Godsmack - Stress Lyrics

You think your head's achin', I'm not finished yet
I won't be mistaken, how soon you forget
Take back what you said and I'll spare you pain
then you can spare me all your fuckin' lies
I can't wait to get away
I ask you twenty more times,
Don't you hear a thing?
Your testing my patience again,
Careful for your sake
Take a walk with me there, and I'll show you pain
But who said you can open up your mouth
I can't wait to get away
Thoughts are pissed away
And for a minute I couldn't swallow
Thoughts are pissed away
And for a minute I couldn't swallow
If you think that I'm the one who'll be here
Come tomorrow think again
In time I'll be here, Not waiting for you anymore
I love you anyway, is it so rare that I've been
Sleeping with the dead

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Godsmack Stress Comments
  1. Алексей Нестеров

    R.i.P Godsmack


    From my fav album

  3. Brandon Callaway

    0:10 HUEGH

  4. John Devanna

    Great songs

  5. Avik Roy

    Stolen riff from Megadeth... Lucretia

    T. Maximus

    Haha yeah right, Dave ain't got shit on sully I know he's jealous of Metallica but they did not steal this from that little twat.

    Max Palmer

    Oh shut up and head bang

    Joe-Michael Johnson

    Oh guys I agree with Max. Just shut the fuck up and jam. Jam loud. Both bands are good. Stay brutal friends

    Max Palmer

    Joe-Michael Johnson 🤘🎸

  6. Альберт Дациев

    Охуенно братан

  7. Roy Mandeville

    Awesome song love it

  8. dalton06101

    this is the true define of music fuck country lovers :)

    Nikki Scheerer

    But little does your bitch ass know country lovers play it louder then you

    T. Maximus

    Huh? I swear I see the most stupid comments on YouTube

    Grand Old Soul

    @Nikki Scheerer idk who is the biggest fool. the fool from 7 years ago. or the fool who comments on something from 7 years ago of the fool who follows the fools?


  9. TheRamonesFreak

    I use the spoken part of this song in my status alot on facebook.

  10. chickenbird69

    I listen to this song when I'm worked up and getting upset. It actually calms me down. LOVE Godsmack!!!

  11. Slaytounge

    lol 0:09 "Hureh!"

  12. nemen91

    fuck yeah!

  13. Billy Kesner

    this is the go to song on leg day in the gym

  14. Bodo Bobo

    crap audio quality

  15. daniel vance

    hot chick !!!

  16. Marcelo Rick

    beating someone ass sound great right now......

  17. brandon10255

    @ThatReallyHighDude i would beat ass to the meow mix theme.... meow meow meow, bang bang!!!, meow meow.

  18. Mike Boliver

    Beatdown Music

  19. Austin Alley

    @crackzakk123 yes it does i could kill someone to thier music

  20. Chris Adams

    i love you godsmack i love yalls music i was the dj at the school dance last year and locked the door to the speaker room and blared this all over the school i love yall -chris james adams

  21. crackzakk123

    makes ya wanna SNAP!

  22. Team Vendetta

    One of my favorite songs... I love it. "You took me in.
    In time...
    I'll be here.
    Not waiting, not waiting for you anymore.
    I love you... I love you anyway.
    Is it so rare, that I've been sleeping with the dead?"