Goapele - Milk & Honey Lyrics

If we had a place to go
if we had somewhere to be
can somebody let it go
here's your chance so let it be
i dont wanna spell it out
its between the lines just read
how the story ends you'll find
rock me to sleep

it'll be like milk and honey
baby i can tell you want me
ooh i can feel your heartbeat
and the feelings coming over me
just lay back, relax, let me blow your mind
lets take our time
like honey it feels so warm inside

no matter the day
your losing the night
no matter the hour
im telling you now
just follow my lead
i'll open like a flower
honey by the nectur sweet
from the ocean so deep
on the shores i'll hope we'll meet
and fit together perfect...

just like milk and honey
baby i can tell you want me
ooh i can hear your heartbeat
and the feelings coming over me
just lay back, relax,boy you blow my mind
lets take our time
like honey it feels so warm inside

i dont want the feeling to leave
i'm killin em softly
never had honey so sweet
now that you got me
just pull me closer in
ooh slowly
you give me all i need

just like milk and honey
baby i can tell you want me
ooh i can feel your heartbeat
and the feelings coming over me
just lay back, relax, boy you blow my mind
lets take our time
like honey it feels so warm inside

just lay back, relax, let me blow your mind
like honey it feels so warm inside

... ohh lets take our time

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Goapele Milk & Honey Comments
  1. siyanda mashila

    Classic tune just lack airwaves it's deserve


    My God!
    Israelite women are beautiful...

  3. Roshawn Dopwell

    Been looking for this song everywhere!!!

  4. Stonyisland Chitown

    im still banging this joint. love the shit out of this one

  5. Terrell Evans

    All I know is this joint go so hard in the skating rink, we acts a fool in the smoothest way possible.

  6. Portia Dubazana

    2019 still jamming to this

  7. Ittan Bantan

    My God 5 seconds of hearing this tune and I was hooked...and I love this woman.....cheeeeze

  8. mandalor-83 J

    She just sexually assaulted my spirit and I liked it 😍😍😍😍😍

  9. Free Terina

    I met her this year on nye. She is Amazing classy beautiful lady. Please continue to bless us queen.

  10. soul bro76

    Fml....... Repeat please🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. wik wik

    Magic song , i'm from france

  12. Official Voniibo

    Omg her teeth and smile is sooooo beautiful, I’m so jealous

  13. soul bro76

    Fuck and double fuck🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. FinePaintBrush OnCanvas

    This song made it to a lot of hearts and minds of appreciation!

  15. Rodney Brown


  16. Maurice Peters

    I loved this song

  17. chris vanterpool

    I have a friend that looks like her very beautiful!!!

  18. Love SickMisfit

    Love this track! It has a different futuristic sound....

  19. Jay- Cee P

    She soooooo underrated!!!

  20. BamaBoynCali

    I forgot all about this song.

  21. Beatrice Smith

    Love 😍😍😍😍all her music


    Beautiful Song



  24. Melissa Yokley

    This my shit Cali luv Northern Cali in da house

  25. Beatrice Smith

    Love her

  26. Fock Google


  27. Larry Morris

    big ups to my wife bby I love u

  28. Willie Cousin

    She needs to come back out and bless the masses!!!!


    On replay since 6:am♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  30. filthypanda

    Look at her smile! You can't help but smile yourself watching her!!

  31. Micky Ignis Custos

    I love her smile she is so pretty!!!



  33. Contaniel Smtih


  34. Old Man Primo!


  35. Patricia Daka


  36. Wendy Collins

    I Feel Your Heart Beat❤❤❤❤

  37. Wendy Collins

    Just Like Milk & Honey Baby

  38. shea 11 11 truthseeker

    I'm right there

  39. bartenderzzz

    this song never made it out to NYC and its a shame. Her marketing team sucks,if she even has one. This track is a classic!!

    Pickle Rick

    bartenderzzz It did DJ played it tonight at a skate rink I go to. It was lit, great song to jam skate to

    Taylor Murray

    I'm from Oakland and I been loving this !


    feel so warm inside me so let me blow your mind


    like milk with the honey


    I feel your heart beat inside

    Rayshawn Morris

    Rip to my grandmother Franklin Field first boy Rayshawn aka of Chicken love you Nana

    Rayshawn Morris

    Boston Stan up


    yes feel good

    Knxgga X

    LISA HAMILTON did u like ur own comments

  44. Dare Ostag

    one of the sexiest songs/videos I've ever heard. Whatever she has on her teeth is hot as F...

    Brandy Sherer

    Dare Ostag I just noticed that

  45. Will Henry

    I can't stop listening to it..

    Cristy E

    me too!

