Gloryhammer - Quest For The Hammer Of Glory Lyrics

Ride! To the farway mountains
Fight! Many goblins and trolls
Quest! For the hammer of glory

The snow keeps on falling
As I ride to the north
I set out on a journey so far
Have been on my way thenceforth
My armour and weapons
Now covered with ice
Many battle have they seen
But onwards I must strive

To defeat the foes of Dundee
I must have a weapon of ultimate steel

Ride! To the farway mountains
Fight! Many goblins and trolls
Quest! For the hammer of glory
To wield the power to slay all your foes

My mission is simple
My purpose is clear
In a cave on a mountain up high
There lies a mystical shrine
If a warrior quests there
With a heart pure of steel
The gods will grant unto him
A weapon that shall be revealed

The Hammer of Glory it's called
Passed down by heroes from centuries old

The shrine lies before me now
The hammer in sight
I raise it up to the heavens above
And I hail the king

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Gloryhammer Quest For The Hammer Of Glory Comments
  1. Nickesponja

    Can someone tell me why he pronounces "many" in that way? As a non native speaker I don't get it

  2. D. Virant

    Livingston, Dyingston... XD

  3. Far Altright

    Trollhammeren doesnt like this lol

  4. Far Altright

    Goblin Slayer new weapon

  5. Oto Radyo


  6. Michael Mishler

    Lyrics can be shoved into someone's ass and come out with more fun. Box of alphabits does a lyric list better than this.

  7. Elijah Westercamp

    It would be kind of interesting to see a concert publicized as a Cardi B or whatever is the moronic flavor of the month in pop or mumble rap, then to have it unveiled to be these guys instead doing their own music. I wonder how many people would actually be exposed to enthusiastic and creative music that doesn't rely on the external heritage of its so-called artists.

  8. Specified Account

    The grandson of Manowar.

  9. Klaus William David Torres Rojas

    me recordo a la pelicula del señor de los anillos

  10. hell mouth

    quando vai sair o livro?

  11. Jolly Roger

    Official Blade of Destiny Theme

  12. Jolly Roger

    My beard just grew another beard

  13. Jeremy Langdon

    I listen to this playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. This pumps me up when I am whooping on the tuatha, slaying Balor, and breaking the siege at Mel Senshir.

  14. Dunmer Q

    Excellent song!

  15. Shaun Jackson

    absolutely great you are Hella Good for Glory

  16. Stogie41

    This song gives me raging wood!

  17. caim

    When go to high rock

  18. Alexander's Video Picks

    The DnD campaign went awry with the introduction of some really great smoke.  Dragons were slain, treasure hauled away, tavern wenches enjoyed, ale drunk (in copious amounts), and the metal band was born!

  19. Laura Peskin

    It's impossible to say an unkind word about this album. I'm in awe.

  20. Sam

    The symbol of Fife is a beautiful piece of graphic design, I'd like to know the name of the artist who developed that symbol. Also BADASS SONG!!! Been playing it loudly in my car recently, lol. I'm so enamored by this band. I love power metal in general but this band just combines all of the elements that I listen to power metal for in almost perfect balance like I've never heard before. Well done Christopher Bowes, you created another titan of metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Πασχαλης Μπανδας

    His name is Dan Goldsworthy.

    Connor Jones

    @Πασχαλης Μπανδας bowes was the one who created this band, he is also the vocalist for alestorm

  21. CaffeineSnake

    39 people are goblins or trolls

    John Waugh

    I mean, this is good, but I don't think it's quite as good as some of their other stuff, so I understand why people might not like it.


    Testosterone Boost



  24. çelikten kılıç

    One of my *all-time favorite songs* of Power Metal!! \m/\m/

  25. Rundrop

    I always knew fantasy and metal were a good mix

  26. CorporateSugar7

    Anyone else think this would be the ultimate D&D Quest? or is just me

    joshua rowland

    SO gonna run a high level campaign about this


    I'm running the whole album in a scifi setting, but how long untill they realise?


    Amulet of Justice, m8

    PowerThruWisdom Here is the lore i created for that very suggestion lol

    Addicted Merc13

    Dude im doing that

  27. Reco Baba

    8 years old


    +Reco Baba 4 scrub


    smh, '9 year old' you mean

  28. Maniac Maestro

    3:29 I feel the "an heroic tale" part was done on purpose

  29. Daniel Gracia Campos


    Πασχαλης Μπανδας P

    @caim Let's keep horny dudes away from thots.

