Gogol Bordello - Dub The Frequencies Of Love Lyrics

Give me a vision when I got none
and thunderbolts in each hand of my own
for I'm comin' back to level
Everything they taught us wrong

With a crave for for panacea
World is crawlin' on all fours
In a search of a new prayer
Gods are throwin' thunderbolts

So dub it like toyarisch would
Dub it like a best friend could
Dub it like a brother would
Onto Transmigration!

I need leads how to keep going
On the trail of ultimate from the streets to the subconscious
from subconscious to the God

Master tell me how come everything they taught us
Always seems to be so god damn wrong
In the meantime music from the tiny island
Takes over the world

Frequencies of love
Gather round, oh come on
Frequencies of love
Overcome, overthrow!

So dub it like tovarisch could
Say it like a brother would
Hold me like a mother would
Onto transmigration

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