  46. Will Henry

    Goapele , this song was stolen the vibe of the song was stolen by Jennifer Hudson and Justin Timberlake..you need to go get your money. I just now heard it, wow its a song full of energy.

  47. Queen KCB

    My song................

  48. Thick brix

    Love the song! That piece in her mouth is throwing me off, but its sexy.

    Breahna Davis

    You wouldn't understand your not from Oakland

  49. Noo Nu 9

    Goapele is a beautiful woman. It makes you ugly by not only her work as a artist but her looks. Her look is unique and authentic. She is breath taking.

    mano a mano

    @Noo Nu 9 I don't know... She's a little too much. To me she looks like a cross between a very beautiful woman and a wood-chipper or something. Having said that, she really is looking attractive lately, with her short bleached natural.

  50. Greg Burkes

    Sk8 song yeah!

  51. Denise D Melgoza

    I love you !!

  52. King Jose Rimshaw

    Holy Macrel!........(a loss of words).....

  53. Lesure West

    My slap

  54. Lesure West

    My slap

  55. Imani Nicola

    she is the modern day sade

  56. Jeanna Crafton

    she's hella pretty love this song and them gold teeth at the bottom oooh gangsta love it

  57. pro drone


  58. StarrFishEE2010

    Nothing is Sexier than a man giving you the feeling of Milk & Honey!

  59. rapperdoom

    Word. Mane, she is like beautiful. And them gold teeth in the bottom row is so fuckin' sexy, damn. And this song is so fly. Can't wait 4 the album. Been waitin' on her 4 some time now.

  60. Ugh

    LOVE IT!

  61. Mission Burnz

    "GOAPELE " she's back can't wait for the new album enjoy.

  62. Kyle Johnson

    The video is just as amazing as the song. She's so gorgeous!!

  63. flawlessSizta

    amazing woman and voice god i love her style there isn't a song of her's i dont like

  64. TurfStar415

    dissss slappp goapele go

  65. wallysaruman

    this video is like a drug for me...

  66. JusticeLoveandPeace

    I have to stay away from music like this right now!! This is one sensual track ... gosh!! Beautifully rendered!

  67. The Stalker

    okay....now she is bringin it back to when music was off the hook, before it died. good song.

  68. Lt Lux

    hot shyt 4sho.

  69. jonnny0311

    when is her next album?

  70. QuixoticZephyr

    Love the fangs. She smiles so sweetly but when you get a glance at them, they add another layer of sexiness to her.

  71. nitanita

    sounds like a song for amel larrieux...they should collab!


    She is the most down to earth artist. She is stunning, Big Ups to her DUDE...

  73. 5104560711

    theyre fangs sweets.

  74. 5104560711

    i like the regular goapele i dont like this sex kitten tpain shit. shes way better than this, what idiot n her label told her to do this?!

  75. Your Brother Adebayo

    i love this song and shes cute but ...the braces turn me off.

  76. shortandstuff

    Oh, thats what they are? I wasn't sure. I thought they were peircings.

    Her amazing voice makes this song.

  77. MsKolam

    the beat is beautiful

  78. Jon Henry

    im feeling her golds

  79. Ghostt Ronde

    im gonna fuck on this song, enjoy it , please my baby and thank Goapele for it

  80. rastarella

    who made this beat.?...is dope!

  81. Your Brother Adebayo

    my friend put this video on my facebook page and now i cant stop listening to it

  82. arnihockey

    ??? ark shes fucking ugly

  83. anjelzjelly129

    Yeah I can't take this anymore. You know what? To the people up here who think that true artistry is based on looks and not by their talents like this person who is six comments below mine, really just explained all of why the music industry is plummiting fast into some lava. I mean SERIOUSLY? So what if she don't look as hot as someone like Beyonce in some's opinion, Goepele can sing just as beautifully as she can. These type people WITH this mind set NEED to be kicked out of the music world.

  84. Troy Medlock

    wow you go girl....

  85. abandonedhero

    Damn i love her voice..

  86. The Awsome Gamer

    wht up with the GRILLEZ??????

  87. wizdomborn1

    i know, thats what i was trying to tell my boyfriend, he said he could not say anything........I think its one of the things that Zap used back in the day...idk, some auto tunes tool shit,I guess....anyway...1luv!!!

  88. Miss Parker

    Love my girl... but the balloon scene was mega low budget. Should we blame the economy? And is that a gold grill? 80/ lol

  89. Marissa Carter

    I'm really feeling this single, I just can't help but feel as if they could have done a better job on this video.

  90. Yulonda Jones


  91. ChicGenique

    did she cut off her locks?!?!!? OH NO!! im sooo late!