Gloryhammer - Silent Tears Of Frozen Princess Lyrics

Sometimes I seem to drown in woe
But there is a hope
Glooming inside my heart alone
When I think of you
Remembering bygone days
And your silvery laugh
It will not resound again
Caught in a shroud of ice

But I will not cease
Seeking for you

Frozen princess in this land of fears
Your mighty kingdom has fallen
I see the glitter of your silent tears
Afar in the wuthering dark

Every night I feel you're near
Vivid memories
They dance within my reach
And still are so far from here
Your angelic grace shall be ablaze
With lights again
My hammer may break the spell
Before the last hope dies

My path carries on
Seeking for you

My forces conspire
To bring back the warmth of your smile
My heart set on fire
It will burn down your prison of cold
It's burning for you

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