech killers, but Hungary is BUGGERED. All they can do is get the Hungarian Roma asylum in Canada or elsewhere in the civilised AngloSaxon world where genocide is still impolite........

  18. Izzy Tharp

    Play this song in the Genocide Belt, i.e. Sluknov, Novy Bor, and now Ceske Budejovice.... when the Jew-killing gadje look for new victims, play some genuine PUNK!!!!

  19. mtailgator

    Here's the best news, they are even better live!

  20. Javier Valenzuela

    A weird song, lovely, Thanks to the pizza restaurant for show me this song!

  21. borys887

    Wsio na chuj pojebał...

  22. mmrseed

    I just discovered this band today...never heard of them before...but within 30 seconds of hearing this song I bought this whole album on itunes...awesome

  23. Gaia Bandiziol

    And I survive even fucking radiation


  24. 1madmaxx80

    Gogol you rock! Gypsy punx 4 life :D

  25. six feet of something

    i dislike that when i type "s" the first thing that shows up is skrillex

  26. Erika Medfre

    And I will visit you a laaaaa la la la la la (8)

  27. derSafran

    I wanna get drunk!

  28. jmclarty100

    one of the best shows i've ever missed

  29. Andrei mihalescu

    He survived FACKING radiation~!!!

  30. 92PHATTY


  31. LoganCain

    holy crap these guys are great but i know nothing about themm i saw them at the library

  32. SoldierSide77

    @Casettejongen good point!!

  33. Jason Berden

    @SoldierSide77 Don't know about that - I've seem them live once (yet, more to come) and I was in such a trance that I just hád to give them my money... I've never felt so compelled to go the merch table as that time... Sounds like a cult to me :D

  34. Jake Tucker

    this songs awsome

  35. Madeleine Beaton

    @SoldierSide77 Ahaha yes obvously he is not a cult leader geeze.

  36. SoldierSide77

    @ActNaturally8 - Nevermind...I guess he does actually also say 'cult revolution' at 0:53. My bad. But "cultural revolution" was the point he was trying to get across. Eugene's not a cult leader lol

  37. SoldierSide77

    @ActNaturally8 - Cultural revolution...not "cult" revolution. ;)

  38. Madeleine Beaton


  39. xinsectoxurbanox

    This was the first song I ever heard from GB... and i've fucking loved them ever since..

    Also, the only other band I can think of that has members from all over and stuff is Manu Chao which another band i love...

  40. Elnejo86

    nada dadadats!

  41. nevimmcconnapsat

    best story

  42. kfc025

    i loved the violin its so nice...and also funny the music...

  43. Titov123

    love this song! gotta see them live!

  44. Valoe7


  45. Aydrian Alegria