  30. Andrea Padilla

    WOW this is awesome! *o* but sounds a little like last mand standing

  31. Ozewa

    One of the best bands of last time. It's just amazing!

  32. Desumetal

    Hahaha that lotr font! And the skyrim-ish map!
    So cheesy

    Jon Kopp

    @Killertron Good song tho


    aren't most fantasy maps like that? it can also be said that it is just like the one of middle earth.

    Jake Shatrau

    I mean it goes with the cheesey album.

    But no matter the cheese, it is still awesome

  33. Lee Lewis

    this song is freaking awesome!

  34. David Florez

    Si epic

  35. Eu Falo De Carro

    It reminds me Kamelot, but I don't know why

  36. Luka Pecirep

    are this guys some nerds/geeks? or a parody band 

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    still its awesome <3

    Ladislav Vyskočil

    why geek? its a power metal :) epic adventure, dragons...its a great subject for songs :)

    Robert MacIntosh

    Affectionate parody. They play up the hammy, cheesy tropes of Power Metal.

  37. blahlbinoa

    This is just like Dio! Awesomeness all around. Also the name of the album is the best!

    jérémy bossé

    blahlbinoa but duo was more raw understandable though

  38. Superkampfschwein

    tolles lied

  39. Whiskey Delta

    i just grew an extra pair of testicles

    1001 ET

    But I now discovered two 30 kg kettlebells in my trousers.......And this is why Bruce Lee broke his leg, trying to hit them......


    yea it is a pretty epic tale.

  40. battleskull zurg


  41. SinisterSkip

    This is cheesyness, glorified! Mission accomplished. Fuck the haters :)

  42. Mark Dooley

    Not my cup of tea check out manowar or majesty or even powerwolfjust afew bands off top minutes head

  43. lufc john88

    Can't work out just what Dundee has to do with Fife, Dundee is in the county of Angus

    Ben Turk

    It's probably intentionally confusing, knowing the man responsible...

    lufc john88

    @Ben Turk Still an awesome album


    I thought Dundee was that Australian guy with the big knife.

    Garret Kraft

    Angus McFife is the Prince of Dundee. Which the sorcerer invaded with undead unicorns.

    Πασχαλης Μπανδας

    Ben Turk You are one of my favorite drummers. I love your style in Gloryhammer.

  44. TheSunMoon

    They're actually pretty good! Nice songs, good lyrics! Classy act!

  45. LUIZ HENRIQUE Pozenatto

    Muito bom! O Brasil precisa de mais grupos assim.

  46. LUIZ HENRIQUE Pozenatto

    Sehr, sehr gut!

  47. Voornaam Achternaam

    Not bad +

  48. Lord Ram

    Great Song !!!

  49. dudditsaa


  50. David González

    Awesome Track! 

  51. Brew talk

    Such genius and the cheese is through the roof! good job lads

  52. Gurra Ås

    Love this music

  53. The Geat

    So people can actually like this?

    Ben Turk

    @Robin Bergström It would be pretty worrying if these lyrics had been written with purely serious intent wouldn't it. If worrying means 'hilarious'. Which it does.

    Christian Howe

    @Robin Bergström You won't "get" power metal until you learn to enjoy the cheesiness :D


    @Christian Howe cheese equals power . i just solved the energy crisis

    Jerry Tzivras

    Yes, we do enjoy it. Different people have different tastes. Even if you don't like it, I think you should at least acknowledge that it's better than any Justin Bieber song.

    The Geat

    Jerry Tzivras. Yeah, fair enough. This was the first time I ever heard this band. And now I think it is pretty funny.

  54. lxlandia

    Hell yeah!!...another band to add to my metal collection along with Dragony, Galloglass, Cryonic Temple, Olympos Mons, Holy Knights, Fairytale,....



    Hammerfall is also very good!


    @HenriqueRJchiki - I have the full Hammerfall catalog. and yes they are awesome. I like Joacim Cans. I bought is solo cd "Beyond the Gates" and it is very good.


    +dudditsaa Flogging Molly is more like Dropkick Murphy's or The Pogues.


    If you like story driven visceral, high intensity tunes with a wonderful level of cheesiness you gotta check out Twilight Force, one of the most quintessential fantasy driven metal bands. Its in a higher musical register than this so its a little more chill and lovely.

    Titouan Pontet


  55. LockyT

    Hahaha unreal.

  56. TheMetalBible

    Currently working on it... they even supply a map...

