Gogol Bordello - Copycat Lyrics

Pioneer is Pioneer, it's a way of life
special way of mind border-lining crime
Pioneer is first and gives the most
ain't no need for further props.
Pioneer gets down in the motherfuckin' mud
makes a goldmine out of dump
but you know who gets even bigger cut?

Digging like an ostrich in the motherfucking mud
Just the please the Copycat!

Now Copycat is Copycat and as we learn
it's whole discipline of its own:
same walk, same talk, but just no heart
that's trade mark of the Copycat.
These days Copycat always gets paid
we call America for Amerigo Vispucci
but Columbus gets all the Kuchi-Kuchi
Kuchi-Kuchi-Kuchi-Copycat... Cut!

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