Gloryhammer - Beneath Cowdenbeath Lyrics

Tell me traveller, do you know what lurks beneath... Cowdenbeath?

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Gloryhammer Beneath Cowdenbeath Comments
  1. paul cerulli

    There are no describe this

  2. Daniel N

    When you try to pronounce Benedict Cumberbatch's name

  3. Lewis Johnson

    Cowdenbeath girls are fit af

    IJN Yamato

    What the f*ck.

  4. MGU

    Lyrics :


    thank you i couldnt really decipher the lyrics said in this song

  5. Green

    Mon a cowden

  6. That1Latino

    This is one of the few rare songs that don't require any vocals

    Jonathan Tairov

    Lots of good music doesn't need vocals, for example The Planets Suite by Gustav Holst is phenomenal music, especially the movements Mars and Jupiter. Traditionally however, humans like to listen to the human voice, so vocals are appealing

  7. Darkrepulsor x

    This is an amazing song

  8. ki_raiden Metal