Gloryhammer - Infernus Ad Astra Lyrics

In the distant future of the year 1992,
War has returned to the galaxy!

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Gloryhammer Infernus Ad Astra Comments
  1. CPCGamer

    Games Workshop: "We're updating the Sisters Of Battle."
    Fans: "Sanctus! DOMINUS! INFERNUS *AD ASTRA!* "

  2. Una Todorović

    Soooo nice song

    Maëlle C.

    Una Todorović Yeaaah 😎

  3. John Uferbach

    if this is their song they can't be that evil :D

    Maëlle C.

    You’re right :D

  4. Morgane Chételat

    Amazing! I now request The Haunting - Kamelot :)

    Maëlle C.

    Okay! It will be done

    Pascal Jenkner

    Coole Band, 👍✋✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

    Pascal Jenkner

    Wie heißt du