Gogol Bordello - My Strange Uncles From Abroad Lyrics

My strange uncles from abroad
yes I never met them
but I took everything they wrote
and I'll never forget them
Through the mystical communication
deep within it all comes true
forming underground railroad
for our ultimate break through!

My strange nephews from abroad
I'll meet them on the cosmos streets
and we will drink to how we never told you
to trust a plastic beat

Bright open eyes. they are still looking
they are still finding
a few unpoisoned hearts
no matter where you are exiled.
no matter where you are exiled!

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Gogol Bordello My Strange Uncles From Abroad Comments
  1. TheBinoStation

    Ganda music

  2. Diana Martins

    I'm here because of an english exercise!

  3. Branimir Marold

    great movie, thanks for sharing, respect!

  4. Folk Metallie

    Οι τυποι ειναι απιστευτοι

  5. Pa šutiraj deeečkooo!!!

    no matter where you are exiled

  6. opredeleno

    I want Clutch to invite GB for a tour together! I will quit my job to be their groupee!

  7. Colette Bembenek

    Could listen to this all day, well, as all Gogol Bordello and his band. Tu tu !

  8. Colette Bembenek

    Blaze it ! Bordello and his gypsy punks are dynamite ! They rock like no other....wow,
    wow, YEAH! Dance and they make your head spin.....love em !

  9. FriendlyShadow1

    I am a strange uncle and I love this band.

  10. jay webster

    it seems that one person here is prejudiced. ...

  11. Tsar Synapsid

    The bass line contains the moans of pleasure from ten thousand women...

  12. Jorge Morales

    These Mutha truckers hella rock out!!

  13. Elijah Pearce

    my strange friend likes this song :D

  14. cgbuosi

    oh my gorden, this is so fucking awesome!

  15. zackdoesblogs

    wrong album cover you have here... but the song, the song is so right. <3

  16. animerocks707


  17. Kristina G

    Booty Popping good time!