  57. LockyT

    If you took the lyrics to all of Gloryhammers songs you could make an entire Dungeons & Dragons campaign! XD


    Their albums literally all tell one long story

  58. Agent Buckwall

    This band..... amazing

  59. Voron Agrrav

    this song reminds me of Dream evil atleast the Singer does

  60. Ben Turk

    No it hasn't.

  61. GunvorPlays

    Its been officially stated that they are mocking the power metal genre :)

  62. Vezonmodder

    "To the far away mountains, many goblins and trolls."

    Welcome to the mountains of the internet.

  63. 1970HardCharger

    I bet they sell out at Comic Con.

  64. Karan Singha

    Hailing the King before it was cool

  65. Srtrremendo77

    Really awesome song

  66. makakamakaki

    READ!The top-comment nonsense,
    FIGHT!Many retards and trolls,
    QUEST!For the comment of glory,
    To wield the likes,to mock all your foes!

  67. makakamakaki

    Hm...more of Angus McFife.

  68. makakamakaki

    Greatswords & hammers FTW.

  69. pet3rgriffin

    Ladies, your quest for the hammer of glory has come to an end, for it is right in front of you. *Unzips pants*.

  70. M W

    totally made my day! :D

  71. blackomega34

    A greatsword is another matter entirely. Greatswords and, to a lesser extent, longswords do have weight behind them and can go through armor (Such as Glamdring, Gandalf's sword), though not as easily as, let's say, a flail. Those are cool.

    I was talking about your generic, simple shortsword after which many "legendary" swords are modeled (such as Legend of Zelda's Master sword) which, in my opinion, are much less useful against armored opponents and are much more likely to break in a fight.

  72. blackomega34

    ...At least it isn't a sword. Swords are for pussies who aim for unarmored opponents.

    A hammer is much more manly. no armor will protect you from a strike to the... well... anywhere, really.

  73. Jainka1


  74. Aelkaro

    I need a Gloryhammer MMORPG!!!

  75. Boindal

    Warum nur zwei Songs auf Spotify @napalmrecords ? :(

  76. demond black

    sons of hammerfall !! jaja

  77. John Hussey

    Catch them on tour and treat yourselves to one of their support bands - Dendera.
    It will be legend - wait for it - ary!

  78. JudgesOfNazareth

    I listened to your song "Bassquake", it was a pile of shit. Please go fuck yourself.

  79. artistguy99

    i didnt even know about this band untill my friend said he wanted this to be his paladin's theme from our d&d game. now im hooked lol

  80. 9InchN4il

    Yes! Not a single bad song in it! You just listen from the start to the end and you feel just epic and happy!

  81. Van Steel

    The epic rage of the furious thunder - that is the best song in the album IMO ... Hail to Crail too ... Actually the whole fucking album is just epic. It's one of those albums without bad song in it

  82. Wind Rose

    Increíble!!! Soy de Argentina y sus canciones me encantan :)

  83. Nightvale Resident 298

    Please... PLEASE do a second album! I just... I just... this is... it's just... I can't even! I am unable to even! I am begging you, do a second album! xx

  84. Morrowindur

    Wrath of the Lich King song xD

  85. Templarofsteel88

    fucking epic! \m/O\m/

  86. ausgebombt

    this song is hillarious - i love it, in a dungeons & dragons kinda way

  87. Paul91415

    not a single f*ck was given to you.......

  88. suzyr82

    Good job bringing back music! We don't see a lot of quality nowadays.

  89. Francesco M

    the song is actually nice (even if this is a complete and absolute copy of hammerfall) but man lyrics suck

  90. Ilias Papadopoulos

    i feel like you're gonna be one of my fav bands!! what an epic debut album!!! :D

  91. Christopher Bowes

    It is a map of Fife, in Scotland, where the story takes place. And Angus McFife is the prince of Dundee!

  92. RootGW2

    4:00 holy fuckballs

  93. Nythim

    This could be a good theme song for the new Hobbit movie... Mountains, troll, goblins, hammers.... that just shouts dwarfs.

  94. Zoro-juro

    thanks! thought the same :D
    i think the intro sounds like "Last man standing - Hammerfall" if you know the song ^^
    don't forgett the voice....rly similarly i think ^^
    but at least, EPIC LYRICS! \m/

  95. Pedro Costa

    Elder Scrolls everywhere and I love it

  96. MaximusAdonicus

    Silence, woman!! This is incredible!! The lyrics are pure steel!! This is maximum epicness!! \o/